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  1. Miller88

    Bent Wheels? Longevity of alloy wheels?

    Everyone says NY roads are the worst. They're wrong - it's PA!
  2. Miller88

    Who Do You Look Like?

    Dan Aykroyd. It's getting less so, but apparently when I was in my early 20s I looked a lot like a young Dan Aykroyd.
  3. Miller88

    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    I picked up a large funnel and tried the coffee filter method for some gear oil. Didn't quite work so well, but probably because gear oil is so thick. I'll be doing an oil change on something soon enough to give it a try. Otherwise It'll be one of the above items and a filter
  4. Miller88

    5.4 3V timing job

    Does the oil pan have to come off to do the oil pump? Or is it entirely accessible with the timing cover off?
  5. Miller88

    SuperTech oil packaging

    I run Supertech oil pretty much exclusively. It happens every time I open a new jug.
  6. Miller88

    Yes I am so stupid.

    The second shot is kicking my rear end! Chills started about 12 hours after, but went away after a few hours. But I have this terrible migraine. ANd sooooo tired and dehydrated.
  7. Miller88

    Dexron backwards compatibility?

    I've been pretty impressed with Dex VI in my Aisin trans that called for Dex III.
  8. Miller88

    CAFE and the USE of Lower Viscosity Motor Oils

    Same. But here in New York, you'll never wear an engine or transmission out. The vehicle will rust out first.
  9. Miller88

    Lucus red n tacky or Mobil 1?

    I put the RnT in my trailer last year. It's made three 500 mile round trips at 70 MPH pretty heavily loaded with the hubs running cool as could be. I was going to pull everything apart and check how it's doing but I didn't have time. All I did was jack up and make sure they weren't too loose or...
  10. Miller88

    Tell us about your auto loan...

    Originally 22K @ 0%. 361 for 61 months. Was going to pay cash but the 0% financing had more discounts, no financing fees and also allowed me to put that cash elsewhere. So I put down just enough that I wouldn't be upside down.
  11. Miller88

    Yes I am so stupid.

    I made the mistake of getting mine in my right arm. I have some problems with the rotator cuff and my right shoulder is pretty much always in pain, more or less. For some reason I was expecting the paint to be absorbed . Didnt happen. Double whammy on that arm!
  12. Miller88

    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    I'm sure the coffee filter method would work. I have a few large funnels that I could use to do it slowly. I guess mentally, I'd feel better about running it through a filter before putting it in the oil pan where it will get run through a filter again. I end up with too much stuff on the...
  13. Miller88

    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    Out of that list above, I'd pick Ranger or 4 runner. Wish the Ranger had a front locker available, that really would set it ahead of the Canyonado in every way. Personally not a fan of emissions diesels, especially in lighter vehicles. Emissions diesels work in one situation and one situation...
  14. Miller88

    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    So I figure filtering the used oil out of my Subaru and Nissan through a paper towel before putting in the F-350 probably isn't the best way to go about this. The truck loses a quart every 125 miles (give or take) due to a bad head gasket. The truck is not worth the labor to change the head...
  15. Miller88

    Yes I am so stupid.

    I have pfizer. We'll see what happens! I've wondered if people who have very bad reactions to the shots are the ones who would have died or become seriously ill if infected? My parents , while they have health problems, have great immune systems. I can't remember the last time either of them...
  16. Miller88

    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    I can't seem to find deals anymore but ... Supertech HM 5w-30 synthetic / Fram TG filter for the Subaru, Supertech HM 5w-30 conventional and a few makeup quarts for the F-350, and Supertech HM 0w-20 for the Leaseon.
  17. Miller88

    Yes I am so stupid.

    I've heard the second shot can be a real bear. My parents got theirs and the second shot had no affects on them. I'm scheduled to get my 2nd one tomorrow. I took thursday off just to sleep it off.
  18. Miller88

    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    When I ran Mobil1 0w-30 (yes 30) in my Subaru it consumed a bit. Switched back to Supertech 0w-20 and no problems since!
  19. Miller88

    cleaning the inside of the windscreen

    Vinegar and newspapers. That seems to be the only thing that gets the film off of the inside of the windshield on my F350
  20. Miller88

    Subaru A/C Condenser

    My '18 Forester uses R134A.