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  1. radiometer

    Use of 5W-40 in a gas direct injection car prone to intake valve deposit

    Would use of 5W-40 oil be a problem for cars with GDIT prone to intake valve deposits (IVD). No concern about warranty. Why could or couldn't 5W-40 be used in such applications? Would it really be better to use Dexos 1 Gen. 2.?
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    Hyundia or Kia

    I'm in need of a new car. To remain reasonably affordable I'd like some of you to render me an opinion of Hyundia or Kia. I need the one selected to be a SUV. I will appreciate some good opinions here. If you know of a car that isn't GDI only, that's important to me. I now have an Eqinox...
  3. radiometer

    Deposts on DI engine valves

    I recall that in early direct fuel injection (DI) engines there was a significant problem with fuel deposits on intake valves. There was discussion that this required very frequent oil changes to counter this. My question: Has this problem been solved? Is there still a problem of fuel...
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    The above named virus has shown up on my desktop pc. I can find software for SALE that claim they can remove it. Do you know of a FREE way to fix it. Thank you so much.
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    What is this PUP.Optional.V... that Malware Bytes Keeps finding? My other malware detectors aren't finding it. But, for example, yesterday it found 71 PUP.Optional.V...s and I had to check on each one to get rid of them. I'm not overly savvy on computers. I'm sure someone here knows all about...
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    Problem With SpyBot 2.0

    I have an HP Pavilian P6000, model p6670t desktop computer running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have SpyBot S&D 2.0 which started causing error messages. On 10/9/2013 I installed the 1.6 version thinking it would overwrite the 2.0. Didn’t work that way. The 1.6 version works fine, I cannot get...
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    Shut Down Problem

    My Dell XPS laptop suddenly won't fully shut down. When I try to do a shut down it appears to nearly do so, but bounces back up like a rubber ball on startup. I'm not really computer savvy and will appreciate some feedback here. Thanks to all.
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    Win. Live Mail stopped sending

    My Win Live Mail stopped sending. I get the following message. How can I fix it? Thanks much for any help. The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'Test sending Iceman' Server: '' Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E Protocol: SMTP Port: 25 Secure(SSL): No Socket...
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    Web pages misaligned:

    I have an HP Desktop Model No. p6670t. A few websites, or pages, show up misaligned, such as overlapping paragraphs, and/or links covering other words. I have a laptop (Dell XPS 17) that is even worse at this. Both have Windows 7 Home Premium. Any good ideas would be appreciated since I'm...
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    How Do I stopped blocked email

    I'm using Windows Live Mail with Win. 7. I've tried to stop unwanted repeat senders by adding their emails to the "Add Sender To The Blocked Senders List". This does not work. The blocked senders' mails just keep coming in. Is there a way to stop them? Thanks to someone who is going to know...
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    How to power cycle a modem:

    A suggestion to another poster was to power cycle his modem. I don't have a particular problem but I'd like to know what it takes to power cycle a modem. Mine is furnished by Comcast, as I'm on their cable service. Thank you for any information on this.
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    Sending photos w/out their being cropped

    My problem is this: When I send a photo in Win 7 it gets cropped into a square. This happens with any photo on my computer taken with any camera I've used in the past. I can select the rectangle size I want but it gets cut into a square anyway. Thanks to anyone who can help me correct this.
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    Best Free Word Processor

    The word Processor in my MS Works has stopped working. I have learned this is a known problem. I haven't yet found a solution to the problem. I'm considering selecting a free word processor. I see a number of them out there. Which are the better ones in your opinion. I don't need a complete...
  14. radiometer

    HONDA '06 Civic wiper blade refills: HOW

    I purchased a pair of wiper blade refills from the dealer. I cannot figure out how to get the used ones off and the new ones on. They don't have the metal (squeeze) lock that I've seen so long accustomed to. Hopefully, someone out there that works on Hondas or a DIYer can help me on this one...
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    Report: Cars, Trucks Racking Up More Miles

    This report includes synthetic oils as one of the reasons cars and trucks are living longer, going farther. From Yahoo News: "Back in the 1970s when Pat Goss was working in automotive repair, 100,000 miles was considered the benchmark of a car's longevity. Well-maintained Dodge Darts with...
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    Consumer guide new car pricing report

    I recently used and submitted requests for quotes on several cars and models. With them you have the information you need. Some dealers would not quote me a price. Several offered me something below invoice. On the car I bought I paid less than what was listed as what most...
  17. radiometer

    My Honda Purchase & Oil Viscosity Use Question.

    Today I purchased a new 2006 Honda Civic LX 1.8 S 4cyl. 4A. During the process I told the dealer rep that I have a serious question about the 5W-20 oil that is being recommended for their cars. This is not a new subject to him. He says it comes up. He told me that although he knows the...
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    Coolant Leak In Nissan Sentra Repaired

    I now have my car back from having the coolant leak into the oil repaired. As soon as I drove it home I did an oil and filter change because of residual oil and coolant remaining with the dealer's changing it. In several days I'll do another change and drive it on that change only a few days...
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    Automotive Consumer Protection Law?

    It seems to me that a number of years ago I recall a law being enacted that protects the automotive consumer in cases where the customer cannot get warranty work done on a car. As I (seen to) recall there was a provision for payments to be stopped in such cases. This was to put the lender in a...
  20. radiometer

    Which Coolant For 2 Sentras ?

    A few years ago this was really quite simple but has quickly become much less so. I have a 99 and an '02 Nissan Sentra. The manual for each calls for 50% Genuine NISSAN Anti-freeze coolant or equivalent. It gives no clue as to what an equivalent might be. I've been using the regular 'ol...