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    RIP Canadian Christopher Plummer

    of "The Sound of Music" dies @ 91 years old. RIP
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    Superbowl Food

    What's on your menu? We're having chicken wings and celery sticks, nachos, French fries, fried shrimp and instead of chili, past'e fasule.
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    Parking a vehicle for at least 3 months

    Vehicle will be in an apartment building parking garage. Any suggestions? This is the first time I've had to do this. So far I have installed a new battery and a quick disconnect on the ground cable. I don't think I'm allowed to use the nearby electrical outlets for a minder. I will clean...
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    OK to use this PSF on Hondas too?

    <a href="" target="_blank">Canadian Tire Asian PSF</a> How can this product be safe for Honda when they are so specific when it comes to their PS fluid and the other makes listed on the bottle...
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    VQ35DE Oil Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I will be maintaining a 2007 Nissan with the 3.5L V6 engine for the next several years. The engine has almost 140k. Kms. and is due for an oil change soon. I have no idea how it has been maintained but, when looking down the oil filler opening it looks clean. The manual...
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    Who makes good ball joints these days?

    Hello everyone, I will be replacing front lower control arms on a 2003 Altima. Other than the genuine Nissan arms, are there decent ones out there? Thanks in advance.
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    Vektron 6920 additive by Infineum

    Bottle reads "It contains the VEKTRON 1200 component that has been demonstrated to reduce NOx emission rates in gasoline powered vehicles." Directions: Pour entire contents of container into gas tank when nearly empty and refuel. Use one bottle per 56 litres of fuel. FOR USE IN GASOLINE...
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    Italy not going to Russia for 2018 WC

    Still in shock
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    L24011 Torn w/No Pics

    F12D 10B1 Came off a 2006 Uplander 3.5L (Calls for the short filter but I'm using the long ones from my stash) Used for 2 OCI according to the OLM down to 25% and 0%. Pretty sure first OCI was with 10w-30 QSGB and second was with 5w-20 SuperTech. Put on another L24011 with SuperTech 5w-20...
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    Tire Balancer Recommendations

    In the market for a new balancer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.
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    Shop recommendation in Miami-Dade county

    A friend who moved to Florida is looking for a reputable repair shop. Please recommend; thanks in advance.
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    $11.47 for a Purolator Classic at WM in USA?

    IIRC the Ultra was under 10 bucks. How can this be? Even the K&N was cheaper than the classic. Fram number 9972 Purolator L25608 Makes no sense to me.
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    Negative effect w/TWC3 in Direct Injected engines?

    @ the rate of 1oz. per 4L of fuel. Thanks in advance.
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    Turbo 350 - DexIII or VI

    Hi everyone, Should I go with the VI or the III, after a pan drop and filter change?
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    Help me select my winter oil

    Hello everyone, My 2GR-FE is due for its winter oil change next week and I only have 1 litre of PP 0w-20 left. What should I top it off with? These are my choices: 5w-20 and 5w-30 of the following: QSGB, QSUD or CEB.
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    eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 (001022)

    This oil was sold to me for an '08 328xi (gasoline) to replace AGIP PC 5w-40 (no longer available). I think eni i-Sint 5w-40 (001023) is what they were supposed to replace it with. Any input is appreciated. 001022...
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    Pennzoil filters at WM

    A WM close to work now has added them to their existing lineup. This store had, Bosch, classic, Fram, and P1 too. What's going on? They look like they are made by Purolator to me.
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    Cooling System-A/T Flush

    Looking for suggestions on the most effective way to flush ATF (yogurt) out of cooling systems, and vice versa, coolant out of the A/T. Thanks in advance.
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    Mr. Lube moves into Wal-Mart?

    Not sure if this is old news however, the local WM TLE appears to be converting into Mr. Lube from what I can tell. I was surprised to see this.
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    Injector Cleaner - In-tank and at the fuel rail

    Looking for a recommendation to use in a injector cleaner kit at the fuel rail. Using a canister type which you mix solution and fuel and run through the fuel rail with compressed air line fitted. Used the Ford stuff in the past but it has been awhile. Also, need a recommendation for an...