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    I feel like I've just committed Bitog sin

    2 years ago I noticed a clunking noise which sounded like brake clunking. Fast forward I hear it on slow moving bumps and uneven terrain. I think it's the lower ball joint. I don't have any play 12 to 6 but I think the grease has either dried out of is gone. Didn't see any leaking but still...
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    Kitchen sink vent rusted leaking

    1956 ranch home with original galvanized/cast kitchen drain plumbing. Filled the sink to the brim to soak some dishes as I unplugged the drain I hear water dripping in basement. No leaking when water is running. Dry under cabinets so it must be in wall. I suspected hole rusted in the...
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    E15 spotted

    Kwik trip, south east wisconsin 88 octane, 3 cents cheaper than E10 I went for the E10
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    Tachometer/tach tool needed

    I need something to set RPM on my small engines, scooters, mower and snowblower, chainsaw, etc what do you all recommend? Both 2 and 4 stroke engines.
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    Window well drain connected to main sewer line problem

    I have a chicagoland home built in the 1950's. Only one sewer, no storm or rain water sewer. I have 4 window wells , originally was 6 windows well that connect to the main sewer line approx 3 ft outside my foundation wall. Gas company just ran my gas line to my house and they then snaked the...
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    Old Amoco branded coolant

    Check this out Toy sized, it's actually a tape measure Should I bring it to the antique roadshow? 🤣🤣
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    multiple Wax/sealant/ceramic coatings compared in video

    I apologize if this has been posted before but this guy is spot on giving project farm a serious run for his money 1 year 2.5 years 1 year
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    Help me remove glass block window and replace

    I remodeled our shower bathroom and am now doing our bathroom with tub. There is an old glass block window which was previously covered with plywood and then tiled over . I would like to put in a new window but it cannot be so low as the old window sill in tub area. My options are to...
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    Nail in tire, what would you do?

    Of course I had 12 sheets of 5/8 drywall in the back of minivan in home deopt parking lot when I noticed this Hitchhiker... What would you do? Patch or new tire? I spit on it and it bubbled when I slightly moved the nail. I drove home on it like that. Took the tire off and carried it on my...
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    2002 Cadillac Deville run or fix it?

    So someone is giving my dad a 2002 Cadillac Deville... apparently is runs but has an ABS light and CEL on. needs new tires. has 120k he wants to park it in my driveway so we can fix it up and then he can drive it.... I'm worried if it comes to my house it will never leave my driveway...
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    About the only thing a K&N is good for...

    You think he oiled it before application?
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    charger for small gel battery

    I bought a gel battery for my 2 stroke scooter i measured and this is the largest battery that will fit in the compartment. significantly bigger than the 4L-BS it replaced battery is a ytx7bs 12volt 6AH in reading online it says these need to be charged slower and a bit differently than...
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    Honda PS pump bearing

    Since ive got extra time on my hands these days...instead of just buying a new PS pump for my 2012 Odyssey and swapping it out. I ordered some parts to rebuild it. new orings, seal and a bearing I haven't taken it off yet but every video I have watched shows the bearing rubber shielded on the...
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    Cat pump pressure washer 2SF22EL repair

    I found this pressure washer on the side of the road, 3 years ago. Seems like a beast by weight. Plugged it in and discovered the switch was bad. Replaced it and the electric motor to came to life. So then it sat for like 3 years in my basement. I was messing around with it today and...
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    2012 Odyssey odd bypass valve deposits PICS

    I took off my upper intake manifold today for kicks and giggles There were a small amount of deposits in the wells of the lower intake manifold near the left side/by pcv inlet. I cleaned them out with a small screwdriver. Shown on the towel. I found some black deposits coated around the bypass...
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    2008 2.4L Accord ps cooler hose leaking replacement

    I noticed my ps reservoir was not at full mark today, upon closer inspection it looks like corrosion has led to some seepage of ps fluid. #18 in the diagram Honda part no 53765-TA0-A00 $20 Corrosion Is happening right where #6 clip holds the pipe. Any experience replacing this pipe...
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    Whirlpool washer loud humming/rubbing stripped gears VIDEO

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src=""...
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    rattling exhaust heat shield

    2008 Accord 164k miles, i get a rattle when accelerating with RPM at like 1500-2000 it rattles when I tap it with my knuckle this is what it looks like can this be replaced? it looks like the little bolts are rusted beyond belief...
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    CV axle end slightly bent ok or trash?

    So I bought a CV axle off eBay for less than 1/2 price ... It is an OEM part but the end is a little bent I think this part is a dust cover for the trans seal? Is there any problem with very gently straightening this out ? The hub end had a tiny bend but I straightened that side a bit already
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    Where do you all put Timing belt stickers?

    Inside upper corner windshield? ....A badge of honor that you did it yourself? 👍 Somewhere under the hood? Maybe it falls off in the elements?