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    Anyone shoot .22 TCM 9R?

    This caliber intrigues me. It seems to be a blast to shoot being all big booms and fireballs but with light recoil (not that that's really an issue). I bought a box of 22TCM9R ammo last year with the plan of buying a Glock conversion barrel/spring for it but never ended up doing so. I'm...
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    Yokohama AVID Ascend GT

    Here's a 1000-mile review: I needed something to replace the terrible 18" Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS that were OEM on my Accord Sport. They were 'sporty' and handled well in the dry but they were too stiff and noisy for regular commuting and they were bad in the wet, and downright scary in...
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    Looks like Glock listened to their customers

    They have given all gen 5 pistols front slide serrations which they advertise as newer and better and by demand. But they have also quietly removed the dumb front grip cutout that most people hated and make no mention of it on their web page. Interesting that... -BF, unhappy gen 5 owner
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    Anyone watching the Chernobyl miniseries on HBO?

    I've always been fascinated with the Chernobyl accident and the resulting (effectively) permanent damage done to the surrounding area and its inhabitants. This series has been fantastic so far, brilliantly acted with great sets and CG. It really shows what the Soviets were up against and the...
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    2015 Accord I4 starter failure

    In the last week or two, my car would not turn over on the first or sometimes second attempts. I'd get dash lights, headlights, radio, etc. but the starter would never get the message. Then on a second or third attempt it would magically come to life and start immediately. Tuesday night it...
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    What's physically larger? Gen I/II Hemi vs Boss 429 vs Coyote?

    Just a random question: I've never had my hands or eyeballs on an old Hemi or 429 but I'm somewhat familiar with the physically large Coyote. How do the three of them compare in physical size? They all look enormous compared to a relatively svelte LS or Windsor.
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    Tire plugs: DIY or tire shop?

    Is there any real advantage to taking a tire with a nail or screw in it to a tire shop to do a 'professional' repair? Are the materials or processes they use any better than what I can get from a Walmart repair kit? To be clear, I'm just referring to a simple plug job in the center of the...
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    Did the Accord 51R -> 24F battery upgrade

    My '15 Accord Sport is almost four years old now and the small 51R battery was starting to show signs that it was struggling a bit. After doing some reading online I decided to do the popular conversion to the V6 model's larger 24F battery. I wanted it to look OEM so I bought the V6's battery...
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    All those online OEM parts houses

    I want to buy a handful of OEM Honda parts for my Accord Sport to do the popular conversion to mount the V6's 24F battery. The dealer's list price is around $75 but I can find all sorts of OEM parts warehouses online selling them for less than $50. They all have generic URL's like...
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    My first gun: new Glock 19 gen 5

    So I'm now officially a handgun owner. I've been going to the gun shows at the local expo center and pretty much knew what I wanted, more or less. I was really looking more at a S&W M&P, a SIG P320, maybe an FN 509 or inexpensive Ruger Security 9, really not wanting a Glock since they are so...
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    Who makes Bosch AGM batteries?

    Pep-Boys' Bosch AGM battery sale has me tempted. I'm pretty sure Bosch doesn't make these themselves, so who does? And are they decent?
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    Is Castrol GTX Magnatec syn getting hard to find?

    Anyone else a Magnatec user and have found that it's hard to come my nowadays? The local Advance Autos, Autozones and Walmarts all have next to no stock. And some don't even mention 0w-20 on their websites anymore. What gives? Is it being phased out for something else?
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    Leased a new Civic with a maintenance plan

    So the wife really wanted a new Civic to replace her long-in-the-tooth Corolla and leasing was the best option for us. We paid extra for the maintenance plan so the dealer will be doing all service on it and have the records for doing so to avoid any gotchas at the end of the lease. I must say...
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    Tell me about automotive air conditioning...

    Wife's car is a 2002 Toyota Corolla that is mechanically sound. The AC system works but it takes a little time to start cooling off and it does not get 'cold' per se, but it does get cool. The system has never been touched, never opened, never recharged. It's as it was from the factory. So...
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    Strange brake feeling in my Accord

    Car is a 2015 Honda Accord Sport. The brakes on this thing are the best I've ever used in any car before (coming from someone who has driven nothing but G-bodies, minivans and econoboxes for the last 30 years). Pedal is high and firm, with lots of feel, and It'll stop hard and straight without...
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    Nicky Hayden in serious condition

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and other places around the web. He was hit while cycling with...
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    Fun but frustrating day at the range

    I'm a novice shooter who has always wanted to get into shooting sports, specifically pistol shooting for quite a few years now. I took a handgun safety course about 15 years ago, and went shooting with a coworker and two of his friends about five years ago. I enjoyed both experiences quite a bit...
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    Out with Monroes, in with KYBs

    I've griped a few times over the past few years about my negative experience with Monroe Quick Struts on my wife's Corolla. They were solidly made and the install went fine but the results were disappointing. Both the shock valving and spring rate were too soft making it feel like I did not...
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    When it rains, it pours

    Just in the last month I've had to deal with four different family members' vehicles. Some things I've fixed, others I was just asked for a second opinion. - Sister's 2005 Grand Caravan throwing a misfire code and showing the oil pressure warning light. I cleared the misfire code which hasn't...
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    Just changed the CVT fluid in my '15 Accord

    Two years and 20k miles later, I just did my first CVT drain and fill on my new-ish Honda in the hopes that doing so every 20k instead of 36k will make the transmission last a bit longer. The procedure was 'different' but easy, the hardest part being the need to have it on flat ground for it to...