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    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    it’s physics that is why FWD can’t climb long steep hills, even with winter tires Rte 206 near I-80 going through Flanders, you always see people struggle to climb that hill when it snows. rte 515 in Vernon township has a giant ill that people struggle to climb up and down when it snows...
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    Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner - now has an updated label: "PREMIUM P.E.A. (Polyether-Amine) FORMULA TOTAL CLEANING" - same P/N 4700

    the SDS doesn't list PEA, it lists: Polyolefin alkyl phenol alkyl amine (<5%) The left side of the bottle: Compare to a product SDS that is known to...
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    Looks like Walmart is carrying a different Fram CAF line.

    So FRAM via Wally World is getting into the Mann Frecious Plus type filter arena (as well as Purolator Boss)
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    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    It's definitely hilly up in North Jersey, where AWD does come in handy.
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    A lot of your sipes are gone on your rear tire photo, so... can't say I'm suprised.
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    most durable solar battery maintainer for SOUTHERN states.

    VW uses solar panel chargers that plug into the OBD-II port to keep the batteries fresh.
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    NEW BFGoodrich Advantage Control

    Since Michelin owns BFG, Michelin considers them to be a lower tier tire, so it can't be better than Michelin.
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    Quickest time to kill a new tire?

    With no sensor, you have to drive it a bit for the TPMS to figure out the circumference distance, then the TPMS can be reset via a TPMS reset button or through the MFA
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    Nokian Entyre 2.0 VERY noisy

    It is a halfway worn tire, so it's going to start making noise My WRG4 SUV has the snowflake worn off, but not the 4mm mark, and it's starting to make noise also... but it doesn't bother me, since I don't expect halfway or nearly worn tires to be as quiet as a new tire
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    Is The Military Really Buying Up All The Civilian Ammo?

    Civilian ammo does not meet military specifications. For example, civilian ammo doesn't require casemouth and primer sealant for waterproofness. 9mm pistol rounds have to meet stringent waterproofing requirements, more stringent than rifle ammo, since when the marines do a beach invasion from...
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    LCA Bushings

    That's if the bushing is available from the dealership separately from the control arm. But, I rather pay a little extra for the complete replacement of the control arm with the bushings already in there, as the cost balances itself out with the labor for pressing in and out new bushings (and...
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    Switching from wet to dry lube

    The chain cleaner makes a huge mess and isn't really that great at cleaning. Take the chain off, throw it into a glass tomato sauce jar, fill it with your cleaner of choice, let it sit, shake, and repeat until it's clean to your liking. If it's an orange-oil based cleaner, you need a rinse in...
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    Just Purchased Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II SUV/Crossover

    No it's just factory markings for internal tracking.
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    Sil-Glide Grease for sliding pins, pad ears, etc

    For poly bushings, you need something tackier to stay on the poly bushing, like Prothane Super Grease.
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    What is Leatherette/MB-Tex?

    Then you should be also be careful of Dinamica inserts that VW and Benz has used.
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    What is Leatherette/MB-Tex?

    It's vinyl with a fancy name. Remember when vinyl seats were for poverty class cars and trims and cloth was considered to be an upgrade?
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    Question about Audi Quattro (Haldex) system

    Yes. It works similar. But with the haldex controller programming, it can send power to the rear during cornering to reduce understeer and maintain a line better. The haldex lockup can be measured in VCDS, and it will prove that on startup from a complete stop, it will send some power to the...
  18. U is defunct, what now?

    Narva is a sub brand of Philips. So buy a Philips bulb instead. Other than that, I just buy incandescent at Wal-mart, which iirc, are Sylvania brands. I think Pep Boys sells Philips bulbs.
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    Where to check for cheapest smog test station & certificate in California

    It's stored codes AND verifying emissions monitors readiness. You can have no CEL's, but can fail for emissions monitors readiness.