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    What grease for my spicer u-joints 2500 diesel?

    Mystik - for me never dries up. In the old days, my dad applies whatever he have on his grease gun. A word of caution: Do not get into a flooded area where your car get stranded where water will get inside car's u-joint. You need to re-grease your u-joint immidiately using grease fitting. If not...
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    1992 Isuzu Pickup

    I still have the original clutch on my 1984 Isuzu Pup. Exedy clutch is OEM on this truck. I cannot tell how many mileage I got on it. The odometer broke at 99,999 miles. Must be past 600K.
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    Super Auto of2500x (57045) cut open

    I will not use that brand in any of my vehicles
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    Securing rubber hose to metal tubing?

    Rent "Flare Tool" at auto parts such as AutoZone or Oreily's for free as long you return it in a day or 2
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    Automotive Electrical vs Home Electrical

    Hello I'm the OP. I contacted an electrician and he told me he's going to do it for $50.00 just for the connection. All I need to buy is a 50 ft 3 wire outdoor underground cable (Southwire brand), an electric digital timer and a 3-Way Straight Blade Grounding Plug. He said it will only take 30...
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    Automotive Electrical vs Home Electrical

    My knowledge regarding about automotive electrical is just plain "average". I did some installation on my own vehicles in the past (back in the 80's) on accessories such as car stereo, alarm system, fog lights, add on tachometer and they all have everything in common about wiring, Black is...
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    Starting to see more made in USA

    The worst thing that I see around "Assembled in USA of Global Components." It just does not make any sense to me. Yeah it is assembled in USA but are made in inferior components (majority of chinese parts)
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    Best and worst spark plugs and why.

    IMHO Champion coppers are the best. I've got it in 84Isuzu Pup, could easily get pass through 50K miles or more. Just require re-gap every 20K. It is also the original plug on my old B&S push lawn mower. The plug outlasted the 4 wheels of my push mower.
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    Mobil 1 pricings

    I read it on wikipedia, Mobil 1 was introduced back in 1974. The price of crude oil per barrel was below $10.00 at that time. But why is it the price of their M1 synthetic oil keeps on dropping through all these years and yet the price of crude oil is way more expensive now that it was back in...
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    1/2 drive deep sockets

    Check out Ebay. There are tons of used 1/2 deep sockets in good condition at top quality USA made at bargain prices. Don't buy those Chinese [email protected] tools at HF. Read the description first before you buy especially the Country of Origin/Manufacture
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    Will Mitsubishi Leave the US Market?

    Mitsubishi is very much alive in the Philippines and in some parts of Asia. Their Xpander, Montero, Strada & L300 is a big hit over there. I like the aggressive & bold look of the Xpander & Montero. I wonder these vehicles are not available in the states (except for L300 which are built for...
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    Did I made a mistake?

    I bought an old house with an upgraded kitchen and appliances last month. There were 2 houses that I liked to choose from. One has gas powered appliances (counter top stove, water heater) and the other one has electric powered (counter top stove, water heater). My real estate agent told me to...
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    Denso Oil Filters?

    Beware of fake Japanese OE brands oil filters coming out of China! To have peace of mind use Wix XP or Fram Ultra
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    Best way to prevent bolts from rusting?

    The Old School way to it - Torque and then apply Grease to it. Or use Roofing Cement around it. Done deal!
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    What tool to tighten this strut nut?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by atikovi</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Replacing the rear struts on the 2001 ZX2. The original strut had a space in the center for a hex key to hold the rod while loosening the nut. This one doesn't. Is there some tool...
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    Ford Escape temp gauge

    Every time I drive this vehicle Ford Escape, the needle of the temp gauge on the dash always points at 12:00 or always at the middle. Is this accurate? I have read on the internet that the temp gauge is a "dummy" some sort of an idiot light programmed by Ford engineers. Why is it there if this a...
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    A leak between Master Cylinder & Booster

    Hello, Quite confused though, I noticed Brake light is on at all times in instrument panel cluster. I checked brake reservoir is completely empty.And then I noticed there is a leak between Master Cylinder & Brake Booster. I tightened the 2 bolts holding the Master Cylinder to the Booster and...
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    What Is This ?

    It looks like you are in the clearance section. If those filters sells for $1.00 or less for clearance, I believe the store manager made a smart move to take those items out of the box. The store manager was thinking buyers would swap in an expensive oil filter such as Fram Ultra, Mobil 1, etc...
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    2005 Civic Horn Replacement

    Fiamm dual Horn/2 Tone (Hi-Low). Sells for $30.00 or less. You will never regret it.
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    Success with a Ford key and Forscan

    Car Key Express <a href="" target="_blank">Car Key Express Website</a> Available at Autozone for $89.99