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    Why Cylinder Deactivation Can Cause Engine Failure (Honda)

    Another good video from Speedkar99..
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    NOCO GENIUS2 question

    I just purchased this charger, and am going through the manual... NOCO states several times in the manual that this 2 amp charger is for "UP TO 40Ah battery capacity". The battery in my Buick is rated 800 CCA. 800 CCA / 7.25 = 110Ah. The NOCO will be used for maintenance. I know that if the...
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    Winter is here..

    Hope her parents see this video and get her some better shoes.
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    CVT teardown and failure modes

    Interesting video of a CVT teardown and failure modes. He has dozens of similar videos which feature a teardown with explanation of automotive components.
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    Mobil 1 AFE 0W-30; Have cold weather specs been downgraded?

    I bought three jugs of this oil on sale a couple of years ago to use in my wife's Honda Accord. My wife doesn't have access to an electrical outlet at her work's parking lot, so no use of the block heater. On -30 deg C and colder days I really liked the low MRV of 13,250, and pour point of -50...
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    Interesting comparison

    Old vs new Toyota Camry I've watched quite a few of his videos, quite imformative.
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    Thought this belonged on this forum..

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/>
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    Mixed feelings about retirement

    I just told our GM that I will be retiring in about a year (I'll be 57). The company has been good to me, so I want to be fair to them. It will take a while to find a replacement, and they will need on the job training by me. It's a couple of years earlier than I had originally planned, due to...
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    Replacement struts

    Just completed a 1200 km road trip in our 2005 Park Ave to visit family over the holidays. I know it's supposed to be a soft riding car, but there is too much bounce on the front end. So doing some research on replacement struts and came across this from the forum 'Car Talk'. Trav has made...
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    Pricing of synthetic oil

    A post from Quora.. <span style="font-weight: bold">Will synthetic oil become cheaper than conventional as more cars start using it?</span> Answered Nov 21 · Philip Angevine, I spent almost 40 years in the refining and petrochemicals R&D arena. Upvoted by Kai Herrmann, Automotive mechanic...
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    Update on my sister's oil burning Tucson

    A year ago I posted that my sister's 2017 Hyundai Tucson 2.0 L was burning 1 liter per 1000 kms. She was told that it had to be worse than that for Hyundai to replace the engine. They confirmed the the oil consumption was just slightly under but very close to 1 liter per 1000 kms with two...
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    Has anyone here removed 3m film glue?

    On our Honda's fender the 3m wrap is coming off, but leaving the adhesive behind on the paint. Has anyone here removed 3m film glue?
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    celcius and fahrenheit match this morning

    It's -40 C or F here this morning <img src="/forums/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="eek" title="eek" height="15" width="15" /> Have a fire going, big mug of hot coffee, Max our little dog in my lap, and some catch up time on BITOG - so life is good (as long as I don't go outside).
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    Cylinder fogging oil for winter storage?

    I have fogged the 2 cylinders on my VStar for the 6 month winter storage since I bought the bike new. I'm starting to wonder if that really is necessary. Getting older and lazier I guess. The bike stays in an unheated but insulated garage. The garage is in the backyard and is seldom visited in...
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    2017 Hyundai Tucson burning oil (Help!)

    This is my sister's, she bought it new less than two years ago... She phoned me last night, and she's quite upset. It's burning a litre (quart) in 1000 kms (600 miles). There is no tailpipe smoke and no leaks. I think the catalytic converter is cleaning up the oil smoke (?). She commutes with it...
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    Had to replace rear shocks already

    Just replaced the rear shocks (which have air levelling) on our '05 Park Avenue which only has 32000 kms on it. Disappointed that the originals were gone already, but at least the new ones were easy to install. I used Monroe Max Airs, as I have had good luck with these on our two previous...
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    Fram Ultra not ok for my 2018 Impala??

    Specifically, the Fram Ultra listed for my Impala has a By-Pass Valve Setting of 9-15 psi. I just came across a GM service bulletin regarding the required spin on oil filter for my Impala, and the recommended GM filter's By-Pass Valve Setting is 14.5- 21.8 psi. This spec, and a lower efficiency...
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    Replacing original tires on '05 Park Ave

    Made an appt. with my local auto shop for tomorrow to replace the original tires on our '05 Park Ave. Only 30k kms on the car, but the tires are 14 years old now (car was built July '04) and I think they are getting too old to be safe at highway speeds anymore. Had them off to rotate last week...
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    Large car collections - how is fuel managed?

    Just watched a couple of Jay Leno's Garage and My Classic Car videos on youtube. The My Classic Car videos featured a few of NPD's cars, out of a collection of 200+ cars, and Jay Leno has a similarly large collection. These cars always seem ready to go, just get in and drive. But they obviously...
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    ExoShield - Windshield Protection Film

    Has anyone had experience with this product, or other similar windshield protection films? The cost is about the same as a new windshield, but it is supposed to offer 6X more resistance to stone chips, compared to no film. Similar in concept to 3M film for paint, but optically clearer than...