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    Humour for the diesel drivers in the winter

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=OYP79nOZUHY</a>
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    Driving from Clarksdale to Natchez today

    Ay sights worth seeing along the way? Interesting historical stuff or museums or places of cultural importance? Where to stop and eat along the way?
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    Break in oils/procedures for new head/cam/valves/

    Hello Everyone, I have a question and I think I know the answer but want to clarify & confirm I bought a used engine from eBay and pulled the head off, sent it for porting/polishing/bigger valves/worked manifolds etc. I also sent a USED camshaft to be included in the build and the valve lash...
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    Car rental questions from a Brit

    My parents are are taking a holiday around the southern states, I'm looking for some car rental info for my Dad. Mum & Dad land in Atlanta on the 8th May and will need to rent until the 19th, giving the car back to the rental company in New Orleans. Hertz and Avis are crazy expensive, can...
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    The best type of transmission/gearbox

    I've often told people on here that complain of issues with their automatics to convert to or buy a manual. That might be changing, I always regarded a pneumatic shifted sequential as the best option but a new technology of torque converted direct drive is changing my opinion. Details in...
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    Suitable or appropriate oil for M1 ?

    A well off friend of mine insists it should be 10w60 going into his M1 because that's what M cars need, but I don't know if that applies to the M1. Does anybody <span style="font-weight: bold">Know</span> what is appropriate for a car which is a fair weather weekend toy?
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    The most expensive litre of oil EVER!

    Well maybe not ever, but it sure ain't cheap...
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    Slingshot for home defence?

    I don't mean the little one you had as a kid, I mean a slingshot that outguns a .45acp <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Formula Off Road; Better than rock crawling..

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Whatcha think?
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    About base stocks and additives (not the usual Q!)

    Specifically MOS2 interactions with different base stock Respected members on here have reported using MOS2 in vehicles that spend some time sitting and finding the additive settled out in the bottom of the sump.. With regard to base stock.. I'm not a chemist but my understandings are: The...
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    Long term effects & Shelf life of PEA in gas??

    So recently I got a 6 month driving ban, and I have a question about storing additivized fuel.. Just before the ban I threw in a full bottle of SI1 and filled up on Shell, and now that mix is gonna sit in my tank unused for the next 6 months - my question is? Although SI1 is not Stabil, will...
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    What detergents are used in 2 stroke oil?

    I was reading the test criteria for jaso fc/fd compared to iso egd and they both mention detergency requirements. I pulled a couple of msds but couldn't see anything.. Is pea wishful thinking? Im using valvoline durablend at c. 500:1 in a 4 stroke, plugs are clean and im wondering what they...
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    Slightly off topic - catch can goop analysis

    As per title, have any of you sent away a sample of the horrible goop in the bottom of your catch can for analysis? Im wondering if any labs offer this service, and if it would help me with trending analysis when used in conjunction with a regular UOA? Discuss..
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    You know you're a mechanic when...

    Talking to a couple of friends last night, we got onto the topic of how you know when you're a proper mechanic, Let me give a couple of examples; You know you're a mechanic when every knuckle has skin missing and you think its normal You know you're a mechanic when you keep a supersize tub...
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    Why so many automatics in the US?

    I might be wrong but aren't the majority of cars in America auto? Do you guys generally prefer automatic to manual? Whats the reason for the US auto vs. Europe manual bias? IMO, automatic is easy to drive but boring, and being less involved gives more opportunity for being distracted whereas...
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    Audi are perfecting the electric supercharger!

    Plans are for a 3.0 V6 with the new technology, diagram here <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Looks interesting, cant wait...
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    Would a coolant filter make a difference to a UCA?

    If a coolant filter is a good idea, tell me why! Brands to use/stay away from? Spin on vs. Inline? Only with certain types of coolant? I want to know if I should retrofit a system like this to my scirocco. Thanks,
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    How many miles on this filter?

    It's a Mahle OC51 - I don't want to under use it because that would be wasteful but I don't want to risk going beyond its service life, either. It's filtering Millers Nano 10w40 if that makes any difference? link included for clarification <a...
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    What oil would an engine like this use?

    Its a VW 2.0 litre 16 valve, 58psi boost at circa 1000 hp - I watched the clip on youtube and first thing I thought was "I wonder what oil he uses in that thing" like what could withstan the blowby and the heat and the shear from that much pressure an temperature.. Would Redline's 70wt nitro...
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    Any benefit to using two fuel filters?

    It's probably a bit late to ask this as I'm already doing it, but, I want to know if there are any potential pros or cons to using two fuel filters inline? The filter for my application is a Mahle KL15, the larger of the two in this picture - <a...