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    New tires and always a balancing issue @ Discount Tire

    I use discount tire for all my tire needs and have for the past 10+years. One thing that I noticed the last 2 sets of tires I purchased was that they never get the balancing done right and I have to come back to get them rebalanced. It happened again this Saturday - I got 4 new tires on 2...
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    Sentry UHP tires opinion - Anybody have experience with these?

    I never go cheap on tires, but with the wife considering a new vehicle sometime later this year and the vehicle is needing tires now - I want to save money. Currently it has Cooper Discovery AT3 all terrains - darn good tire but I don't want to pay the $230/ea for a vehicle that is going to be...
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    B&S V-Twin 725cc oil question

    Got an older Craftsman lawn tractor that has had a diet of 10w/30 mobil 1 changed at 40-50hr intervals. It is the V Twin 725cc engine - good engine for sure! Anyhow, my son thought he heard rod knock and was worried. I listened and heard it too - it was bad so we did a quick oil change and this...
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    Infamous 3.6 Pentastar oil cooler strikes

    I'm sure most of you are aware of the pattern failures of 3.6L Pentastar engines used in Dodge/RAM/Jeep vehicles where they leak. It can leak oil or coolant or both. Most of the failures are attributed to oil change personnel overtightening the oil cap which stresses the plastic. But it will...
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    Anyone have real 1st hand experience with Sat internet?

    Were I live I cannot get satisfactory internet. Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios etc is not available. I was with Rise Broadband (they used to call themselves Skybeam) and they were awful! Could never get more than 1 mb speed. Currently I use a Verizon wireless Jetpack that is slow and they cap the...
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    Oil Recommendation for '66 Cadillac 7.0L

    Just looking to see you guy's opinion on what oil to run in my 1966 Cadillac Deville with the 7.0L/429cid V-8. I am looking for something with the highest ZDDP but that is much harder today with modern oils. I am currently running MaxLife red bottle (semi-syn) 5w/30. Manual calls for 10W/30 but...
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    Lubsoil Universal Synthetic Trans Fluid

    Has anyone used or have knowledge of Lubsoil Universal Synthetic Transmission fluid? It is apparently made by Tulco. The reason I am asking is because I am replacing the 4L65e transmission in the 2006 Sierra Denali and the remanufactured transmission LKQ sent me came with 2 gallons of the...
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    My new favorite: Mobil 1 0W/30 AFE

    While I own mostly GM vehicles and use Mobil 1 5W/30 EP or HM in them, I do have a RAM 4x4 Limited Hemi 5.7 and a '14 Grand Cherokee 4x4 Overland 3.6L. It is with these 2 Chrysler models that I decided to NOT run the recommended 5W/20 since 5W/30 is okay also. I was running Mobil 1 5w/30 in the...
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    Harvest King

    New Atwood store opened by me and they sell Harvest King oil, which I never heard of but some say it is a Warren oil. They have conventional for 6.99 a jug (5w/20 is semi-syn same price) and full syn for 10.99 a 5qt jug. I bought a few jugs of each just to use for "free oil changes" I do for...
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    What oil are you guys using in your HEMI Rams?

    Guys - I went to the dark side and purchased a fully loaded RAM 1500 Limited 4x4 with the 5.7L Hemi. What an incredible truck. I know 5w/20 is the preferred oil with 5W/30 being allowed. I will be running 5W/30 as I do in the wife's Grand Cherokee Overland 3.6L. Just wanting to know what you...
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    ZDDP additive recommendations

    So I have been considering adding some ZDDP to my older vehicles with flat tappets. These are an '87 Buick Grand National (3.8Turbo), 1966 Cadillac Deville (429V8) and 1932 Ford street rod with a '57 Thunderbird 312V8. Any recommendations on brands or would a better idea be just run something...
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    Walmart Oil filter prices way up!

    Just left from Walmart, doing my oil stash replenish and needed a few oil filters for upcoming jobs and WHOA! The AC Delco PF63E last time was like $3 and now is over $7. Fram Ultras in some part #'s were $28! Even Tough Guards were running $7-8. What happened?
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    Mobil 1 High Mileage - Where does it rank?

    When you review the Mobil 1 product guide it lists Mobil 1 EP and High mileage as "Boosted, advanced full synthetic formula". Does this mean that M1 High Mileage is as good as Extended Performance?? I always thought the ranking order (as far as how good the oil is) was Mobil Super Synthetic...
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    Importance of canister oil filter O-ring placement

    About 6 months ago I sold my mom's mint 2008 CTS to a female friend at work. As part of the deal, I gave her the next 4 oil changes free. I figure the car going to a "good home" and I would ensure it was maintained with the proper oil and kept up. Well, since she had it she had 2 accidents, but...
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    RockAuto clearance Fram CH8765

    Got my order for 5 Fram clearance CH8765 cartridge filters this weekend. I've ordered them before any always came in good condition with maybe a little shelf wear on the boxes. These were 1.23 each and since I combined the shipping with other items I was buying the deal wasn't ruined by...
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    BAD BOY zero turn Kohler oil leak

    Just bought a brand new Bad Boy zero turn mower from tractor supply 2 weeks ago. It has the 725cc Kohler V-twin, 7000 series. Love the mower....but used it today for the 1st time and after mowing notice oil leaking from the engine. Looks like from the top and running down. I didn't take anything...
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    AC DELCO Oil Filter info

    Interesting info <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    STP S8765 Filter

    I picked up 2 STP oil filters for the GM 3.6L. This is the open element style, not the can. I've used them before and knowing they were made by Champion Labs in USA I felt it was a decent filter. I get home and notice that the 2 filters I got were each different..same number and box look but...
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    Recommended dirtbike 2 stroke oil

    Just picked up a super clean '99 Yamaha YZ125 for my son and was wondering what 2 stroke oil you guys recommend. I've been out of the dirtbike world for many last dirtbike was 1984 YZ125 which I used Yamalube oil. The guy I purchased it from said he only used Castor brand oil. I...
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    PAG OIL RL-897 equivalent?

    Guys - changing the AC compressor out on a 2010 Camaro. It calls for compressor PAG oil RL-897 or equivalent. Does anyone know what the equivalent oil would be? I don't want to risk putting in PAG 46 or 150 that I have on hand unless I can be sure it's an acceptable equivalent. I googled...