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    oil sample shelf life?

    Guys... I pulled a sample from one of my cars 6-8 months ago. Life happened and I never got around to shipping it off to Blackstone. Is it still OK to send the bottle, or will that much time on the shelf skew results?
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    Amalie Hypoid Gear MP GL5 75W-90

    Anyone have any experience with Amalie gear oils? According to their .pdf, this oil meets MIL-PRF-2105E (SAE L2360), and it's available for a good price (under $10 / qt). <a...
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    Edge Bio-Synthetic?

    Esters, I assume? I'm surprised no one is discussing this yet on this site: <a href=""...
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    Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with either of these companies. Web reviews seem mixed. I've used tire rack and DTD before, and both have been great, but they do not carry the particular tire I am interested in buying.
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    Toyo Celsius - anyone using?

    I'm starting to think about a winter tire, and these "all weather" tires look to be a pretty nice idea for someone that lives in a climate that doesn't see a whole lot of snowfall. I'm getting tired of burning through dedicated winter tires in a few seasons for the 4-5 days a year they are...
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    TPMS sensor life

    How long do TPMS sensors last? I've got a set on my winter wheels / tires going on 7 years old. Tires are only used ~5 months out of the year. I assume these have a battery of some type with finite life. I need new winter tires this year. Is it a good idea to replace the TPMS sensors while...
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    Dexos 1 Gen 2 5W-30 oils - does it matter?

    Standing in the isle at Wal-Mart, it occurred to me that specs are so close on all of the Dexos1 G2 oils, there might not be any good reason to spend $25.67 for a 5-qt jug of M1 of PP when QSUD is $19.97 and will probably protect just as well. I would bet that at 200k miles you would not be...
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    Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 Dexos HTHS

    Does anyone have this information? Been searching and I can't find anything, other than the worthless "> 2.9" on the Castrol PDS.
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    Fram XG8765 Filters - GM 3.6L V6

    I picked up a few of these on Clearance at Wal-Mart. To date, I've only used the AC Delco PF2130 in this engine. Before I use the XG8765, I thought I'd post and see if anyone has had any problems with these filters. Thanks!
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    Using up my QS Defy 10W-30 "SL" oil

    I have 3 qts of the old QS Defy 10W-30 with high ZDDP left over. Need five qts for an oil change. Since SL Defy is no longer available, which oil would you choose to mix with the 3 qts of Defy? Does anyone know if the SN additive package in "new" defy is the same with reduced ZDDP? If so, I...
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    Beta Ratio - Fram PH30

    Anyone know where I can find published Beta Ratio info for specific filters? Can't seem to find this info anywhere, so I am assuming that maybe they do not publish?
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    General Altimax RT43 vs Cooper CS5 Ultra

    I'm interested in dry traction. My number one criteria. Out of the two tires, which will "hook" the best on a car with some power? Before you ask why I am not looking at a more performance-oriented tire, the reason is size - 225/60R15. BFG T/As are popular, but I feel they aren't worth the...
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    Dexos 5w-30 for GDI engine - M1 or PP and why?

    Subject says it all. Based on what we think we know about these oils, which of th etwo would be the best choice for a GDI engine (3.6 LFX V6) and why?
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    Kumho TA71

    Anyone have any experience with Kumho TA71 tires yet? I had a set of Kumhos on a Mustang 10 years ago, and I had a bad experience (highway sidewall blow-out on a like-new tire for no apparent reason). I'm a little hesitant to use this brand again, but I've seen some favorable reviews on some...
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    fuels and GDI

    I've seen a lot of papers on how engine oil formulations are being studied to better deal with GDI soot, LSPI, etc. I've not seen much on fuels. Seems to me that Gasoline formulation is every bit as important as motor oil formulation for preventing soot and LSPI. Is the industry looking at...
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    Rotella filters at Walmart

    Anyone see these Shell "Rotella" filters are Walmart yet? They appear to just be rebranded Purolators.
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    Maxlife Full Synthetic 5W-30 HTHS

    I wrote Valvoline and finally got a response. Here is what they said: "We apologize about the delay on the response to your request. This is information that we had to obtain from our scientist in the product development laboratories. The HTHS for the Synthetic MaxLife 5w-30 will be 3.5."...
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    Maxlife Full Syn Dexos 5w-30 HTHS?

    Has anyone seen a published HTHS number for this oil? I can't find anything on the newer Dexos 5w-30 maxlife full synthetic.
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    Valvoline Synpower 5W-30

    Likely one of the least-discussed "major brand" synthetics on this forum. Just wondering what everyone thinks of this oil now that it is a synthetic price leader (5 qt jug) at WalMart? How's it stack up against QSUD, for example?
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    Fram TG9837 - No ADBV??

    I was going to grab one of these for my Chevy Colorado 3.5L. In looking at the filter, I can see the fiber end-caps through the inlet holes - No ADBV in these filters? The Wix 51522 has a ADBV, and If I recall correctly, the AC Delco PF61 has the valve. Wonder why Fram eliminated it...