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    A REAL oil stash!!!!!

    I have watched for awhile other people stashes on here unsure whether to post mine. I'll put my flame suit on and wait for the bashing. We have 6 cars and various off road vehicles to maintain. I do occasionally change a neighbour's or friend that is not as well off. The cars all take between...
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    Ford and GM merging ??

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>story/<wbr>gm-merger-with-ford-looks-more-likely-2019-05-28</a>
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    New filters to try out.

    Ordered a couple different filters to try with one of my cars. Any thoughts?? 1 is Ultra Power, 2 is Ecoguard.
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    $66 oil filter

    Checked NAPAs price for one of my vehicles and almost fell over. I think I'll stick with ordering from Rockauto.
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    NAPA PLATINUM and Fran XP fails

    I don't host my pics online. We have 3 BMWs 2 of them use fram #10075. I have used 5 fram xp and now 1 NAPA PLATINUM. All have collapsed and or had the end caps come off. The NAPA was the latest with approximately 5000 km ( 3000 miles). On these vehicles the manufacture recomends 24000 km or...