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    "Full" branded Transmission filter for my 5EAT Subaru transmission?

    I know that most insist on only OEM oil and trans filters for Subarus and I have largely followed that rule. This time was no exception. I ordered what I thought was a 38325AA032 OEM transmission filter for my Subaru. Now I understand that the OEM filter is intended to be lifetime but I am...
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    Oil for max fuel economy? ALH VW TDI

    Posting this here because I am sure that this will end up with conversations outside of HDEO. What can I get away with as far as thin oil to pick up Fuel Economy? If I risk sacrificing engine life a little so be it. This car has the crappy 01M transmission. When that goes the vehicle is trash...
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    removed for relative anonymity

    removed for relative anonymity... Thanks for all of the help and brainstorm!
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    Speed bump installation on gravel road, does it certainly stop determined speeders?

    I live off of a gravel road and there is an easement that cuts into the end of the properties of myself and several other neighbors. It is a private road. The issue at hand is that people fly through at 40+ mph. USPS, Fedex, and even 18 wheelers even come through and it takes it's toll on the...
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    High temperature hot glue gun and glue?

    I used to really enjoy some of the creative things that I could do with a hot glue gun on my dash without damaging the dashes finish and being able to remove the item if I didn't like it or when I was done with it. I did notice that in the summers interior temperatures would reach 180 degrees...
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    Handsfree for an older vehicle. I have tried so many things and I am fed up.

    I have tried numerous hands free devices over the past few years that are also FM transmitters. The end result is that the person on the other end either says that the call lacks quality or the volume is too low. Some of these devices have adjustable mic volumes as well. It doesn't matter which...
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    Cabin Filters...what's the deal?

    On all of my new to me vehicles I am seeing cabin filters being marketed as important elements to fresh air. I'd really enjoy fresh air during my no longer too often commutes due to covid. However, I know that generally the dirtier a filter is the better it filters correct? Doesn't the same...
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    Snow Blower....haven't started it in 2 years.

    Hi, My Snowblower hasn't been started in 2 years due to it hardly ever snowing around here. Seems like we are scheduled to get 9 inches on Wednesday (we all know how that goes though lol). I have been storing it in my outdoor shed for 2 years. Before becoming a BITOG guy, I would have just...
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    Best anti-rust setup for rusting gas tank.

    I dodged a bullet with my Subaru Tribeca for now. I was ready to get rid of it when I thought it had a bad head gasket and a rusty gas tank but the vehicle actually doesn't have a bad head gasket and it was something else. However, I have a rusty gas tank. Last year, I started smelling gas. I...
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    Specs for G 052 145 A1/A2 fluid aka G 052 145 S2

    Can't find any info on it. Would like to know cst at 40 and 100c. Have never seen a fluid where that info can't be found. I know it's 75w-90 but that is not BITOG enough. This is for my 01m ALH VW TDI's auto trans diff fill. I believe that vw uses very light fluid to start off with. I am at...
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    I want to drive across country with 7 comfortably. Can an Excursion 7.3 do it?

    Want to do this before I get too old and die. I keep thinking about getting an old Excursion with the 7.3 Diesel and going across country...something in me. Would it make it or am I dreaming? I don't want vehicle payments. Too many years of that.
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    Good DIY forum?

    Yeah this a great one but there is definitely a specialty which is good. Garage Forums is another good one but it gets a bit troll like with no moderation....and so does this place but the mods are cool people and if you get it here you can give it back. I have gone here for years...
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    Mower Valve Covers? Can I get away with any RTV?

    I am adjusting the valves on my Briggs intek valve covers. I want to use what I have laying around. This isn't my enthusiast automobile. Can I use the blue or red RTV that I have laying around? Thanks.
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    0w-20 M1 AFE in Toyota Prius with 213k miles?

    Just purchased this 05 Prius. I have all of the service receipts from previous owner who had oil changed at dealer every 5k miles. All factory 5w-30 and OEM Toyota filters. I know the guy pretty well and he advises no consumption between oil changes. The car will be city driven only in the...
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    What octane fuel for Briggs and Stratton Intek 24hp intek v-twin for Husqvarna Lawn tractor?

    My tractor is surging at idle either because I used E-15 in it or because I used a bungee cord around the throttle lever to hold the side discharge open to mow tall wet grass in a hurry. The throttle cable is not making it to the snow icon anymore (makes it but won't stay there so I suspect it...
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    Oil choice for Briggs and Stratton equipped Lawn Tractor

    I have the 724cc Briggs and Stratton 24 HO Intek v-twin engine used on my Husqvarna 54 inch lawn tractor which mows about 3-4 acres. Like many BITOG folks I like to utilize what I have laying around if possible. The engine calls for 30 weight. I have some Rotella 5w-40 T6 and some M1 0w-30 AFE...
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    Keeping 2 stroke oil fresh?

    I usually end up mixing more 2 stroke oil/gas than I'd care to and I guess it is supposed to go bad after "x" amount of time. To be honest, I have used 2 stroke oil/gas a year after mixing it and all of my equipment like leaf blower, weed eater, chainsaw, etc. have run fine. I guess that I am...
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    ATF fluid for 01M 2002 Jetta?

    Hey, Just got this vehicle from a friend for $500. Mileage is around 170k. I have scoured the TDI forums for the best fluid to use. So I am pretty keen on Redline Fluids. They have protected many of my previous vehicles and I have never had any complaints whatsoever. Completely related to...
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    02 ALH TDI Jetta...which oil?

    Supposed to be getting this car from a co-worker soon. Has 180k miles. I know jack about diesels but the price is right. What are some good oil choices? Thanks.
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    Preparing Cast Iron Block for MLS head gasket and aluminum head?

    I will be installing my Focus SVT aluminum head on it's Cast Iron block soon. The block has sat out for a year and there is some surface rust there. The block is still in the car and the block will not be going to a machine shop. There seems to be some division on how to prepare the block as...