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  1. jayjr1105

    Anyone have 3rd generation Odyssey sliding door experience

    Over at odyclub there are numerous threads related to the passenger sliding door issues and wanted to get some input from you guys. We simply don't use ours much and go figure it's the problematic one. probably 1/8th the usage of the drivers side sliding door. About twice a year it trips the...
  2. jayjr1105

    Too soon to buy a project car for my daughter?

    Daughter will be 14 this year. Maybe it's just me getting the itch to work on something but is 2 years in advance too soon? It would cost almost nothing to insure/inspect/register and could come in handy if we ever need a car while ours is in the shop. Looking at something with a Honda K24...
  3. jayjr1105

    Boss kept finding dog food on the floor of his front passenger seat

    He doesn't have a dog...
  4. jayjr1105

    Battery, Alternator, or Starter?

    Wife went out to go to work early this morning and the Van wouldn't start. Didn't appear to be any lights left on or doors ajar. I went out shortly after and measured the battery at 12.4v. Tried to start it and just a single click with no revs from starter. Charged for an hour while I got...
  5. jayjr1105

    What does the long term data look like on DI engines?

    DI has been around long enough now where there should be some good feedback on how the top end holds up without getting a gasoline bath every revolution. Will a DI car need valvetrain cleaning if left alone after a certain amount of miles? Engine is fantastic now not burning oil whatsoever...
  6. jayjr1105

    What are some less common tools that are good to have around for auto maintenance?

    Sockets, Screwdrivers, Pliers and Wrenches are the obvious things to have in the garage. What are some lesser known tools that you have that are worth every penny?
  7. jayjr1105

    Cheap filters from rockauto okay?

    Currently have a gift card for rock auto and I it's been 2 years since I did engine and cabin air filters so I figured it's a good time to buy them. Looking at the different parts they offer it seems prices really vary from $3 to $20 from what looks like all are paper filters. Some brands...
  8. jayjr1105

    URL/Links being treated like ads?

    Seems any URL or link myself or others post are being blocked by ad blockers. This is probably an issue with the chrome extension (Ublock origin) versus the forum site itself but I thought I should make you guys aware if you see a black empty space after you post a link like this...
  9. jayjr1105

    Can’t explain to the elderly that they don’t need an oil change after 8mo/23 miles.

    Originally posted on reddit but I thought you guys would find this amusing.
  10. jayjr1105

    Lost Heat Shield over cat, no big deal?

    I noticed this was hanging by a thread on our van. I worked it back and forth a few times and it came free. The top half protecting the vehicle floor is still very solid and in tact. This was the bottom piece. Should I worry about replacing it or just leave it be.
  11. jayjr1105

    05 Honda Odyssey Supertech HiMi Full Syn 5w30 6300 mi

    This was somewhere around 60/40 highway/city driving. No makeup oil and Supertech 9688 filter used which 53' Stude should have in his possession for a C&P. First ever UOA on this vehicle...
  12. jayjr1105

    Any chance at Warren 0w30?

    Any chance we'd ever see supertech/amazon/kirkland in a 0w30 flavor? I think I'd run this year round in my vehicles especially in my Van which is loving the 5w30 Supertech I filled in the spring that's not burning a drop all of a sudden. It's probably a longshot but one can dream right?
  13. jayjr1105

    BPC safe these days for electronics/plastics?

    With Isopropyl alcohol costing what it does, I've been using brake parts cleaner to clean flux and other dirt from PCB's. Specifically I use Supertech because it's $2 something a can. I haven't seen any residual issues like peeling or plastic deterioration. The boards actually look really...
  14. jayjr1105

    05 Odyssey worth PS pump replacement?

    So a couple years ago the pump was making a good amount of noise. Turned out the noise was just from faulty o rings and reservoir. I replaced both O rings, reservoir (all bought from Honda) and 3 quarts of fluid and it instantly fixed the noise and steering got noticeably better. Here we are...
  15. jayjr1105

    Dashcam direct wire question

    Bought a cheap dashcam on Amazon and I want to hard wire it so when the car starts, it turns on. I neatly tucked the wire down towards the front passenger kick-panel which has plenty of electrical options. I found a few wires that give 12-14v when the car has the key turned on and some only...
  16. jayjr1105

    Anything special needed for a golf cart replacement battery?

    15 year old Yamaha golf cart we use around the property for various work. Is this just a standard SLA lead acid battery?
  17. jayjr1105

    Broken pane in door

    Hey guys, on an older door with glass window pane's, is the molding typically removed from the inside or outside of the door? I can't tell because of the several layers of paint covering up the finishing nails.
  18. jayjr1105

    Spots in the driveway

    Our van parks in the driveway mostly. As you can see there are a ton of spots. They aren't oily and it doesn't smell like much. I would assume air conditioning would make more of a large puddle. What could it be?
  19. jayjr1105

    Are 0w20 and 5w20 100% interchangeable?

    Any exceptions? Assuming both are SN plus is there any reason you shouldn't run one or the other? It's understood that 0wXX is the better option for colder climates.
  20. jayjr1105

    What's the proper oil for a push mower

    I'm just curious what's the actual oil spec you're supposed to use in a typical push mower engine. I always thought PCMO wasn't that great for mowers because it holds all the dirt in suspension where a filter would normally clean it out but with no filters on a typical push mower engine, what's...