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    2013 Chevy Traverse

    Greetings all, I just purchased a 2013 Chevy Traverse with 105,000 AWD 3.6 liter.. I havent looked at the background yet and I know the Traverse 100,000 service at the dealer runs about 600 bucks including a huge charge for spark plugs 300??? Can a outside repair shop do this right or is...
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    Head Gasket ???

    2002 Chevy Avalanche 161,000 5.3 liter I began losing coolant as presented to me by the Low coolant notification in the message center. I can smell coolant around the radiator area but see no leaks or any ground spots of coolant .. The amount is random. I lost 1/2 a gallon in 100 miles one...
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    Just purchased a used 2002 Avalanche with 157,000 . In the morning it took 3 turns of the key before it would start and this condition persisted for 3 days . I figured fuel regulator , Fuel filter or Pump. I dumped 32 ounces of marvels mystery oil in the gas drove for one day and ever since it...
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    suburban issues

    greetings, 2001 suburban . 192,500 miles. owned for 3 months or so and I have had a wet spot on the passenger floor from day one . Now the seal on the front window leaks during a hard rain and i thought that was it but this is like a puddle under the center of the front passenger side ...
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    blower control module

    so i replace it today on my 2001 suburban. Bam all is well accept for the very highest fan setting which instead of being high shuts the fan off completely . What did i miss or is this another issue ?
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    41,400 miles engine code P228D Fuel pressure selenoid 1 control performance out of range to high ... Does this mean im looking at replacing a fuel pump on a car just out of warranty ?
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    2001 suburban 5.3 190,000 miles

    I just purchased this truck and have all repair receipts since the last owner bought it with 130,000 miles on it . The current oil has about 2000 miles on it , I do not know the brand currently in the truck . His past oil change receipts indicate everything used from high mileage oils to a run...
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    2001 suburban brake issue well used 2001

    Purchased a well used 2001 Suburban 5.3 half ton , from a individual . The ABS brake light was on and he said he had it disconnected because the sensor was bad. Truck stops fine as rotors and pads have been replaced within the last 20,000 . This morning at about mile 80 of my ownership the red...
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    premium fuel in a DI engine

    Greetings, I own a 2014 chevy cruze with a 1.4 turbo and a 2013 Malibu with the 2.5 both DI engines. With much talk about carbon and such in DI engines is premium the way to go? I run premium in both engines, mostly Shell V poweer with an occasional Marathon or speedway stop all which claim...
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    2013 chevy malibu 2.5

    I purchased this car with 460 miles on it and found it was one of the cars with the possible engine piston issue that GM released a TSB for. at check nothing was noted out of the ordinary. The car takes longer to crank before it starts than I am used to . Also today at a stoplight the engine...
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    oil change at chevy dealer

    I paid 49.95 today for a full synthetic oil change at a Chevrolet dealership. first oil change in my 2014 Chevy cruze eco with 1.4 liter turbo. starting temps in Michigan this year are currently at or near zero. what synthetic oil do you think I got? I know they used to use Mobil One but I...
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    1999 suburban 5.7 vortec

    Greetings all, Well i just purchased a 1999 Suburban K1500 with the 5.7 vortec engine. 146,000 miles no body rust.. After about 500 miles of driving I have noticed especially when the engine is not up to operating temprature there is a noticable lag in throttle response. the engine idles...
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    2010 hhr

    Just bought a 2010 HHR 2LT 2.4 liter . DOes the factory put in special oil with more additives ect as the fill oil or can i switch it out early and go with the synthetic I will run in this motor or do i need to let it go 3000 or so with the factory oil ?
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    2006 malibu LTZ front boot issue

    I have a front driver side strut that the dust boot is turning when i turn the wheel and making some chatter. As far as i can tell there is no ride issues other than a vibration in the seat at 60mph until about 75mph. Does just the boot need to be changed or the whole thing? Is an allignment...
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    a06 Malibu 3.5 liter

    I was getting about 28 mpg in the summer/fall and now it is about 21mpg tops in the winter and thats with no warm up time. Engine oil life monitor also expired the oil in about 2200 miles as apposed to about 5000 miles in the summer months... No engine service or performance issues that are...
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    so i go to the chevy dealer for "free" oil change

    time for free change of the oil in the 2006 malibu... This car has 14000 miles on it and i bought it with 11000. The Quick lube tries to sell me an oil cleaning by telling me my engine is all sludged up.. after declining that it is on to a fuel system cleaner because my intakes are all carboned...
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    06 Malibu 3.5 liter Spark plug ???

    What kind of plugs are stock on this motor. Manual says 100,000 miles before change is needed. Do they really last that long?
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    Malibu LTZ 3.5 liter

    This car has 11,000 miles on it and is an 06 model. Any thoughts on the durability of this engine? I really dont find much on it. Seems to be a OHV Pushrod engine. Seems smooth. Any known issues?
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    2000 saturn SC2 162,000 miles

    I am burning less than 1 quart betwwen changes with the same process for over 50,000 miles now... from 0 -1000 miles no oil burning from 1001 to 2000 miles add up to 1 quart then from 2-3000 miles again no burning. What oil can i use that will stop this burnoff between 1000 and 2000 .. I have...