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    2006 Pontiac Vibe Motul 8100 xclean efe 5w-30 10,095KMS OCI

    Here is the UOA from my Vibe. 240k kms on the clock. 10k OCI. 80% highway runs. Very happy with the results. However, I expected the TBN to hold up a little better. Was shooting for 15k OCI.
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    Motul 8100 ecolite 0w-20 VOA odd results?

    I sent out a VOA of Motul 8100 ecolite 0w-20 and it came back with high wear metals and severity 4. I figure from the holding tank. Should I as for a retest?
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    2019 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0 GDI Motul ecolite 0w-20 15,131km OCI

    So I got the UOA back from my wifes cousins car I take care of for them. This car sees 95% highway runs as they live in a rural area and put on 1,000-1,200 kms per week. The way I see it, this is the most optimal operation anyone could possibly ask for. Because of the huge mileage, we decided to...
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    1985 Toyota MR2 oil selection and UOA question

    This car was brought to me by a friend of a friend. It is owned by the original owner, IMMACULATE condition, never seen precipitation, original everything including tires and brakes! Last time the oil was changed was 2015 which I kid you not was 1000kms ago. It was done by the local Toyota...
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    Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w-40 specs confusing

    I was looking at 5w-40 oils the other day. I ran into the Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w-40. I was surprised and a little excited to find that it had an API SN+ ratin, to my knowledge there is no SN+ rated 5w-40 oils. When I got home, I looked on the Pennzoil website, and it and found a disclaimer...
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    2013 Santa fe 2.0T 3697kms Motul xclean efe 5w-30 Help with odd results!

    So I have a friend I service all his cars for him. He has this 2013 Santa fe with the 2.0T. He hasn't been great with the oil changes on this thing before I started taking care of it. I've done the last 2 OC on it. The fist one I did, didn't check the dip stick but when drained the old oil into...
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    TBN D2896 vs D4739

    Just had a VOA done by OAI/Polaris. The TBN was tested using the D4739 protocol and tested roughly 2 points lower than Motul tested with the D2896 protocol. Reading on Polaris' own website it says that the D2896 protocol should be used for new oil samples and the latter for used oil. My...
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    2017 Subaru WRX Motul xclean EFE 5W-30 2 months 9457kms/5876 mi OCI

    This is the first UOA I have personally submitted. It was taken on my Brother In-Laws 2017 WRX. 127,221kms on odometer 9,457km OCI. Let's see if I read this correctly please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. The iron seems to be relatively low, being a boxer motor it is most likely wear metals...
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    Motul 8100 Xclean EFE 5W-30

    I have searched and not seen the VOA for this one anywhere. I was quite surprised to see the Molybdenum in this oil as Motul doesn't often make use of any moly at all, but it makes sense given the EFE designation. I'm a little disappointed by the fact that OAI only tested the TBN using the...
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    SN+ use when not spec'd by Hyundai

    I'm probably unnecessarily torturing myself. I originally started considering different oils in the fall to address timing chain rattle at startup but my obsession has since (probably) gotten excessive, while the rattle has remained unchanged. I really like using the Motul 8100 line of oils. I...
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    UOA shelf life

    So I've got a bit of a conundrum. I just drew a UOA sample from a 2017 subaru wrx. I'm concerned with possible fuel dilution. I ordered a few UOA kits from a local amsoil guy for Oil Analyzers inc. He says they're back ordered an he'll call me when they come in. I can send them to Blackstone...
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    CRC Intake and valve cleaner and/or fuel injector cleaner skew UOA

    Just about ready to do a UOA on my 3.3L santa fe. It's at 129k kms. At 125k I did the first intake valve cleaning ever on it. It smoked like a bigger but it does seem to have improved the cold idle and performance a bit. Not sure how much, maybe just a placebo. At the same time I also put some...
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    First UOA. What mileage?

    I have a 2006 pontiac vibe, 219k kms on the clock with the 1.8L toyota motor. The fill right now is Motul xclean efe 5w-30 with a toyota short filter. It's approaching 10,000kms and 4 months on this oci and I want to do a UOA next oil change with an interest in stretching the OCI out. The...
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    Hyundai Engine Oil Selection

    HI all! I've been lurking around here for a while now looking for some answers. I have a 2013 Hyundai Santa fe limited with the DI Lambda 3.3L V6 bought brand new in 2013. The first 100k kms on the car the oil was changed by the dealer with conventional oil at 6000km/6 month intervals as they...