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    Ammo Shortage News Update

    I have about 2000 rounds of 9mm range ammo, shooting only 100 rounds at a time during my range visits every 4-6 weeks. It sucks but it's livable for the next one.5/two years or so if necessary. Can't enjoy the hobby if you don't actually shoot.
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    Question about a donut spare

    Won't make any difference at all. That said, on a FWD car, having the donut on the rear would be preferred but considering it's only for short-term emergency use to get you to a tire shop, it really doesn't matter. Where from in NY?
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    GM has ruined the looks of the new Corvette so bad I now like the Camaro better

    Love the color but those rear scoops are hideous. Easily the worst thing about the C8.
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    GM has ruined the looks of the new Corvette so bad I now like the Camaro better

    Not a fan of the C8 either. To me, Corvettes are supposed to be front-engined GT cars. The C8 just doesn't look like a Corvette to me. It looks like a GM-built rear-engined sports car for sure, but to me it shouldn't be called a Corvette. Besides, the angles and proportions look wrong so I don't...
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    Remanufactured Engine Experiences?

    PowertrainProducts advertises that they update engines that have known issues to modern specs, so any problems the 4.0 had over its life should be addressed in their rebuilds. I've not used one of their engines but I would probably look their first myself.
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    2015 Chrysler T&C 3.6L Serpentine Belt

    With that many miles I'd do the whole thing. Belt, tensioner and pulleys, as long as they pulley bearings aren't cheap offshore junk.
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    Sig Sauer 365

    Hello from Fairfax. ;) Which model Sig?
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    Altimax RT43’s vs. Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

    Same here, have the GT's on my Accord and, while they ride a bit soft, I like them quite a bit. No complaints whatsoever about noise or wet weather traction. No real snow experience with them though.
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    Lee Filters

    Yep, used to see them at the local Barker's.
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    0w-20 and the SN rating

    Why, what does he want to put in it if not SN?
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    The use “their” instead of his or her.

    Please post some examples of said 'wrecking' and records set? Thanks.
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    The use “their” instead of his or her.

    This thread is going predictably off the rails...
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    Just an observation on Fram OC

    They're usually Fram's orange racing filters, aren't they?
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    Thinking about another corolla diesel does 21 mpg

    $2100 for a 30+ year old diesel-powered econobox? No thanks.
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    Help identifying bearing

    Certainly looks like balls to me. Can we get a side pic?
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    Aftermarket vs. OEM lights

    I can tell you for sure that Sylvania's LL (long life) line of brake/marker bulbs are garbage. As for headlights, it's a crapshoot. Regardless of brand, I wouldn't buy a standard headlight bulb that wasn't made in a first-world country.
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    The "New" F-15EX is Named

    Love it! It's like a resto-modded, LT-powered '72 Chevelle SS with a digital dash and a Roadster Shop chassis. :)
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    LCA Bushings

    Exactly. What you spend on new arms you'll save on labor and have a better end result.
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    Sil-Glide Grease for sliding pins, pad ears, etc

    I settled on Sil-Glyde after trying a few other products. It works well and doesn't get sticky as it dries, causing issues it's supposed to prevent (looking at you, Permatex). FYI: Sil-Glyde is Sil-Glyde. Depending on where you buy it it's sometimes marketed as an all-purpose rubber-safe...