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    Smell of synthetic oil fumes

    Smells terrible when synthetics vaporize with heat. Like burnt plastic! That's what the bottom of my oil cap smells like now. Leo
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    First filter change with 15w40 Royal Purple

    Nearing 5000 miles and my oil is starting to have dark carbon particles showing up on my white paper towel as I check the oil. Oil is also now medium brown. So I decided to change the filter, and add a quart of make up oil. I know Bob is doing those remote filter tests, and I'm doing my own with...
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    Finding the Oil Bypass PSI number

    On a cold start my late model GM engine sees 60psi max even at low rpms. It stays there until the oil warms up enough to drop the psi down to 25psi at low rpms and will climb to 40psi at higher rpms. Is it safe to say, 60psi is the bypass level, cause it never gets higher than that no matter the...
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    Oil Filters in general - My take!

    Here is what I figured out now! The manufacturer sets the specs with their OEM filter for filtering and flow. It must catch particles larger than their clearances so not to cause wear. All the other small stuff that makes the oil black are too small and pass thru the filter. It stays suspended...
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    I'm getting +3.1 mpg increase with Royal Purple

    My first tank of gas using 15w40 Royal Purple from previous 15w40 Delo 400, I got an increase of 3.1 mpg. This is a 21% increase in gas mileage for me. My normal 15 mpg for my current tank driving condifions went up to 18.1 mpg. So I saved $4.00 this fill up. I know a lot of you not going to...
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    Royal Purple gave me more power!!!!

    I kid you not! First thing I noticed when I changed oil was this Royal Purple is slippery like an eel. I rubbed it thru my fingers and it is slick! I'm using the 15w40 RP for the first time and was much thicker out of the bottle than the dino equivalent Delo 400 I just drained out. Well after...
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    Friction Modifiers only reduce friction...not wear

    Interesting info on the net: • Antiwear agents: There are times when the lubricating film breaks down, so the antiwear agents have to protect the metal surfaces. A zinc and phosphorus compound called ZDDP is a long-used favorite, along with other phosphorus (and sulphur) compounds. If you...
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    Friction Modifiers = less wear

    Recently I was told by 2 oil companies to run dino oil for at least 7000 miles before switching. The reason for this is their oils are so slick it would take forever for rings to seat in. These 2 oils companies are Royal Purple and Redline. I do believe my train of thinking is correct. Their...
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    When to change oil by the color

    For my extended drain, I want to drain based on color rather than mileage. But in no way I am going over 6000 miles no matter what. So if it get too dark at 5000, I will drain it. Say I check my oil at every fill up. What color should it look like before I should actually change it. From the...
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    Another Timkin Oil Test

    Here is the link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Synthetics separate water?

    Is this true? I know dino oil will emulsify with water if not burned off, and form a emulsion that is bad for bearings. So does water actually separate in a synthetic oiled engine and will drain off the bottom when you do an oil change.
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    What mileage should I go to Royal Purple

    I have 5000 mi on my new superstroker so far. Just bought 16qts of 10w40 Royal Purple at $3.99 each. I previously purchased 3 gal jugs of Delo 15w40 and currently using that. Now after I switch over, if I still have any 15w40 Delo 400 left, can I top off my Royal Purple with it. Plan to do 6-8k...
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    Fuel Savings Going to Redline?

    Anyone document their fuel savings using PAO based oils from the same viscosity dino oil? Extended drains itself help offset the cost of $7.95/qt Redline. But what if there really is a fuel savings. That would be really nice after 12000 miles, I saved X gals of gas to complete offset my initial...