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    Automotive Electrical vs Home Electrical

    My knowledge regarding about automotive electrical is just plain "average". I did some installation on my own vehicles in the past (back in the 80's) on accessories such as car stereo, alarm system, fog lights, add on tachometer and they all have everything in common about wiring, Black is...
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    Mobil 1 pricings

    I read it on wikipedia, Mobil 1 was introduced back in 1974. The price of crude oil per barrel was below $10.00 at that time. But why is it the price of their M1 synthetic oil keeps on dropping through all these years and yet the price of crude oil is way more expensive now that it was back in...
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    Did I made a mistake?

    I bought an old house with an upgraded kitchen and appliances last month. There were 2 houses that I liked to choose from. One has gas powered appliances (counter top stove, water heater) and the other one has electric powered (counter top stove, water heater). My real estate agent told me to...
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    Ford Escape temp gauge

    Every time I drive this vehicle Ford Escape, the needle of the temp gauge on the dash always points at 12:00 or always at the middle. Is this accurate? I have read on the internet that the temp gauge is a "dummy" some sort of an idiot light programmed by Ford engineers. Why is it there if this a...
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    A leak between Master Cylinder & Booster

    Hello, Quite confused though, I noticed Brake light is on at all times in instrument panel cluster. I checked brake reservoir is completely empty.And then I noticed there is a leak between Master Cylinder & Brake Booster. I tightened the 2 bolts holding the Master Cylinder to the Booster and...
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    The New Fram Extra Guard (Orange Can)

    It is now have the Silicon anti-drain valve and is good for Conventional & Synthetic Oil. What surprises me: it can now go up to 10,000 miles OCI according to the video below: <a href="" target="_blank">Youtube: New Fram Tough Guard</a>
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    Motorcraft CV Joint Lube-Pak grease

    Hello I bought a Motorcraft CV Joint Boot Kit (TS-207) from Ebay. My question is, it contains 2 CV-Joint Lube-Paks One-Luber grease but it does not state which packs is Inner grease or Outer grease for CV Joint Boot application. One grease pack is Black in color and the other grease pack is...
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    Carbon buildup

    Hello folks I drive my 2008 Ford Escape only to work for about 8 miles a day. It only sees city driving for most of its life. A co-worker of mine told me to drive this vehicle onto the highway at least once a week so that carbon would not build up in the engine. Is this true? Thanks for the...
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    Ryobi CS30 grass trimmer

    Back in the 70's my father had a mower with a 2 stroke engine. He blended mixed gasoline with "USED" 30 wt oil. He had a measuring cup for the mixture. That mower ran for many years until he sold it in the 80's. That was then, this is now. I recently bought a used Ryobi CS30 grass trimmer...
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    Igntion Coil question ????

    Hello, I just received a package today from about an Ignition Coil I ordered from them. It is for 1984 Isuzu pickup w/ 1.9 liter gasoline engine. I was shocked when I saw what's inside the package, it's totally different from the old ignition coil. The old one is round but the new...
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    Should I buy this Lawn Boy?

    I have an average lawn and backyard with St Augustine grass. I saw this Lawn Boy at Craiglist. What really bothers me is that it <span style="color: #FF0000">starts and runs</span> with carb cleaner. For $35.00, does it looks like a steal??? Should I buy this or run away? <a...
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    Directional Tire

    I bought 4 tires for my Ford Escape from Walmart. I noticed the "arrow" on the tire is pointing on the reverse rotation. So, I asked the guy who installed the tire and he told me "I installed hundreds of these, it does not really matter whether the arrow is pointing, it will wear out the same"...
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    Brake bleeding/Brake Fluid Flushing

    I have a 2008 Ford Escape. As was looking at the Ford Owner's Manual, I did not see any schedule for a Brake Fluid Flushing. Do I need to flush the brake by bleeding the old fluid out via brake bleeder screws or just leave it like that? The truck brakes perfectly as of this writing.