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    Buy advice? Low mileage BMW but infrequent oil changes

    That M3 has the S54 engine which had MANY connecting rod bearings fail. Mine had HIGH copper and lead in the Oil Analysis @ 60,000 miles. I caught those bad rod bearings just in time. Set aside $3.000 or so IF you catch them in time...$12-15000 if you don’t.
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    Tires will not stay in balance?

    An out of round tire or wheel will be discovered during road force balancing and will give unsatisfactory numbers. ”If” the operator knows the machine & what he is doing.
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    Brake Cleaner Substitutes?

    I use this from and does not harm rubber or plastic..mostly heptane I think
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    Words That Give You Pause

    If it would just save one life...
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    New tires and always a balancing issue @ Discount Tire

    Problems with “road force” balancing are not new to me. The local dealer has this machine and charges a premium for it, but the high school dropouts he hires have no clue how to use it correctly to minimize tire balance issues. Another shop put new tires on my BMW M Coupe. He measured each...
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    How does someone even become an "Independent Expert" on watch authenticity? Specifically Rolex

    The trouble with fakes, good when you try to sell a REAL used Rolex.....the chance that it could be a fake lowers the price anyone would pay. If you sell to a dealer who knows it is real? Well then you get a price less than ”retail“ by a good margin.
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    Tips when ordering new vehicle

    I have ordered an Oldsmobile Cutlass (boomers know what that is) only way to get a V8 5dpd manual. Two Dodge Dakotas And my Son ordered a Chevy (Holden) SS Sport Sedan from Australia. All good deals and just what we wanted! We Tried to get a Honda Element with a manual transmission the last...
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    New Valvoline MaxLife Plus for cars with 150,000+ Miles

    Why is there no “High Mileage” motorcycle Oil? I had three BMW bikes over 100,000 miles and all running well when i sold them to the second owners... but now that I think about it? I never put a “motorcycle oil” in any of them.
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    OIl for marine engines

    I don’t think it would be..just providing an option for those who think “thinner”..the OP was using 30wt and 15W-40.
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    OIl for marine engines

    VR-1 would be my choice. If 20W-50 is too thick?..mix it 50-50 with the 10W-30 version to approximate a 15W-40.
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    Should I clay bar/decontaminate the paint before I wax or no?

    last time I clayed my car it did leave swirls...maybe I was too aggressive ?
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    Why do some cars call for 5W20, not 0W20?

    This and their dealer network can use a 5W-20 syn blend 0W-20 oils are synthetics
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    Took the initial hook- Heber City Police called and said I missed a court date

    Scammed?...or punked? What was the end goal of the court date scam? Credit card payment to stay out of jail?
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    Engine Damage caused from 0W20/5W20?

    They have “back spec’d” some engines to 5W-20 oils, correct? Did their design consider that viscosity? Are the newer versions of those engines any different In design?
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    Your Father's Sayings

    KNOCK IT OFF!! Life isn’t fair!!!
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    Drove a 2021 mazda 6 turbo

    The 6 is a bit more cramped than Accord or Camary but drives better! Will be redone soon and maybe have the new inline 6..I’m waiting...
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    Fry's Electronics Shuts Down All Stores

    Same story here. My wife bought a CD there, and a day later brought it back for store credit STILL SEALED. The girl would not do the return, and she was standing under a sign that said, “no returns on CDs unless they are unopened“. We got her manager who pointed out the sign and told her to do...
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    Better MPG with pure gas.

    No, the difference in the recommended vehicles showing 32 vs 44 psi cold would be WEIGHT. The lighter vehicle would have a lighter weight and thus need a lower cold tire pressure. It is engineering and math...they don’t just randomly select a tire pressure.
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    My problem with on line battery sellers is they will ship a “suitable replacement“ often...without notice I have received an “add acid” battery, different brand, instead of the sealed AGM offered and ordered. TWICE! Be careful and be specific when you order.