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  1. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Not happy with windshield installment

    Got out of class to go pick up my car after hours. Needed a new windshield after my last one took a rock. They stained the A pillars and from what I can tell they put the windshield arms on the wrong side.🤬
  2. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Did the PCM fail?

    I was driving my 09 P71 Crown Victoria last night to a call. Got done with the call came back and the CEL came on. Now I have no AC. A ton of CEL codes. Car won't shift out of 1st and has almost no power. I checked all the fuses and relays. Nothing seems to be wrong there.
  3. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Guns: Out of Stock

    I have been looking for a defense shotgun that will go in my gun rack in my Crown Vic. I was just gonna use my AR15 but its too fat for the lock. I've been looking online and almost everything is out of stock for shotguns. I would have imagined this would have been over months ago. How long do...
  4. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Harbor Freight recalls more jack stands

    Email from HF. To the Harbor Freight Community: I'm writing to apologize. I often reach out to tell you about Harbor Freight's commitment to quality and all the investments we've made to deliver quality tools at the lowest prices. Your trust matters deeply to me and I'm proud of how far we've...
  5. FordBroncoVWJeta

    My poor Jetta can't catch a break.

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> Driving back from my second job interview. 6 hours there and 6 back. I was on my 3rd hour coming back when this family of raccoons come...
  6. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Purolator PBL14610 C&P

    Purolator PBL14610 Mileage: 12,000 Miles. Time: 10 months. Oil: Multiple OCs. No cuts in the ADBV this time. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  7. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Carquest Blue 85522 C&P

    Carquest Blue 85522 Car: 2007 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2 L6 Mileage: 7,511 Miles. Time: 6 months. Oil: 5 Qrts Carquest Premium 5W30. 2 Qrts Mobil Super 10W30. <img src="" alt="[Linked...
  8. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Insurance check questions.

    My 17 Jetta got hit in the rear wheel well a couple weeks ago. Their insurance company sent me a check for $1400. The bodyshop quoted $2200 to get it fixed. Part of me just wants to take the money and run, since its not that much damage. But only if they were to give the full $2200 so i can get...
  9. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Walmart Auto Care Centers to close after today

    Walmart ACC will close after business hours, March 19. After today, ACC associates will be moved into the store to help out where needed. Walmart has deemed us "non-essential" to operation. This is only temporary but no date given on when they will reopen. All stores will open at 7AM, and...
  10. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Had an interesting week

    Got off work last Monday and was hit in the back wheel well. Not my fault. She failed to maintain lane. 1 day before my trip to South Padre Island, Texas & Mexico. Luckily she was super nice, and apologetic so it was hard to get mad. Plus she was pretty cute. <img...
  11. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Can you put intake cleaner through a turbo?

    Can you put intake cleaner through a turbo? Without damaging it? I don't see the turbo being an issue, maybe if there where some sensors downstream of it.
  12. FordBroncoVWJeta

    About nailed a Deer this morning

    I got lucky. Just showing off the pucker factor and the night time video quality. Starts at 3:40. <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
  13. FordBroncoVWJeta

    WIX 51393 C&P

    2012 VW Jetta 2.0 Valvoline 5W40 6,859 Miles Replaced with Valvoline 5W40, Hastings filter. Date code: 022619 D1 <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  14. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Alignment questions: is camber/caster not usually touched?

    Little brother put the 03 Taurus in the ditch in the morning ice. Didn't do any damage besides pop the front driver tire bead. No tire damage. Took it into Goodyear for an alignment. Now the steering wheel is centered in the 11 o'clock position going down the road (wasn't like that before hand)...
  15. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Is it impossible to get a loan for an older vehicle?

    I've been looking into buying an older truck 25-30 year range that still is very clean. Before the prices skyrocket anymore. Looking to spend around $10-15K. I hate watching Mecum and seeing the cars my dad drove as a high schooler go for 40-80K. I would like to buy a truck before they do the...
  16. FordBroncoVWJeta

    2015 Honda CR-V loud engine noise

    This is the same CR-V that the head and some other components where replaced a last summer. Also leaking valve gaskets a couple months ago. Driving down I70 then starts to get louder. And eventually this. It really didn't sound good going down the interstate. Fortunately the extended warranty...
  17. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Bosch 3423 C&P

    2007 Chevy Trailblazer I6 Miles: 3,020 Pennzoil 10W30 Full Syn HiMi Replacement: Carquest Blue & Mobil Super 10W30&5W30 Cross Reference: ACDelco PF61 Fram 9837 Wix 51522. <img src=""...
  18. FordBroncoVWJeta

    New Fram boxes

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> <img...
  19. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Purolator Tech TL20195 C&P

    Cross Reference= Fram 3600/ Motorcraft 400s Car: 2003 Ford Taurus 3.0 Vulcan Miles: 3,923 Time: 3 Months Oil: Valvoline Full Syn High Mileage 10w-30 Replaced: 3 Qrts Mobil Super 10w-30, 2 Qrts Mobil Super 5w-30, and STP oil treatment. Hastings Filter. <img...
  20. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Toyota Yaris/Mazda

    How long has the Toyota Yaris been made by Mazda? We had a 2019 (made 9/18) in the shop, it didn't disguise it's self as a Toyota very well. Mazda interior, Mazda instrument cluster, Mazda keyfob, and a big ole MADE BY MAZDA MEXICO under the hood. Also looked to have a Ford Focus 2.0 in it just...