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    Looking for suggestion of what 1/4 inch drive torque-wrench in the $20 to $50 range to buy?

    I have Ever-Craft brand of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch drive click type torque-wrenches that I bought at NAPA for under $50.00 each. I think the quality is probably better than what I could of bought at Harbor-Freight. I am not working on air-craft and do not need torque-wrenches that cost over...
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    Looking for a $9,000 - $10,000 Vehicle AWD for a nephew going to College in Cleveland, and suggestions?

    My nephew is going to be going away from home in Pittsburgh PA to attending college in Cleveland and he and his parents have a budget of 9K to 10K for a vehicle for him. He only has one year of driving experience, but not accidents and no tickets. Besides school, he is a natural when it comes...
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    Here are some recent NOAC numbers of some Red-Line oils.

    I gave Red-Line a call today, mainly to verify that the maintnce dose level for adding SL-1 fuel system cleaner ( amount per U.S. gallon of gasoline ) is still the same. I mentioned to Dave that the label on the SL-1 bottle use to say the recommended maintnce dose was 4.45 mL per U.S. gallon...
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    Hyundai added 470,000 Tucson SUV's to electrical recall 2016-2018 and some 2020 & 2021

    This was just now on the 6 o'clock local TV WPXI news. As per this thread title: Hyundai is adding 470,000 SUVs to a recall because of risk of electrical fire. It says Certain 2016-2018 Plus some 2020 & 2021 models. They are at risk of having a fire caused by electrical problems. Hyundai wants...
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    I need help finding statistics of yearly sales of bottle-jacks in the U.S. and other major countries.

    I have an improvement in the area of bottle-jacks, and need information on yearly sales of bottle-jacks in the United States and other major countries. It would also be helpful to have figures of yearly production in these countries. And if possible these statistics broken down into the...
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    Does anyone know of a light weight Floor Jack that has high lift?

    I am looking for a floor jack that is as light as possible because of my bad back and that I will have to carry it between my cellar and the street, but it should lift high enough to get the back wheels of my 2016 CR-V off the ground when I lift it by the rear tow hook. NAPA has a 1.5 ton that...
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    Is there a low cost vehicle tracking device that wires into the vehicle and does not have a monthly fee?

    As the title asks, is there a low cost vehicle tracking device that wires into the vehicle and does not have a monthly fee? In other words for anti-theft, what vehicle tracking system works well, and has the lowest over-all cost?
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    I received 10 of the new Gates Serpentine Belt Wear Gauges today for free.

    I wanted to get the new Gates Serpentine Belt Wear Gauge and called around the different auto-parts stores. No one has them. But an O'Rileys store was very nice and looked into availability and called me back about an hour later with a part number 443-0382 and said that there warehouse could get...
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    Has anyone ever had a brass Fumoto valve cause corrosion of an aluminum oil pan?

    Back in college in the second chemistry course the teacher spent a week on the elector-negativity of metals. And what she drummed into us was that the further apart on the electro-negativity list two metals are the more electrons would flow. She pointed out that copper and aluminum are on the...
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    What would be the approximate sheer strength of 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. aluminum rod

    I have an engineering design question regarding sheer strength ratings and deflection. I am looking at the design of a platform with collapsible legs. The side of the platform will have 4 collapsible legs (on the corners) with 4 axles. Two of the legs will be attached so the closest side is...
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    I learned something about how to check the oil level on my 2016 CR-V last week.

    This is a re-post of something I posted on the Honda CR-V owners forum: I got 2 free oil changes with my 2016 CR-V EX when I bought it in February of 2020 with 19,877 miles on it. Now in October with 23,558 miles on it the oil life went down to 20 % so I got it changed for free at the Honda...
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    I found a great free GPS app for cell phones.

    This is about a free and good app to use on your cell phone to use it as a GPS. The site said it works with Android or Apple phones. Mine is a very low cost Android based phone and it works great. A couple of weeks ago I watched a YouTube on what every man should carry in his vehicle. One...
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    I'm looking for a good free 2D cad program?

    I am looking for a good free 2D cad program that I can download onto my laptop so I can make some drawings that I can down-load into a format that I can send to a machine shop to have parts cut on a water-jet. I use to use hicad on an older computer, and it worked fine. But when I tried to load...
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    I found some nice waterproof winter men's work gloves for a low price on Amazon.

    I have been looking on YouTube at the videos of what every man should carry in there vehicle. And some of them include gloves. Over the years I have worked on vehicles in the winter a few times including putting on chains and taking them off, which I probably will never have to do again, but...
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    Do you keep your key-fob in a Mu-metal box?

    There is an interesting YouTube video about how car thieves steal vehicles. Apparently, these new systems where the car recognizes your key-fob and then allows you to open the doors and to start the vehicle by only pushing a button and not having to use a key, can be defeated by using a two box...
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    Does anyone know the fuel consumption per hour when idling a 2016 Honda 2.4 Liter Earth Dreams engine?

    Hi fellow BITOG People, I posted something along these lines on the Honda CR-V owners forum, but so far there are no direct answers. I am wondering what the fuel consumption per hour would be for idling a 2016 Honda CR-V 2.4 Liter direct injected normally aspirated Earth Dreams 4 cylinder...
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    RIP Diana Rigg

    Diana Rigg, the actress who played Emma Peel in the 1960's TV series The Avengers passed away. She was 82. Those of you who are old enough to remember that show will remember her. She was a very good looking young woman back then, and the show was fun to watch.
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    Are you experiencing any mail delays?

    We sent a birthday card with a 20 in it to my nephew on June 30 with the hopes of him getting it before his birthday on July 5. We are in the 15210 Zip code (South Hills of Pittsburgh) and he lives in the 15074 Rochester PA Zip code, 37 miles away, and an estimated 44 minute drive. When we asked...
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    Be aware, hand sanitizer will bleach white marks on black car cloth upholstery.

    I was using some hand sanitizer in my CR-V after handling bags of groceries to put items into coolers after a big curbside grocery order, and as advertised on TV I used a liberal amount so it wold get all over my hands including the thumbs, just as an extra precaution to prevent the possible...
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    Have there ever been any parked vehicles totaled or almost totaled on the street you live on, by speeding drivers?

    Over the last 20 years there have been 4 times that vehicles were totaled, and one time when the damage was a couple of hundred less than total and that was a new car that was side swiped from front to back on the street side and the wheels on the curb side were bent from them being pressed...