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  1. c502cid

    2000 Blazer 4L60E, P0740 code.

    2000 Chevy Blazer 4x4. 4L60E with 216k miles on it, I've put on the last 100k. Just an around town and airport beater. Since I got it regular pan drops and filter changes every 20k miles, using whatever Dex3 was around. Just recently set a CEL with a P0740. Cleared it and came back immediately...
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    Howes Diesel Treat on clearance at Walmart

    Walmart is blowing out Howes right now. I've seen the clearance price at a couple of stores now. I just bought the 32oz Diesel Treat for $2.75 and the 32oz Meaner Kleaner was $5.75
  3. c502cid

    GM / ACDelco rebranding campaign

    From the Greensheet trade publication: The global rebranding of GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco has entered its next phase with the launch of a new marketing campaign designed to reinforce the importance of using OE parts. The debut follows the introduction of new packaging in North America last...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO. Astro any insight is appreciated!
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    New Dorman replacement parts line I can see this line being popular in the rust belt.
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    New Allison Transmission Fluid Spec
  7. c502cid

    Trico buys Fram/Autolite

    From Aftermarket News: The Trico Group of Rochester Hills, MI has acquired the FRAM Group — composed of the Fram filters and Autolite Spark Plugs brands — from Rank Group Ltd. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Management sees the filter category as a complement to the...
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    Advance/Walmart partnership

    From today's Greensheet: Advance Auto Parts, Walmart Announce Omni-channel Pact Advance Auto Parts and on Oct. 16 announced a "comprehensive, strategic partnership" to create an automotive specialty store on Expected to begin rolling out in the first half of 2019, the...
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    New Superduty

    Just brought home a new company truck. 2017 F-250 Superduty with the gas 6.2 motor. Really surprised it spec's 5w-30. The owners manual still lists the 6.8 V-10 and it is still 5w-20. Coolest feature? Manually operated electronic rear locking diff.
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    No Smoke Oil

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[86657e32e3c094cc]" href="" title=""><img src="" class="lb-image" /></a> When...
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    2015 Chevy Trax

    Just bought a 2015 Chevy Trax AWD for the wife. The 99 Durango had over 200k miles and while still working ok, was starting to ask for nickels and dimes. It will make a fine emergency car. The Trax is a lot bigger inside then I thought it would be, power from the 1.4 turbo is more then...
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    Automechanika Shanghai

    I'm out here in Shanghai working the Automechanika show. I wish I had time to take some pictures because there are so many different manufacturers, blenders, and bottlers of oil of all weights and sizes here, and not just from China. I did bounce over to the local Walmart (yes they are in China...
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    MMO Gallons at Walmart no more?

    Three Walmart's this weekend, all three without MMO in gallons on the shelves. Anyone else seen this at their own Walmart's?
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    Another Toyota Issue...09/10 Corolla Steering

    and yet another....Today's Automotive News RECALL CRISIS NHTSA fielding complaints about 2009-10 Toyota Corolla steering Agency may open probe after reports of unintended veering Neil Roland WASHINGTON -- Toyota Motor Corp. faces yet another possible federal investigation, this time of the...
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    The entire industry is a mess

    From today's Automotive News email blast....... TOKYO (Reuters) -- Toyota Motor Corp., the world's biggest automaker, forecast a much bigger-than-expected $8.6 billion loss for its current fiscal year and said it would sell about 1 million fewer vehicles as it scrambles to cut costs amid a...
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    Toyota drops plan to build Prius in US

    From today's Automotive News: Toyota halts U.S. Prius project NASHVILLE -- Toyota Motor Corp., with its sales plunging in the United States, is freezing its plan to build the Toyota Prius in a new plant near Tupelo, Miss. For how long? The automaker doesn't know. Toyota's board in Japan...
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    Valvoline Complete Oil System Cleaner

    I did a search and couldn't find anything so if I missed a previous discussion, my apologies. In one of the trade magazines I receive (Aftermarket Business March 08) there was a ad for a new product from Valvoline. It's called "Complete Oil System Cleaner" amd it is advertised as a 100% solvent...
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    Another Toyota North America Executive Jumps

    Just got an email blast from Automotive News: Toyota’s Farley jumps to Ford to head marketing Jim Farley, a marketing star at Toyota Motor Corp., is joining Ford Motor Co. as group vice president of marketing and communications. Farley, 45, joins Ford next month.. He will be senior marketing...
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    Improving Hybrid Technology,

    From the October 1st Automotive News: (Dont kill the messenger!) Hybrid Versions of the full size 2008 Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon are rated by the US Govt (2wd versions) at 21 city/22 hwy matching the 4 cyl Camry city rating and beating the V6 Camry city rating by 2 MPG. (note, these are not the...
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    Huge Industry News....

    Just got an email blast from Automotive News. This is a big coup for Chrysler. Jim Press leaves Toyota to join Chrysler Jim Press, Toyota Motor Corp.'s top executive in the United States, today was named a vice chairman and president of Chrysler LLC. In his new job, Press has the same title...