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    235/45-18 Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring

    2010 Accord. Installed at 150k miles. Just placed at 192k miles. Tires only lasted 42k miles However all inside edges were extensively worn on all 4 tires. Tires were cupped and chopping and really loud. I wasn't super impressed with these tires. I think I paid $650 installed for all 4...
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    2017-18 Hyundai Tucson

    So my wife is still shopping around for a new vehicle.....she's wanting to trade in her 2014 Honda CR-V I thought she was really sold on getting another Subaru (Impreza or Forester) But these Tucson's have caught her eye. What is the BITOG opinion on these vehicles? I always take most of...
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    2020 Subaru Impreza

    I'm looking for a new car for my wife. She'd be trading in her 2014 Honda CR-V for this new Base Trim Impreza. She just loves Subaru's. She had a Forester, and wants back in another Subaru. She's also looking for a car this time around. Any input on these cars? Here's the listing for...
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    ZTR Engines

    I'm about to buy a new home. It's going to have approximately 5 acres of yard to mow. I like what I'm seeing in the commercial grade Hustler's. They have basically three engine options: Kawasaki FX, Kohler Commands, and Brigg's Vanguard Big Blocks. I was a bit surprised that most...
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    2018 Silverado 6.0 Idle Stumble

    2018 Silverado 3500HD with 6.0L gas motor. I notice in the morning when I start my truck, the idle stumbles moderately. As I back up out of the driveway, it stumbles as well as I pull way down the road. It immediately goes away once I get the RPM's up and is hardly noticable once warmed up...
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    E85 Cleaning?

    So my 2018 Silverado 3500HD has the 6.0L gas engine under the hood. It's Flex Fuel compatible. The truck currently has 43k miles on it. Usually ever 20k miles or so, I run 3-4 bottles of Gumout Regane High Mileage through the tank to give me a bit of cleaning. Do you think running a tank...
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    1970 Cub Cadet Model 73 with Cizek Mower

    These Cizek front mounted, belt powered mowers are very rare. It was test fitted this week onto a nice Model 73. The tractor and mower will now be completed disassembled and restored back to New Condition. The tractor will be completely "loaded" with lights, fenders, creeper gear, rear PTO...
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    Silverado 3500HD Paint Correction

    I used to hand was my vehicles. Now I'm too busy and go through automatic wash. I know, shame on me. Paint needed corrected. Just got it back front my local guy....
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    Recommend Battery Charger

    Recommend a battery charger for me. Uses: Car, truck, and smaller batteries found in garden tractors. Options: Fully automatic, provide a starting boost if the battery is DEAD. Maybe more options would be nice, but I'm unaware at this time.
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    Silverado 3500 Service Cost

    I provided all the fluids and filters and gaskets The shop: --dropped the transmission pan and changed filter --drain and fill the transfer case --drain and fill the front and rear axles --changed the engine oil and filter What was the cost?? Not a dealer, but a reputable local garage.
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    1961 Cub Cadet Original

    1961 was the first year International Harvester had the Cub Cadet. This tractor was made in November of 1961. I just got it done. I added as many options as I could find. This tractor includes a really nice 38" timed mowing deck (including highly sought after deck chute guard), head lights...
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    1965 Case 130

    Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to buy a much sought after 1965 Case 130. This was the first year Case had a garden tractor. Case bought Colt Lawn Tractors in 1964 and got into the garden tractor business. They made Case and Colt until 1966, and then just Case (the Colt name was dropped)...
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    2018 Silverado 3500HD RLI + Archoil

    This is the 6.0L gas engine. I'm a little concerned about sodium. 6450 miles on this oil. Fairly easy driving. No heavy towing. Copper is an additive in RLI formulations as far as I know.... It's 4 quarts of RLI 10w30 and 2 quarts of 0w30 and 5 oz. Archoil. Royal Purple oil filter...
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    2018 3500HD Tranny/Rear End Maintenance

    So my 2018 Silverado 3500HD (6.0 Gas) is at 32k miles. It mostly gets driven around town and a few highway trips....mostly unloaded. So far, the most I've ever pulled a 14' enclosed trailer with two garden tractors in it. 90% of the time my truck is empty. 5% of of the time there is a 800...
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    1964 Cub Cadet 100

    Here's a great Cub Cadet I recently obtained in a package including 2 tractors, a few implements, and an early Johnson trip bucket loader. Cub Cadets were always purchased "bare bones" and every option was purchased ala carte, which makes these amenities highly sought after in the collector...
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    Black Plastic Scuff Marks

    Anyone have experience with a good product to fix this?? A large metal item was on my floorboard and rubbed on the door panel in my 2018 Silverado.
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    Varnish and Gunk

    I just recently had the engine timing chain assembly replaced on my 2010 Accord at 200k miles. I walked into the shop during the repair and saw a fair amount of varnish and maybe even some slight gunk around the cams under the valve cover. Nothing of major concern, and there wasn't any...
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    2010 Accord VTC Issues

    History: Car had VTC Actuator replaced with Non-Improved part by Honda Dealer back in 2014/2015. Start up rattle showed up again in a few months. Start up rattle occurs about 20% of starts. Honda won't fix it again. I "bump" the starter, build up oil pressure in the VTC system, and this...
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    Spindle Grease

    Do any of you use or recommend anything special when you lube your deck spindles?? I just picked this 1966 Wheel Horse 656 up yesterday. Going through it now.
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    2010 Accord P1009 Code

    Stopped at grocery store today, and got into my car to go home and it wouldn't start. Cranked over fine, but the idle was stumbling bad, and wanted to die. I tried several times to start the car, but it wouldn't start. Just stumble. Waited 5 minutes, car started normally with CEL on...