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    Peeled veneer paint on vintage Pioneer

    I just got a vintage Pioneer receiver. The seller has attaches the cord with a masking tape to the body. When I removed the masking tape, some of the veneer came off. It's not really a veneer but a layer of paint on a plastic panel. How would you glue this paint back on? You can see the peeled...
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    Garage floor paint - art

    Has anyone ever thought of and painted the garage floor as such? I'm thinking about using three layers of concrete sealant, one whit, one blue and then a clear coat. My driveway is sealed with a water based sealant and it endures very well. My only concern would be slippery nature of it but an...
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    Airlines, will they survive?

    I'm trying to see if at some point in the near future investing in blue chip airlines. At this point I'm not sure all of them will be able to avoid bankruptcy, even with the bailouts they have received. I think South West Airlines may survive but am not very confident. What do fellow bitogers...
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    40:1 fuel mix in a 50:1 engine

    I just got a Poulan Pro leaf blower that requires 50:1 mix. My weedwacker is a 40:1 mix so I used the same fuel in the leaf blower until I buy a separate container. There was no smoke or strange behavior. Is the worst thing that can happen a prematurely fouled plug? Or am I looking at a pending...
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    Mini wireless blenders.

    Summer is coming and fruits will be available again. Anyone use those USB mini blenders for smoothies? Seem like a good solution for morning snack at work. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]"...
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    Time for a portable HDD

    My USB powered Toshiba passport filled up yesterday so it's time to buy another one. I've been happy with the disk but a few years ago had to get a new enclosure because the cable port went bad. Any suggestions for the brand? Not looking to spend big dollars so and SSD is out and the size I'm...
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    5.56x45 NATO v 0.223 Remington

    I just ordered an AK-74 derivative that's chambered 5.56x45mm NATO. The wife would not have liked the higher recoil of 7.62x39 that was my original plan... Now it's time to buy some ammunition. I can safely use .223 Remington round as well and these seem to be more widely available than 5.56x45...
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    Use a garden sprayer pump to fill oil

    Has anyone used a garden sprayer pump to fill up oil I stead of filling the engine with a funnel? All my cars don't allow the spout of the funnel to rest safely on the oil filler opening so I have to hold the funnel with one hand and the 5 liter jug with the other. The problem can be solved by...
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    Jacking up a car by itself

    My SUV has air suspension where it lifts itself. I need to bleed the brakes and the lazy in me has suggested to lift the car like that, put Jack stands and then lower the car so that it ends up on the jack stands with the wheels in the air. Is this too crazy?
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    Mercedes E350 short review

    I got a loaner from the local dealership. The car has 790 miles on it so it's fairly new. But I don't like it much. Pros: comfortable seating position and quick to reach high speeds. Excellent 360 camera. Nice interior, except the vulgarity of the touch pad. Cons: Buzzy engine... Feels like...
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    Combo of P0068 and P307A

    I have a combination of P0068 and P307A errors - MAF/MAP error together with Air Flow Too Low on my Audi 3.2 liter DI engine. The suspicion on the internets is plugged snow screen and/or dirty throttle body. So I will be checking the snow screen and clean the throttle body. I am wondering, why...
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    Cleaning Marantz face plate and internals

    How can I clean Marantz face and the internals? I just bought a SR 820DC that I will need to clean when it's delivered.
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    Smart locks

    I'm thinking about getting smart locks for my house. The main goal is to be able to see if the doors are locked and lock remotely. Any recommendations?
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    Old school hi fi systems

    I'm growing nostalgic about the old school stereo systems from the 80-s. no 5:1 surround sound, very old tech but still they looked cool. Unfortunately, these are getting rarer and rarer. Yesterday I saw an ad for a Radio Shack M-601 system that is claimed to be in a good working order. $150...
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    Bread - poetry versus 4

    I happened to look at the ingredient list of commercially sold bread. What a beautiful poetry of sophisticated language. Then I looked at the ingredient list of my bread recipe. A miserable list of just 4 words. Or 6 if I'm feeling frisky.
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    Instant Pudding Woes

    Yesterday I decided to make some Nilla and bananas in vanilla pudding. Got my ingredients at the store thinking that I was getting a regular pudding mix. I came home and discovered that it's instant Pudding. I've tasted it once in the past and it seemed like a nasty concoction. This one was a...
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    Mazda CX-5, the best luxury SUV?

    It looks like Mazda CX-5 is the best luxury SUV. I am getting tired of my Mercedes GLS-550. Should I consider CX-5 as my next car if the 0-60 speed is comparable?
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    2001 Mazda Tribute, 3.0 misfire

    My dad owns a 2001 Mazda Tribute with a 3.0l engine that recently had an episode of bad misfire. The car is overseas and I have no access to assess it. My first reaction is bad coils. Does this car have coils on each cylinder or is it a coil pack? I'm not very familiar with Ford products...
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    Non-stick pan

    I recently moved, and the cooktop is electric. So my cast iron pans are useless. Can you recommend a durable 10" non-stick pan to fry eggs and make omelettes?
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    Water heater prices seem to have gone up

    Last night our water heater bit the dust so today I ordered a new one online. $1,166 for a 40 gallon Bradford White power vent model. I went back to my receipts and the last time I had installed a 40 gallon Bradford White heater was in 2009 and it was $420. I don't think sticking a power vent...