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    EV Wrangler
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    Humor memes, photos, and

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    Texas Tycoon
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    Baseball Legend
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    What is behind the number

    Each vehicle we purchase has recommended OCI’s and other PM numbers. Some of them a dichotomy of sorts when a 4 cylinder TDI lists 9K for an OCI. What do you know or assume went into the development of your OEM number?
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    Tesla Austin
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    16K on Mobil 1 M1-102A oil filter

    10k+6k runs on 2014 Fusion … great shape … And the PF63E has 5k … all good too …
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    HiLift Jacks

    I had a 42” HiLift jack for 20 years and finally gave it away to a guy needing to repair a fishing pier. They have gotten me out of jams and helped with a number of jobs. After buying the Rubicon … decided I needed a new one but did not like all the ways folks mounted them outside the Jeep. Then...
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    Why so short?

    There was a time I saw this site (for sure one of the sharpest staffers) encourage members to be more bold with OCI’s … and empirical evidence has been presented showing that it’s reasonable. Yet, overall it seems we have mainly moved to 5k-6k runs. So what are the main reasons you like shorter...
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    Attention Walmart (green thumb) shoppers

    Heads up that I just scooped up all kinds of lawn & garden products (fertilizer, weed killer, disease treatment, etc) for a quarter to half of original price … Name brands like Bayer, Ortho, etc …
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    Dell D6000

    This is the port box we use at work to plug a single USBC into a Dell notebook and have dual monitors, keyboards, and so on … wanting to do the same at home … anyone using another brand that’s as good for less ? These are $150
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    2020 Pentastar forward plans

    In my mix of Ford’s and Chevy’s I now how a 2013 and 2020 3.6L Mopar … 2013 is a short tripper … 2020 more combined I hear lots about GM’s 3.6L chains (think it’s a new design now) … but do folks still shorten up because of Pentastar chains … new book says you can go 9k on 0w20 ? Have a good...
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    New portable generator

    Hurricane season: Not like I didn’t have a few gens already ... but after all the typical bad gas, cracked fuel lines etc ... came to grips that my wife can’t pull start any gens even when serviced. Bought an electric start dual fuel and started messing with it today. Got one big enough to...
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    Happy 4th of July

    What's for lunch or dinner? Baby back ribs are already by the oak smoke Local smoked and jalapeño sausage on deck Fresh corn on the cob Chipotle black beans Asparagus Sweet potato pie Cold water melon Ice tea with limes, lemon, our mints Stay cool !
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    Pentastar oil changes

    Just got a 2020 3.6L. Noticed it holds 5 quarts whereas my 2013 Pentastar holds 6 quarts. Well, at least that's a handy one jug change … What are folks running ? I'm thinking 5k but with Fram Ultra leave the filter for every other time. (it's easy, but hear about cracking) … What say you ?
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    Got Sheds

    My wife always gets the names of our sheds confused … guess since I built and named them. What do you call your sheds ? … I'll go first: Garden shed Firewood shed Lumber shed Mower shed Fire pit shed Boat shed Cook shed Potting shed is next … she will know that one !
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    Baldwin B7449

    Thinking this is the first Baldwin I didn't screw on a big yellow motor. Used on 2018 5.3L for 5k. Did not change M1 AFE 0w20 ... put on XG10575 and topped up with a quart of ST HD30. Dipstick is after 20 miles
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    Cleaning Coated Cast Iron Grill Grates

    First of all, I no longer have a gas grill … but the grates I have on my wood pit appear the same. I have been cooking bbq with them a long time … and it became really hard to remove meat residue with just my normal overnight soak in Dawn. (I pre coat with Pam for grilling) Closer...
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    Phone number lookup

    Like clockwork when I place an order from … here comes the text that I won a $1000 gift card … oh, and of course it has a link they hope you click on. This one from the San Diego region. Nothing Googles up with the phone number. I also get lots of random calls and block them …...
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    Global game changers awarded

    Whittingham was XOM when he started his developments <a href="" title="httpswwwwsjcomarticlesnobelprizeinchemistryawardedtodevelopersoflithiumionbatteries11570614857"...