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    Disk Failing?

    Greetings- My old reliable Dell laptop periodically makes a ratcheting type noise briefly and then it goes away. Is this a sign of a hard drive about to fail soon? Thank you
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    HF Doing Away With 20% off Coupons?

    Greetings- Haven't seen H-F 20% off coupons lately. Local store tells me H-F is doing away with these. Effectively raises prices by that amount. Not a bargain any more.
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    Fios Speed Test

    Greetings- Very confused with Verizon Fios. My monthly bill indicates 200/200 Mbps. Speed test on Verzion Fios indicated the 200/200 but the same test on the Verzion business internet site indicated 100/100. Several other sites also tested about 100/100. What's up with this? Can't reach Fios...
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    Old New Tires?

    Bought new General Altimax r43 tires. DOT date code indicates tires are 10 months old. Is that too old for a new tire?
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    iMessages on iPad

    Greetings- I have full use of iMessages on my iPhone (can send and receive to/from anyone) but cannot receive any on my wifi iPad unless they are in my contacts or Apple users(?). Apple Tech Support was clueless or wait times on a phone are infinite (nobody at home?) Any ideas?
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    iMessages on iPad

    Greetings- I have full use of iMessages on my iPhone (can send and receive from anyone) but cannot receive any on my wifi iPad unless they are in my contacts or Apple users(?). Tried Apple support but they were clueless or wait time is infinite on a phone. Any ideas?
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    FebiBilstein Parts

    Greetings- anyone care to share their experiences/opinions regarding FebiBilstein replacement parts? Good Bad?
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    "lester" number

    Greetings- does anyone know what the term "lester" number means in automotive electrical equipment? Yes, I googled it but no meaningful answers were returned. For example, my starter carries lester number 17804 instead of make and model/part number. Suppliers ask for the "lester number when...
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    Brake Lube Necessary?

    Greetings- I noticed Eric on the South Main Auto does not apply any brake lube to pad ears, but does on the undersides of the pad clips where they fit into the bracket. It makes sense to apply some lube to clip undersides to prevent rust from pushing clips up against the pads and causing...
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    ZM Starter Solenoid

    Greetings- Is anyone familiar with ZM solenoids (made in Brazil) for Bosch starters.? If so, can you please share your experiences/opinions? Very difficult to source solenoids for my application and only found two places. Even a local rebuilder says its hard Thank You
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    Rear Struts Recommendations

    Greetings- trying to purchase complete rear strut assemblies for a great running 2008 Honda Accord V6 coupe. Only KYB, Monroe, Gabriel,OE and unknown Chinese clones are available. Would like to install Sachs, Totikco(sp?) or Bilstein but can't get. Koni is available(as inserts) but far too...
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    Windows Defender ?

    Greetings- Is the current Windows Defender sufficient as a stand alone malware/anti-virus or is another also necessary for protection? I read it was now quite good as a stand alone and I hate to install system resource hogs unless its really necessary.
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    Benz vs. Honda Paint

    Greetings- was at the local Costco and saw the small Benz sedan and Honda CRV next to each other. Side by side comparison of paint quality between the two was easy. Although we accept Honda reliability as stellar and Benz not so much, the Honda paint clearly exhibited orange peel, the Benz did...
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    Black Friday Kobalt Impact Wrench

    Greetings- Wifey scored an early Christmas present (for me). Lowes 1/2" Kobalt 24v Impact Wrench rated 650 ft/lbs with 4 amp batt. for $139. If this thing can break loose an axle nut torqued to 400 ft/lbs, I will be impressed. Probably not.
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    HF- "Huge Parking Lot Sale"

    Stopped at local HF to buy a battery powered impact wrench. Place was loaded with ICON hand tools. Looked very nice and sized to get into tight places but no reputation or reviews to go on. They have these tools competing against their own Pittsburgh Pro hand tools that are a really good value...
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    SmartPhones Listening In?

    Greetings All- I suspect smartphones are listening to private in home conversations. Several months ago I'm talking to wife about installing additional home insulation in the kitchen. Wife gets ads the next day for insulation contractors. Yesterday, I'm talking about getting our trees trimmed...
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    Recommend Air Compressor for Air Tools

    Greetings All- what size air compressor is recommended for various DIY use like a 1/2" impact wrench (HF earthquake series), air ratchets, etc? These tools are getting to be very cheap and powerful but what size air compressor is required to make full use? Are the HF compressors also any good?
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    Freeze Frame P-000008 code but no DTC

    Greetings All- Is it possible to register a freeze frame P-000008 PID on a scanner but not have any stored or pending DTCs or an illuminated CEL? My understanding is that once a DTC is stored, and the CEL lights up, the freeze frame records what happened when the code was thrown. If no DTC...
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    11 year coolant drain and refill

    Greetings- BITOG paranoia set in and I finally decided to drain the OE coolant in my 2008 Honda v6 (100K miles). Came out crystal clear and the inside of radiator neck showed a like new appearance. Voltage readings were well below allowable limits, too. Refilled with Zerex Asian blue. Honda...
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    Steering Wobble

    Greetings All- wife's DD 2004 Toyota matrix/corolla (128K easy miles) developed a slow steering wheel wobble over the weekend. About 2"each way at 30 mph. I drove it too and got the same result. However, after these 2 events it went away and has not come back. I got it up on my floor jack...