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    Where's Ted "Tooslick" Kublin

    Haven't seen any posts from Tooslick in a while. I miss his contributions. Hope all is well.
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    What Color is you Fuel Power?

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    Auto-RX Filter Pic – 99 Volvo S70 T5

    People often ask, “do I really need to clean my engine if I’ve run synthetic motor oil its whole life.” Well, I was curious too, and I had an extra bottle of ARX from one of Frank’s specials, so I tried it out on my 99 Volvo S70 T5. My Volvo has received a study diet of Amsoil ATM (PAO...
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    Help me pick my next oil M1 5W-40 or GC

    Here’s the deal. I need to change my wife’s Volvo’s oil out after a final rinse with Auto-RX. This car has seen nothing but Amsoil ATM, but I only have German Castrol 0W-30 and Mobil 1 SUV 5W-40 handy right now, and can’t afford to order ATM at the moment. The motor is a 2.3 L high pressure...
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    ARX Sludge Harvesting

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    Schaeffer #267 Jeep GC Dana 35c Limited Slip

    I just installed Schaeffer 267 in my Jeep’s Dana 35C with limited slip. My Jeep calls for 75W-140 synthetic, but decided to try the 80W-90 #267 based on recommendations from the fine members of this board. Initial observations: 1. I installed the lube without a friction modifier for the...
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    Attn. Molecule. Standardized Lube Control Application Rates

    Molecule, When do you anticipate you will have some standardized application rates for Lube Control? I’m anxiously awaiting the follow-up report. Thanks. Darren
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    Fogging Solution: Fuel Power or Neutra

    My throttle body, fuel injected boat motor (marinized GM 305 V8) requires a winterizing fogging procedure that involves running the boat engine on a mixture of 50% gasoline, 35% 2-cycle oil, 5% fuel injector cleaner, 5% drygas, and 5% fuel stabilizer for a short period of time in order to give...
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    Running 2-stroke gas in all equipment

    Does anybody run one fuel for their 4-stroke and 2-stroke equipment? I’ve run plenty of Amsoil 100:1 (mixed around 60-80:1) through my 4-strokes with no apparent ill effect. Is there any particular problem with this? I really like the idea of only having one tank of gas to deal with.
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    Ajusting 2-stroke Carbs

    For those of you with 2-stroke saws, blowers, weed whackers, etc. Do you tune your own equipment (i.e., adjust your carburetor), or do you take it to a shop? For those of you who adjust your on carbs, I’m wondering what your technique is, assuming you have the standard High, Low, and Idle...
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    SLX Where do you see this?

    I’ve purchased three cases of GC 0W-30 from three different Azs and have never seen the designation SLX. Is this for Canadian packaging? Just curious.
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    Need to collect sample, Have no sample bottle. Help.

    Here’s the deal. I’m going on vacation and need to change my oil before I go. I don’t have a sample kit right now (but will next week). What is a suitable container to store the oil in until I can put into a proper sample bottle and send it off to the lab. Obviously, I want to minimize...
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    Auto-RX Prelim Results 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0.

    I’ve nearly completed the two-bottle ARX therapy for my 4.0 inline six-cylinder. First a brief history: The engine began to leak from its rear main seal at about 75,000 miles, or two years ago (very common on this motor), about the same time I began using Amsoil 10W-30 ATM. The Amsoil probably...
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    Schaeffer's 221 Report --Ball Joints, Steering knuckles, etc.

    Just submitting a report on Schaeffer’s 221 moly grease. I used it for the first time on the suspension and steering components on my 96 Jeep ZJ (Grand Cherokee for those not familiar with Jeep nomenclature). To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. The 221 eliminated much of the slop...
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    High Quality Brake Bleeder

    Sorry. I violated our links prohibition in one of the forums. Here's the link...where is should be. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Meaning of Amsoil

    Alright all you gurus. What does Amsoil mean. Is there any special relevance to the “Ams” part of Amsoil? Just curious.
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    Vis. @ 210F Table

    Does anybody have a nice table for saybolt viscosity at 210 F? Bob's, while it is handy, doesn't have the precision I'd like for the 210 scale. Thanks.
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    Understanding Schaeffer&#8217;s Grease Applications

    Bob, Can you give us all a brief description of the following Schaeffer&#8217;s greases and their applications and/or where they should not be uses: #221 Moly Ultra 800 EP #222 Moly Wheel Bearing Grease #229 Moly Ultra Red EP #238 Moly Supreme I understand some of the differences. For...
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    Repacking Bearings Question

    Just a general question here. I would like to service my bearings on my boat trailer (tandem axles). What is the best way of cleaning out the old grease and repacking the bearings? Suggestions anyone? Lots of Berrymans?
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    Freeing stuck rings

    For what it&#8217;s worth, I put about 1 oz of Lube Control through the spark plug hole in my cheapo B&S. It literally melted away crusty carbon deposits on the piston crown. I&#8217;ve always wondered, how does anybody know if they have stuck rings? And, what does this really mean?