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  1. Ed_Flecko

    sulfated ash (SA) content

    How did you ascertain the % of VII? Ed
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    House showing today

    Some people wait until all of the lights are on green before leaving the house! Ed
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    Big Data (Android / iOS) watching everything you do.

    Thank you. Unfortunately, these OSes are for Android...and I have an iPhone 8. Ed
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    Big Data (Android / iOS) watching everything you do.

    Do you have any info on the custom ROMs you're referring to? Ed
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    Pet Insurance

    That's an easy question. Go with Figo - Ed
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    secure websites

    I wouldn't do it. It's easy to secure a website with an SSL certificate, so I wonder why they don't do it. If you buy without an encrypted connection...anything you transmit (including your credit card info) is sent as clear text. Don't do it. Ed
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    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    I wonder if GM ever really solved the transmission problems? I was looking seriously at a GMC Canyon, but just found the web littered with horror stories. "The GM 8-Speed Transmission Needs To Go Away ASAP: Opinion" - GM faces possible class action lawsuit over 8-speed...
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    One of the first things to consider are CC&Rs. Does YOUR property have recorded CC&Rs? You can either call the County Recorder's Office or call a Title Company of your choice (i.e., Fidelity National Title, First American Title, etc.) and ask them if you do, in fact, have CC&Rs. In the case of...
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    I understand that Ralph Nader is already planning to write a sequel to his first book... Ed
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    Change coolant hot or cold?

    When you change your coolant, should you do it after the motor is warm (and the coolant is, therefore, hot) or when it's stone cold? I sort of think that changing the coolant while it's hot might do a better job of flushing any debris out along with the old coolant, but maybe it doesn't make any...
  11. Ed_Flecko

    Amsoil EFM vs Ravenol VST

    Ravenol has some pretty impressive approvals (MB 229.5, Porsche A40, VW 502 00, VW505 00, BMW Longlife-01, Renault RN0700, Renault RN0710) ! Ed
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    Coolant drain valve location(s) for 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma?

    ..."Toyota only recommends a simple radiator drain and fill when changing the coolant."... How do you know this? Have you seen it in print? Thank you, Ed
  13. Ed_Flecko

    Coolant drain valve location(s) for 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma?

    I don't need to do any maintenance on my cooling system just yet, but I'm trying to do my research. I'm trying to locate the block installed, coolant drain valve locations for the 3.5L, V-6 motor, but darned if I see where they're located! I think there are two (2) of them, or at least that's...
  14. Ed_Flecko

    Toyota/Lexus 3UZ-FE V8 new oil turned black Immediately after starting engine once.

    If it were me...I wouldn't do a flush. The vehicle has been well maintained, runs perfectly, and your new oil choice is an excellent one, I wouldn't do a flush. Why take the risk? The only things I would do, if it were my vehicle, would be to shorten the OCI to 5K, 7.5K or 10K (depending on...
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    Sulphated ash & U.S. cars clarification?

    So, for American cars with catalytic converters, the lower the oil sulphated ash level...the better? Ed
  16. Ed_Flecko

    Where to check for cheapest smog test station & certificate in California

    I need to get my Wife's 2001 Volvo S-40 (with a whopping 54,000 miles) smog tested, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on where to find (online) the cheapest testing facility? Thank you! Ed
  17. Ed_Flecko

    Sulphated ash & U.S. cars clarification?

    I'm a little confused about sulphated ash as it relates to U.S. cars. I know not all oil manufacturers seem to disclose the sulphated ash content of their oils. I'm comparing two (2) different flavors of Ravenol oils which meet my owner's manual specs for my truck (2019 Toyota Tacoma - 3.5L...
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    Yahoo Mail Pro

    I agree with you all who use Proton Mail...I too think they're great for all of the above listed advantages! Ed
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    2022 Nissan 400Z Nabbed In Production Form And It Looks Amazing

    This guy is a total dweeb. He reminds me of Carol Merrill on Let's Make a Deal. Ed