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    Almost forgotten auto parts stores.

    I think there was a Federal Auto or Federated auto in Colorado but think they're long gone now.
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    Stinky Floor Mat

    Arm & Hammer Pet fresh carpet cleaner and deodorizer powder. Pour some on let it sit for an hour then vacuum up. It helps to remove dirt but also keeps the carpet clean.
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    $300 Electric Toothbrush?

    I went out and purchased a Philips Sonicare and it truly is better than any regular toothbrush I've ever used.
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    Residential AC blower fan not starting on cool but working for heat

    A sensor or relay tied to the A/C.
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    Can you imagine buying a 2007 BMW 335i with a 6 speed manual trans with only 3,400 original miles?

    Yes. Traditionally as a journalism student you start to develop your beat or what you want area you want to cover. I happened to walk into a local BMW dealership after lunch on a Thursday with nobody in the dealership. I wanted to test drive a specific 335i and they found a sales associate...
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    Can you imagine buying a 2007 BMW 335i with a 6 speed manual trans with only 3,400 original miles?

    I drove a BMW exactly like that same Color combo and two door, on a test drive. It was a write-up for a college class. The window sticker was $44,398, and yes I would have written a check for the full amount if I'd have had it.
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    Home Made Mayonnaise

    I've read once you make homemade mayo you won't go back. Does the yeast cause any issues with storage, or consistency? I've Never thought about using that in mayo.
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    A new (and sad) record for windshield wiper lifespan.

    I think the valeo blades lasted the longest for me. I've noticed that the Bosch wiper blades don't seem to last like they used to. I think when I was in High school they said Made in Germany, but now say made in China. I used to get good results with Rain-X blades but the last pair didn't last...
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    New regional airline startup beginning at the end of April

    As someone who has worked for an airline, this will go one of two ways. First if they're receiving government funding, which has happened with a few smaller airlines, I think botique air is one, they might do ok. Several smaller airlines have catered to nice markets and have survived. They serve...
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    High Speed Rail System

    The only places High speed rail works is in high density population. The east coast meets this requirement in a few cities. Most of the USA doesn't have enough densely populated areas to justify the cost. The RTD light rail in Colorado is a prime example of this. The town I live in was supposed...
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    Dry Ice Cleaning

    According to one business that specializes in this, the dry ice is frozen into tiny pellets that disintegrate upon impact. I would have thought that would provide minimal cleaning but it looks pretty interesting.
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    cleaning the inside of the windscreen

    I'll third invisible glass, I used it almost exclusively when I detailed vehicles for customers on the side. Adams car care makes an awesome window cleaner, it also smells like lemon-lime kool Aid too. I'd clean the inside of the windshield then use a glass scrub or cleanser. Glass science...
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    How old does my BMW look?

    Looks like an F20 but could be the previous model
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    Fog Lamps - What's Legal, What'Not

    Technically fog lights have to work in conjunction with vehicle low beams. I've heard of cases where states allow usage without low beams if the fog is bad enough.
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    Tesla Q1 Deliveries - Beat the bulls

    Well the Cybertruck has been pushed back to 2022 according to his muskiness. I'm really surprised that Tesla hasn't been sued over a 5 year interest free loan from Pepsi Walmart etc.
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    If not maybe it'll make a great coffee table
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    Hi all, I know there are a number of mechanics on here. I was wanting to know if anyone has experience pulling an engine from a pull & pay type yard. There is an 2007Audi S6 in the Aurora CO yard with the 5.2 V10 still in it! I'm seeing these engines online going for $1200-$5000. I'm fairly...
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    Which auto brand dealerships utilize the salesmen/women with

    Mazda! I applied for a sales job, and a person that follows up with customers after the salesperson. The guy looked like a young Paul Castellano or John Gotti. He had the vest, slicked back hair, and a toothpick in his mouth. Think 30's Italian mobster slang. He asked me "Hey can you start...
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    What’s everyone’s favorite bbq sauce and why?

    I make my own. But if I have to purchase bbq sauce then it's stubbs, or a local brand. Not sure how anyone in their right mind can purchase sweet baby Ray's. The first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, which doesn't belong in bbq sauce.
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    Tastiest city in the world - LA Times chief food critic

    Years ago when I worked at a hotel front desk, a Swedish couple asked me "why the burgers in the USA are the better than anything in Sweden." I told them free range Angus Beef. I've had a few foreigners ask why the burgers here are so good.