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    Make wise choices

    Thanks for the good and timely pre-season reminder. Stories like that are exactly why I only ride off-road. Even without distracted drivers, the street rider faces many serious threats to their personal safety and their life. R.I.P. amigo.
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    Most miles per tank

    461 miles and just barely hit reserve upon arrival. This was on a long road trip from San Jose to San Diego, CA. 1992 Thunderbird LX, 3.8 V6. Slick shape, long overdrive gear, 1 warmup cycle and very little stopping. 32 MPG if I recall.
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    It looks like they are going to shame the Corvair name even worse than Blazer. So many missed opportunities...
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    Buy advice? Low mileage BMW but infrequent oil changes

    BMW engineering aside, 6 oil changes in 40,000 miles is not troubling. But also, I am assuming they were evenly spaced over that mileage. So it depends how long some of the intervals were.
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    Some guy tailgating me on the highway, closer than anyone's freakin business, I mean literally 3 feet distance at 60+ MPH. And I was in the slow lane... what gives bruh? My mistake was a mild brake check to get him to back off. Turns out that was a big mistake because he turns into a crazy...
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    Do additives and detergents really sink in shelved oil?

    I remember that picture showing some kind of sediment at the bottom of the Pennzoil jug. The bright plastic really helps contrast the sediment which was dark brown/gray or black, but a very small quantity, not enough to make anyone flip out. Most oil producers will tell you to shake and use...
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    oil loss or gain

    Yes liquids do expand with heat,,, approx 5% I've heard. But personally I have never seen a noticeable difference in my oil sumps,,, or in my cups of coffee fresh out of the microwave,,,,,, or any other hot vs cold liquid example where a difference could be noticed. Go figure. By the way...
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    Change coolant hot or cold?

    I change coolant after the engine's been run at full temp for a while, then shut it down for about 1 hour before draining. I want particles to be in suspension as much as possible so they drain out, but at the same time I don't want to get burned.
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    Driving a short distance with low gear oil (manual gearbox)

    I would not worry about driving gently 1/4 mile on 3/4 fill. And I've never seen any gearbox with a dipstick other than automatic. Usually with manual trans (and diffs, and transaxles, and transfer cases), you have to remove the fill plug and stick a finger in the hole to determine the oil...
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    To change or not to change?

    Mostly short trips will qualify as severe service. Check the manual, which probably says 6 months or less for severe service. I would change the oil but the filter can stay -- don't remove and drain it, just leave it on the motor.
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    Conventional Gone

    I'm fine with conventional oil disappearing from the market, so long as syn blends (at conventional prices) are here to stay. Yup, especially when Chevron Supreme is $12 for 5 quarts, no reason to buy ST conventional. Nothing burgers are delicious, but not very filling. HAHA :D
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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate?

    Yes Walmart purchases are honored for the Mobil 1 rebates. Done it many times. Only Amazon is denied, and this is stated clearly on the rebate webpage.
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    Selling for more than when it was new?

    Quite a few models are selling used at or near a brand new vehicle prices. Some of the pristine 2nd gen Tacomas are fetching used prices as high as a brand new 3rd gen, comparably equipped. Yes the pickup truck market has gone insane. Also the C8 Corvette is selling used for more than the...
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    New spare car key gets stuck when turning off in ignition

    This typically happens when someone makes a copy of a copy... possibly of another copy. Always keep one fresh original key in a safe place and use only that for making copies.
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    Post your current MPG

    Average MPGs: Corvette 20, Tacoma 23, WR 25, XR 35 (in their defense, the bikes get a lot of 1st & 2nd gear single track trail riding)
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    Offered 7k trade-in, car sold for 12.5k

    Yeah they are going to offer you as little as possible without making you walk away, which obviously failed in your example. Around 2001, Carfax offered $700 for my very clean 1992 Thunderbird LX, it had no issues at all. I told them to kiss my grits and sold it private party for $1200 a few...
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    1966 Mustang 200 auto with OD

    Sorry I don't know about those old automatics but I know those sixes had the intake manifold cast as part of the cylinder head. This may have been cheaper for Ford but it was a terrible design because the manifold would not flow adequately above 3k RPM. Back in the day I had a 1965 Mustang...
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    What are you working on today?

    Just doing a few safety checks on the motos before doing some long rides this weekend. The WR front and rear caliper bleeder screws were weeping fluid, evidenced by dust collection at the bleeder. When I checked them, they weren't loose but they weren't as tight as they should have been...
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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate?

    With my local WalMart's online prices for 5-quart jugs, and the $10 M1 vs $15 M1EP rebates, the EP product is cheaper than the vanilla.
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Got a 5-quart jug of Napa full syn (Valvoline) 5w30 for $8. Normally about $23, they had a 50% off deal for NapaOnline members, plus I signed up as a new member and got an additional $5 off.