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    Wagner QS (quick stop) brake pads....quality?

    Hi, My 2017 Elantra is due for front brake pads and rotors. One local shop uses Wagner QS brake pads? Are they considered their lower end pads and mid quality? I want to be sure the pads and rotors I get will be as least equal to, or even better than the Hyundai OEM's. Anyone here use or have...
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    Does 5W-30 REALLY protect better than 5W-20?

    Hi, Can folks here put an end to this debate on the Elantra forums? Some members are insisting that using 5W-30 instead of the more recommended 5W-20 will provide better engine protection and longer life. So if there really any document evidence than this is true?? Thanks
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    2020/2021 Nissan Sentra's CVT?

    Hi, I was wondering if the current generation Nissan Sentra still have the major issue with their CVT? Are they still using JATCO and if so, has it been improved in the 2020/2021 total redesign? I read all the internet horrible stories at Nissan's JATCO CVT issues and just wondering if some...
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    Honda's turbo engines?

    Hi, Are the 2021 Honda turbos now just as reliable as the other auto makers or would I be taking a HUGE risk and gamble in purchasing?? I have been considering a new 2021 Civic EX sedan. However, I have been told now be several well respected mechanics in my area the ONLY current 2021 model...
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    replacing all spark plugs?

    Hi, When one spark plug is diagnosed to be bad and replaced, is it a good idea to replace ALL the plugs? I ask this because my 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE 2.0, with just 40,000 miles, started misfiring and gave out a code "P0301- cylinder 1 misfired detected". The dealer replaced the ignition coil...
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    Smoothest riding tire for Elantra

    Hi, What would be the absolute smoothest, most comfortable riding touring tire for a 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE Value Edition? Size 205/55/16, 91H. Thanks
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    Front brake job soon question

    Hi, My 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE Value Edition will probably need front brakes within the next 5,000 miles or so. We have several very respected independent shops in my area that I can use for the service. but how do I ensure the shop I choose will use top quality pads and maybe rotors? Or is it...
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    Trip to dealer with P0301 code

    Hi, As I had posted about this issue a few days ago and my engine light coming on and off and getting P0301 code (cylinder 1 - misfire detected)...... Well, yesterday I took my car to the Hyundai dealer and they are not able to find the code. I had cleared the code. I had thought that clearly...
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    code P0301 for my 2017 Elantra

    Hi, Today I was driving and my engine light came on and the car felt like it was about to stall and had little power. I drove home about 12 minutes shut off the car, restarted and the engine light was out and engine running normal again. This has happened now about 3 times over the last 10 days...
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    coolant drain and refill question

    Hi, When time comes to service and drain and refill coolant, one should refill with the coolant concentrate, mixed with distilled water and NOT the dilluted 50/50 mix? I have read that the 50/50 coolant should ONLY be used for top offs. Is this true?? Or is that theory car specific? I own a...
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    What exact coolant type for 2017 Elantra SE?

    Hi, My overflow coolant reservoir is almost empty. What is the proper EXACT coolant for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE 2.0 engine?? Is it the green, blue or red?? Thanks
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    What coolant for 2017 Elantra?

    Hi, My overflow coolant reservoir is almost empty. What is the proper EXACT coolant for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE 2.0 engine?? Thanks
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    Using SuperTech full synthetic vs name brands

    Hi, I own a 2017 Hyundai ELantra Value Edition with 40,000 miles in mint condition. I have been doing 5K oil/filter changes with name brand oils like QS, PP and Vavoline, with OEM Hyundai filter. If I was to switch to Walmart Super Tech 5W-20 full synthetic, can I expect the same performance...
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    The ATF "lifetime fluid" lie continues

    Hi, This is laughable about my 2017 Hyundai Elantra... I called several local Hyundai dealers in cenrtral NJ and ALL of them use the same line....."the transmission is a sealed system and its a lifetime fluid". Really?? So how come the owners manual for my 2017 Elantra CLEARLY states to change...
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    KIA vs Hyundai ATF....same?

    Hi, Since I plan on keep my 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition well past 100K miles, I am planned to do my first automatic transmission drain and refill now at 40K miles. To all you Kia and Hyundai enthusiasts out there, I just want to confirm that the KIA Type 4 (m) ATF is exactly the same as...
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    base LX CIVIC long term reliability?

    Hi, For all you open minded guys that are not necessarily Honda fans or owners, will the base trim 2020 Civic 2.0 LX model, with NO turbo, NO GDI, just naturally aspirated and port injection, last longer than the Civic EX trim with turbo and GDI with normal conservative driving habits and...
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    BEST OBD2 scanner for UNDER $100

    Hi, Looking to purchase a decent OBD scanner tool for general use on my 2017 Hyundai Elantra. Looking for model NOT the cheapest but maybe up to around $75.00. I have NO issues with my Elantra, just want a nice scanner to have. Can anyone recommend a top model? Thanks Michael
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    KIA TYPE 4 (M) ATF

    Hi, Just to confirm.... Is KIA's TYPE 4 (M) Auto Trans Fluid the EXACT same as Hyundai's SP4 (M)? And is it a FULL synthetic?? Its does NOT seem to say full synthetic anywhere that I can see on the bottle. Thanks Michael in NJ
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    logic behind no trans dipstick?

    Hi, Exactly what is the car manufacturers logic in moving to eliminate the dipstick for automatic and CVT transmissions? Is it to say you have a "sealed transmission" and it's a "lifetime fluid"? Any here know that is nonsense. And how would you even know if the service for a drain and refill...
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    2017 Elantra have PVC valve?

    Hi, For all the Hyundai owners out their, particularly Elantras..... Does the 2017 Elantra, with the 2.0 engine have a PVC valve, and how often should it be replaced? I currently have 37,500 miles. I am asking because I cant seem to find this information in the manual or on line. Thanks