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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    hi all, is sulfated ash (SA) content of a 1.22 is to high for a gdi engine that require an api sn oil? can it damage the converters? tnx.
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    amsoil after 2k miles

    after 2500k miles with the5w30 ss last week the engine became really quiet and"buttery",i put in the tank the redline sl1 fuel cleaner last week as well if there is a connection but i can swear the engine is way way quieter. is it possible that after a certen amount of miles the oil "opens"up?
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    any michelin pilot spot 4suv users?

    currently running the alenza001 but looking for my next set,anybody used the michelin suv? tnx.
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    corvette c4

    hi, a friend just bought a gorgeous red c4 corvette,what oil grade and minimum zddp recommended for this car,is it with the flat tapper cams? its in israel so temperatures are from 7winter to45 Celsius in the summer. its not a daily btw just a Sunday or should i say shabat cruiser😄and will be...
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    thin30w vs heavy,acceleration.

    recently moved to a thiner 5w30 from my previous one and I feel the car accelerate faster under the same pedal input and on wot,now I know that placebo is strong and real in thos situations but is there a chance its a reality?the heavier had a kv100 of 11.4,hths of3.3 and a vi of166 the thiner...
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    Rhino Tire

    anybody heard of this,has experience?
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    fl22 benefit over zerex?

    hi is there any difference in quality between the fl22 and the zerex asian even tho they are both phoat? the zerex is 4 times cheaper here. tnx.
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    idled for12 months

    tought you guys will find it interesting: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>tearing-down-an-abused-ls-engine-with-357000-mile-that-idled-for-12-months/<wbr></a>
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    kv in a oil

    hi yall I'm trying to educate myself a bit, when I look at an oil how do I know if its thick or thin grade ?let's say 30w for that matter, is it the kv at100? tnx a lot.
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    driven DI30 5W-30

    hi guys, does anybody have some info on that oil like hths,noack,tbn ex and if its a heavy 30w like the mb.vw ex or light like the sn.from what i read its a very serious company and thought id give it a try. much appreciated. tnx.
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    fuel cleaner with premium

    hi people i read somewhere that its better to use premium fuel when using a fuel cleaner(i use the sl-1) is it so? tnx.
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    fake sg1?

    got this but never saw anywhere that type of label,is it genuine? tnx
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    can I use it?

    hi folks, if my manual requires api and ilsac specs can I or am i better off using thos specs in addition API SN ACEA C2/C3 FIAT9.55535-S1 \ S3 GM DEXOS2 MB229.51 VW 505.01 BMW LL04 or should I strickly stick to an sn/gf spec only? tnx
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    time to change the oil?

    2016.5 mazda cx5,changed the oil 6monthes and 3750 miles ago, yesterday i went to check the oil level and it had a strong smell of gas,probably beacuse my daily very short trips the oil gets diluted fast. should i change the oil or leave it for 2-3 months more?is it normal and safe? using the...
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    Gelled engine oil - pulled pan

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>75402982111/<wbr>posts/<wbr>10158043839857112/<wbr></a>
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    dexos 1 vs dexos 2

    can please someone explain the difference? it was once said that that the dexos 2 was for diesel but its not really only for it,in europe they recommend it,in the states with the new corvette as well, i go to any companys oil selector and they recommend dexos 1 but also the 2(mazda cx5 g). so my...
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    acea a5

    hi yall, question about the a5spec, is it better in fuel economy than the sn,dexos1 gen 2 specs? both in 5w30. changed from an a5 oil with 2.9hths to a sn,d1g2 with a 3.3hths and my fuel consumption went up slightly,is it due to the spec or hths? tnx
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    motul eco-lite 5w30

    hi, anybody has experienced it and can shed a light on it? been using castrol magnatec stop start a5 5w30 and loving it because it makes the engine run smooth and quiet,wanted to know if this motul does the same or better in those departments, tnx a lot.
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    best for the engine

    hey guys, what will be better,using amsoil/redline once a year or castrol magnatec,valvoline ex twice a year?both scenarios include changing the filter also. a 17 mazda cx5 na 2.5 engine,sunday to friday VERY short city trips,weekends longer highway trips,600miles a month, 100 miles tops from...