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  1. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Whats the worst looking fluid you've drained from a vehicle?

    When I worked for Walmart there was a manager that drove a 99 Civic. Every time it came in for an oil change, nothing would come out of the pan. Only the filter would have oil in it. That car still ran after I quit. Not the worst looking fluid that came out since there was none :ROFLMAO:
  2. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Shipping batteries?

    My biggest problem with doing that is, who's gonna warranty the battery if needed? Not many places will warranty a online battery...
  3. FordBroncoVWJeta

    2021 F150 Police truck

    120MPH is a joke. Should be a minimum of 130mph. We had a VW Jetta get away from one of our guys driving an older F150 that had a top speed of 96MPH. The Crown Vic I drive is almost as fast as the new explorers we have, but we aren't getting the turbo'd ones.
  4. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Letting rain give you a free rinse.

    Same. It attracts dust.
  5. FordBroncoVWJeta

    anyone know what quick lube places use to know how much oil your rigs take?

    Walmart was terrible for supplying that information to us. We had to look up a lot of it in books. When you change oil enough in the same engines, day in and day out. You remember how much oil common cars take.
  6. FordBroncoVWJeta

    TPMS False Alarms

    This happens occasionally on the VW and Honda. Though it seems to happen more with the Honda. Air the tires to proper spec, and reset the light. Go on with life.
  7. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Water heater is leaking....

    Just bought the 40 gallon version of this last week. Replaced a GE (also made by Rheem) that lasted 10 years. The hard water destroyed the inside.
  8. FordBroncoVWJeta

    General Altimax RT43 Sidewall Issues

    The General RT43s are a favorite on this board, for good reasons. Like others have said its purely a cosmetic issue. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
  9. FordBroncoVWJeta

    TPMS Issues

    Yep, car is 7-8 years old. Those batteries are on the edge of dying. I would replace all 4 at the same time if keeping the car.
  10. FordBroncoVWJeta

    When did ST filters change to Ecore?
  11. FordBroncoVWJeta

    VW's 1.4 TSI uses camshafts build into head...

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting read.
  12. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Not happy with windshield installment

    This was a local shop with 4.8 stars and has been in business since 1990. I have no idea what the **** they where thinking.
  13. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Not happy with windshield installment

    I'm not sure. It looks like they grinded it off .
  14. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Not happy with windshield installment

    Got out of class to go pick up my car after hours. Needed a new windshield after my last one took a rock. They stained the A pillars and from what I can tell they put the windshield arms on the wrong side.🤬
  15. FordBroncoVWJeta

    5qt Chevron Supreme / $12.42 / Walmart

    All the stores in Nebraska seem to carry Chevron/Havoline no stores in Kansas though :confused:
  16. FordBroncoVWJeta

    Hankook kinergy 737

    Those all are very good tire picks. Can't go wrong with any of them.