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  1. RhondaHonda

    Any way to add a speed controller to a treadmill motor?

    I have a lightly used Proform treadmill that I let the smoke out of the motor controller and am reluctant to spend $200+ on a replacement part with minimal warranty. I tested the motor with a cordless drill battery and it still spins. Is there a simple way to hook up something like a dimmer to...
  2. RhondaHonda

    Mobil 1 5W30 2017 Yukon XL 6.2

    After 2 months I got my Napa oil analysis results back. Regular Mobil 1 5W30 and a Fram Tough Guard filter. 60,294 miles on the Yukon and 7314 on this sample. Replaced with Mobil 1 EP. Thoughts, concerns?
  3. RhondaHonda

    Towing a travel trailer-inflate to max sidewall psi?

    I’m renting a 5,000 lb travel trailer to take my wife and kids camping for the weekend and planning on pulling it with my 2019 Raptor. The BFG K02s say max load of 2,535 at 45 psi. Door placard says 38 psi. I’m thinking I’ll just inflate to 45 to take some of the squish out and take the tires...
  4. RhondaHonda

    NAPA oil analysis. Still hasn’t arrived...lost cause?

    I sent a sample off on August 24th and it is still showing as “in transit”. I did some searching and apparently the local post office holds them for a while. Is there a chance this thing is still sitting on the desk of some postal inspector or should I chalk it up as a waste of $20?
  5. RhondaHonda

    Dead coyote on my back patio

    I was blowing after I finished mowing yesterday evening and walked up the steps to the back patio and to my surprise this guy was dead in front of the door. It couldn’t have been there more than a few hours. No signs of injury. Surprised me a bit!
  6. RhondaHonda

    20w50 for Hydrogear ZT 3100s

    It’s time to do the filters and oil in my Ferris FW35 transaxles. Locally I can get Castrol GTX or Supertech in conventional or order a 5 qt jug of high mileage Castrol GTX that is semi-syn. Valvoline makes a full synthetic VR1 oil as well but I don’t see an API rating on it. Hydro-gear calls...
  7. RhondaHonda

    3 year old OEM rotors...normal?

    I put new front pads and rotors on my wife’s 2017 Yukon XL yesterday. They were squeaking a lot at low speed and could’ve probably done with just a rotor scuffing but for $120 I figured I’d replace the pads and rotors entirely with PowerStop stuff from RA. The edges of these are pretty pitted...
  8. RhondaHonda

    Re-use OEM gasket on Raptor rear diff?

    I’m changing the rear diff fluid and was surprised to find a metal gasket with a rubber ring on the inside. Should I re-use this and put some Permatex Right Stuff on both sides, clean it and install dry Or just make a gasket with the Permatex? Super Tech 75W90 is going in for 10-20k then I’ll...
  9. RhondaHonda

    New bathtub-not as hot as I’d like

    The water heater is set so that water from the taps is 130 degrees, except on the tub. It's a freestanding tub with separate hot and cold levers and I only get 106 out of the tub with it turned on full hot. I'm assuming there's a weird safety valve or something but am curious if it can be...
  10. RhondaHonda

    Powerstop Brake kits

    My wife's 2017 Yukon XL is due for brakes and since I have plenty of free time on my hands I will be doing them myself. Rockauto has Powerstop front and rear kits that include pads and rotors. The standard kit is $145 and the Evolution geomet coated rotor kit is $232. Centric also has a kit...
  11. RhondaHonda

    Costco Fuel mix-up

    Looks like my local Costco got a load of E-85 and put it in the regular tank. I'm sure they'll make it right for the people that had issues and should be easy enough to verify since a Costco card is required to pump. I get premium here now that they've expanded to 22 pumps from the 12 or so...
  12. RhondaHonda

    How to get motor oil out of floormat/carpet?

    I left 2 jugs of new Mobil 1 on the floorboard of my Corvette for a week and found that one has a small leak in the bottom and now my passenger carpet and floormat are oil soaked. What is the best way to go about removing this? Trying to look on the bright side, at least it was new oil.<img...
  13. RhondaHonda

    Router died after power went out

    I have 2 Netgear routers in different areas of my house. The power went out briefly during a storm overnight and one of them was not online the next morning. There are no lights at all that are on when it is plugged in now. It wasn't on a surge protector, just a power strip. I'm thinking...
  14. RhondaHonda

    Home network help.

    I bought a Netgear AC1750 Router after a post here a while back. I have since switched internet providers to a cellular tower that sends a signal to a small antenna on my house. The wire comes into the unfinished area of my basement where there are lots of Ethernet cables terminating. There...
  15. RhondaHonda

    2012 Impala ATF Deain and fill 87k

    I'm going to buy my old company car to keep for a bit until I find something I want. It's a 2012 Impala with the 6 speed and ~87,000 miles. It has been routinely serviced except for the transmission fluid. Any concerns with a drain and refill at this point? From what I've read it doesn't...
  16. RhondaHonda

    Extending wifi signal in the house

    Alright, Let me start off by saying I'm not real computer savvy. I have ATT's modem with 4 outputs on it. My house has CAT 5 running to a few spots throughout. I am looking for advice on what to buy to add wifi modems or access points or whatever in at least 2 other spots in the house. I'll...
  17. RhondaHonda

    Valve stem let all the air out. [censored]?

    I hauled my lawnmower over to a new house we bought to do some mowing today. I was at the house for a few hours doing things inside. I came outside and after a few minutes I heard a hissing. The valve stem on my Harbor Freight trailer decided to let all the air out right there in the...
  18. RhondaHonda

    GM Oil life monitor-45,000 miles of data

    I was always skeptical about the GM Oil life monitor so I made notes every time I got an oil change. I got a new 2012 Impala in March 2012. Each time I had the oil changed (company car) I noted the oil life remaining, mileage, miles on oil and average speed which I reset each change. Some...
  19. RhondaHonda

    Oil analysis 9583 miles on $12.99 Kendall oc

    Ive been a lurker here but decided to join after cleaning out some files and coming across a report from Oil Analyzers from back in 2005. The car is a 1989 Honda Accord I bought for $50. It had 189,000 miles on it at the time and I decided to run the oil for a while and have it analyzed for...