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    This should quiet all the doubters

    This should quiet all the doubters. You can use this stuff on anything.,,
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    Older Murry snowblower question.,,,

    I have an older Murray snowblower with a 5 hp tecumseh motor on it, It starts and runs pretty good for being 26 years old. Last time I used it it seemed like at top speed it was kinda weak and struggling to throw snow, and move itself through the snow. I went online and bought one of those cheap...
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    So, what changes/improvements have you done to your bike lately?.,,

    I've been busy doing somethings I wanted to do, and some I had to do. After looking around for a couple of years, I finally found a set of factory mag wheels to replace my spoke wheels. The spoked wheels are getting a bit worn looking, plus I don't want to get another flat where the bike has to...
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    Does anyone do this?.,,

    I changed my wife's oil in her Equinox with a Mobil 1 ext perf cartridge filter. It claims to be good for 20k miles or 1 year of service. The car will eat oil if I don't use my mix of oils that seems to slow down the consumption. I was thinking about changing the oil at 5k per the olm, but...
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    Any beer can collectors out the?. Empty ones I mean.,,

    A friend asked what some old steel cans he had in his collection might be worth. Any Ideas where to find that info? I looked on Ebay and the internet, and can't find any for sale even. Tia.,,,
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    Has anyone changed or rebuilt a motor based on their UOA?.,,

    Just like the heading says. Has anyone with a motor that runs fine, but had a UOA that has numbers that made them nervous, actually do motor work based on the numbers?.,,,
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    How can they do this?.,,

    I was looking on E-Bay at small motor carbs for sale, and found the deal of a lifetime. I found a brand new carb for my old Murray snowblower for sale ,shipping included to my house, no taxes involved for $12.35. It took 2 weeks to get here, but that was no problem. I swapped it out for my old...
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    Riddle me this.,,

    I was doing a OC on my wifes 2011 Equinox 4 cyl. It calls for 5/30 wt Dexos oil. I thought the jug I bought was the right stuff, but I mistook the nascar logo for the dexos logo and put the oil in. I don't expect anything bad will happen, but wanted to find out what Dexos exactly is and what...
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    New to me, first cartridge filter recommendations?

    I'm about to change the oil on my wifes '11 Chevy Equinox. First time so I went on you tube to see where the oil filter is. It seems they use just a replacement element, rather then a spin on can. It doesn't appear to have any type of bypass designed in it. I was gonna use a Napa filter, any...
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    Where do you buy your car parts?.,,

    I've tried to buy parts locally. I have a NAPA 2 blocks from my house, but they never have anything I need. They give me the "we can order it for you" line every time. Heck, I can order parts myself and have them delivered to my house tax and shipping free. Even the three other chain places...
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    Who made the original struts?.,,,

    I went looking for replacement struts for my '02 explorer online, and the prices are all over the place. So to try and use what has given me good service, I'd like to stick with whatever brand the vehicle came with, but who made them? And whats a decent replacement brand?. I don't want to spend...
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    Here's a weird one.,,,,

    Yesterday I went out in the garage to grab my gas can to get filled in case I need it for my snow blower. I usually put a splash of carb cleaner and MMO in the can to treat the gas ahead of time. When I picked up the MMO, the bottle fractured into plastic shards in my hand. I didn't even try to...
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    Craftsman weed wacker question.,,

    I have a weed wacker that's 3 years old. It has been easy to start, but stutters and wants to stall when you give it gas. There's no mixture screws on the carb, just epoxied holes where the screws should be. I would think if it's gummed up it would be hard to start, and wouldn't want to idle...
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    Mower puking oil.,,

    I picked a newer looking Craftsman mower off the curb yesterday. It spins and I was able to get it to run after pulling and cleaning up the plug. The only thing I can see wrong is the po must have put a whole qt of oil in it, because when it runs it starts blowing oil out the large tube that...
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    Can anyone explain why Harley recommends a diesel

    I found this online and don't see why they would recommend Diesel oil over those oils made and sold as motorcycle specific oils. Everything you wanted to know about oil can be found here: <a href=""...
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    Strange spark plug wear?.,,

    Yesterday I decided it was time for new plugs in my '02 Explorer. I had them last changed at 77k miles, the car now has 162k on it. The first thing I noticed was the driver side plugs were worn to between 60-80thou, factory spec is 54 thou.They were light tan and other then a wider gap then...
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    Whats concidered "High hours" for a generater.,,

    The one on my job has 2560 hours on it, and no one has changed the oil in it since I've been there. It starts easy and runs 7-8 hours a day.I checked the oil and it's black so it needs a change. I might do it just because I can't stand to see it neglected.,,
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    Can anyone help me out?

    I have a Murray 5.5hp 22 inch Snowblower. The cable that engages the front auger broke, and I can't find my model blower anywhere, never mind the replacement cable number. The model number on the unit is 622505X8.I've tried looking online but found nada. I believe the unit was made in the mid...
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    You can't make this stuff up.,,

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