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    Idiot put 4qts in 250cc Ninja

    Well see....the first 2 quarts went RIGHT THROUGH! Yep, no drain plug! Since the bike "rejected" that SuperTech MC 10W-40 Synthetic....I put in Mobil 1 MC 10W-40. Yep, I was the "idiot" and think I will just say it was the thorough oil pan flush I do every 22,000 miles.
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    Flooded Texas stations = water in their tanks?

    For sure many Texas stations were under water this week. Storage tanks must be vented to allow air in as gas is pumped out. How/where are those tanks vented? Will water enter tanks thru that vent? Through those metal ground plates the truck guys use to fill the tanks?
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    5W-50 Castrol Edge 5008 Miles in BMW R1200R

    Well..with no clutch or gears in my BMW this oil remains a 50wt after 5008 miles and had numbers as good as my past VR-1 15W-40 mix (half 10W-40 & 20W-50). I will use this oil again. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    I ran Castrol 5W-50 for 5000 miles in my bike

    I have noticed that some have questioned if these 5W-50 oils would hold up in a bike...would they shear to a 40Wt or worse? Well, my R1200R has no gears or clutch in the oil, so I had no real fear of this type oil. It seemed fine for the 5008 miles and it did give a nice immediate steady idle...
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    Liking Castrol 5W-50 Syntec in R1200R BMW So far

    Last few OCI my 2011 BMW R1200R had VR-1 mixed to approx 15W-40. Analysis has been great but on cool (50F) the bike would often stall on first start with the VR-1. Now with the 5W-50 it is good to go on cool mornings with never a stumble. Now at 2500 miles on the Castrol and will send a...
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    Bottom of car or station tank = dirk/gunk if low

    I often see posts that running your car close to empty or buying gas from "the bottom of the near empty tank", gave me dirt/gunk etc". This can not be...your car tank fuel pick is ALWAYS at the bottom of the tank. If bad stuff is there it will go into the pump when ever you run the car...
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    Honda CR-V hwy mileage LONG OCI by indicator

    We run our 2009 CR-V on the highway 95% of the time. Often go 13,000 miles by the Maint. Minder on Mobil 1 or other synthetic with a Fram Ultra. I do change that filter each time as 25,000+ on a filter sounds dumb. Now at 120,000 miles with only one wheel bearing replaced, no other issue...
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    VR-1 5000+ miles BMW R1200R

    Another 5000 mile run of Valvoline VR-1 Syn 50/50 mix of 10W-30 & 20W-50 in my 2011 BMW R1200R at 30,000 miles. I am very happy with this oil. It show no problems on OA and was almost free with rebates back in 2012 or so when I bought a couple of cases. Put Castrol 5W-50 Syn in this...
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    Totaled my BMW K75 Saturday

    Bought my 1986 K75C new and loved her for 29 years and 147,000 miles, but Saturday I rode off a mountain road into deep gravel @ about 45 MPH and crashed. Started riding in 1962 and this was my very first accident in maybe 380,000 miles since starting motorcycles. I was knocked unconscious...
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    What's up (down!) with diesel prices in NM?

    A year ago diesel was 80+ cents HIGHER than regular. Some stations were close to a buck more. Now diesel is close to the price of regular and even a bit cheaper at times. This is so dramatic I wonder if any one can explain it, or if prices have changed much in your area.
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    2011 BMW R1200R 5022mi VR1 Syn mix

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Last 3000mi run was on the dealers free BMW 10W-50 oil to "fix" my noisy engine caused by me using a "non-motorcycle" oil (their opinion). This 5022mi run on my habitual 50/50 mix of Valvoline...
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    Any reason not to run Dexcool in BMW bike?

    For some unremembered reason I flushed and filled my 1986 BMW K75C bike with Dexcool many years ago. I have drained and fresh filled about every 5 years. No issues to report. I did replace the plastic/aluminum radiator two years ago, but the bike was 26 years old with 140,000 miles...not a...
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    Is there added economy to Jetta TDI these days?

    In my town regular gas is $2.99 while Diesel is $3.99. Seems like the TDI gets about 33% better mileage on fuel that costs 33% more and you pay considerable bucks for the oil burner..... Where is the savings?
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    VR-1 Syn Mix 15W-40 5517 miles BMW R1200R

    Using 2qts each, Valvoline VR-1 Synthetic 20W-50 and 10W-30. Viscosity Calculator puts that at a 15W-39. I am calling that a 'low 40Wt'. Oil ended up a low 40wt so I am quite happy with this oil and report. Looks like a good BMW camhead oil. <img src=""...
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    VR-1 Dino 20W-50 1986 BMW K75C 2369miles

    Iron still high for 2300miles. Cut down to 40wt..all oils cut down in this bike that I have used so far. Oil pressure still ran 65psi on the gauge at 2000rpm so I think the end viscosity is fine. Silicon more normal but not an issue as I was into and resealed the cam cover and crankcase cover...
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    VR-1 Synthetic 15W-40, 3016miles BMW R1200R

    <img src="" align="center" alt="" /> I ran this 50/50 mix of VR-1 Synthetics (10w/30 and 20W/50) for 3000 miles as that is what I did for the M1 TDT 5W/40 shown earlier on the report. This seems like a good oil for my use and I have the same mix in there now...
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    Check oil when COLD..any owners manual say this?

    I can tell from several posts that many vehicle owners use a "check oil when cold, overnight, etc" technique, but I have never seen this listed in a vehicle owners manual that I can remember. I got my first new car in 1964 and many more since then. I always read the manual and it seems they...
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    KN Filter BLOW OUT at the "nut weld"....

    My son started his Honda CR-V in the garage the other day and when he backed out he saw a Quart of oil on the garage floor. His K&N oil filter had Blown Out at the corner of the welded on "Nut" at the bottom of the filter. I have read of this before on the net, and the fact that it happens at...
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    2011 BMW R1200R, 3000miles on M1 TDT @ 6000miles

    Report is OK for me. Blackstone says oil is still a 40wt but it looks like a 30wt to me. No worry as I have not found an oil that didn't drop down in my bikes one grade yet. Happy with the break in numbers and I like that HIGH zinc in M1 TDT. If it were priced like T6 I bet more bikers would...
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    Mobil 1 TDT 5W-40 off to the lab today..

    I thought this would make a great bike oil in my BMWs and I had a jug of it handy so I ran it for 3000 miles in my R1200R. I want to see if it gets a bit "thin" before I run it longer. I will post in the Oil analysis form when I get the results I put in Valvoline Synthetic VR-1 for the next...