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    The original RFQ was for 1000 vehicles, the company I work for is a component supplier.
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    Oil breaking in a 454

    If the machine work was done right, just do a lot of variation on the go pedal, moly rings usually seat pretty quick. It never hurts to get it up to 3000 rpm, then let get off the gas and let it coast. Old school and it works, to seat the rings on those big pistons.
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    Oil breaking in a 454

    A lot depends on the rings, how the cylinder was finish honed, and pistons, but I wouldn't run synthetic until the rings are seated. Personally on roller motors that I run now, I start them on straight 30, drain after 100 miles to get assembly lube and dirt out, then go to dino of your choice...
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    2021 ZR2 - Bison

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    Do I really need to change my oil, less than 500 miles in 2.5 years?

    As long as when you do run it you get it good and hot, I would not change it.
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    NAPA Wholesale Solutions Sale - May 1 through May 31, 2021.

    My local NAPA has their answers for everything. 1) No 2) It's not in stock, we'll have to order it. 3) No 4) You can't apply the AAA discount to that, we have a separate price category for AAA so with the discount it always cost more. 5) No
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    Looking for info to purchase 14 bolt 9.5 rear

    It should as long as it's obviously a 6 lug. I'd still measure center to center spring pad spacing before I go to be sure.
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    Tires for...Stash?

    I just bought a set of RT43's for my Trax for the exact same reason. They were delivered today and are already in storage. It may be tire size dependent on the Generals but the last set was made in Ecuador, this set, a size larger than stock, was made in the USA.
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    15% off Ebay this AM

    It's only good on certified refurbished items, not all purchases. Still a pretty sizable discount.
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    Princess Connect Drone Show in The Bund, Shanghai, China

    That is awesome! I imagine the picture is a little cleaned up though, Shanghai haze never seems to go away.
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    Dexron II/III Alternatives

    I use Valvoline dec/merc on everything. Under $14 a gallon at Walmart. I also buy the farm store2.5 gallon jugs too.
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    The lack of available public restrooms

    I travel for a living. Up to last year hotel lobby restrooms were always the best and safest place, but now many hotel restrooms are closed to the public. However, Mcdonald's are still always open. Walmart too.
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    AAP Carquest Oils clearance.

    With the zillion $5 speed perks awards I received from the oil there is still plenty of cheap stuff at Advance in my future!
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    1955 GM Concept Minivan Precursor

    Did you see the '57 truck clay in the background?!
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    Sagging Chevy S10 ... options?

    Replace the factory leaf springs. Helper springs are designed to support a sagging load back to the original ride height, not raise sagging springs. I know a little about this.....I'm the National Sales Manager for Hellwig. As much as we'd love to sell you product, it's not the product you need...
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    A relic I inherited...

    I still do that today. I use "drip" oil for topping off and all my OPE oil changes.
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    A relic I inherited...

    There was a big difference between the "professional" ones and the cheap ones too, especially when the cans went to fiber. A quart every 1000 miles was pretty normal use back then, a good thing too because you had to add the full quart of oil.
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    Another interesting Diag & Repair

    Brother in this day and age of parts replacers you are one of the best diagnostic technicians I've ever seen.
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    2000 Blazer 4L60E, P0740 code.

    Thank you! I appreciate the insight to this.