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    Wix discontinued the 51315XP the XP/Platinum for the Zetec

    The WIx XP 51315XP (Napa Platinum 41315) is no longer listed on the Opticat, and when you search for either the XP or Napa part number on Wix's site, it also comes back as discontinued. There is still stock for now, plenty in stock at Napa and other stores that sell Wix, but once existing stock...
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    Wix now seems to put the date code on the box rather than the filter itself

    I just got a Napa Platinum 47055 (Wix XP 57055XP), Subaru filter and noticed there was no date code on the top of the can where they usually put it :alien::eek::unsure:👻 It took me a minute to find the date code on the box. It's 8 months old, which is more than ok for a less-common application...
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    CRC Knock'er Loose vs K&W Knock'er Loose. Are they the same?

    CRC Knock'er Loose seems like the best penetrating oil for extremely rusty nuts and bolts. I also found another brand called K&W KW While K&W is a division/subsidiary of CRC, there is a big difference in price, with the KW being about half the price of CRC at Napa. CRC is 13 oz, while K&W is 18...
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    Center for Quality Assurance CQA now does licensing for NLGI HPM grease

    That fake-looking site Chrysler uses to run their ATF+4 licensing program now does it for NLGI
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    Tire Rack finally carries the Hankook Kinergy 4S2

    Hankook's 3-peak all-season tire, also called all-weather, is finally available from TR, though it had been out awhile now, when it replaced the 4S (4s1?) that was sold in Canada, but not the US. Like all the other 3-peak all-seasons that they carry, TR classifies the 4S2 as grand touring...
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    DT/DTD has a private label Nokian 3-peak all-season/all-weather called Encompass AW01

    Nokian now makes private label tires for Discount Tire (and Discount Tire Direct). Probably just a DT-exclusive version of the WRG4 I'm actually surprised Nokian is doing this, since private label tires aren't as profitable, and Nokian is the most profitable tire company. Here is the article...
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    The short warranty on NGK spark plugs is NOT just Rock Auto! Applies to parts stores too

    There has been some controversy on here regarding the shorter warranty period on NGK spark plugs as of late. Now, NGK only gives you a 60-day warranty. People on here seem to think it only applies to Rock Auto, but that is not the case. The warranty was shortened effective May 1, 2020. I...
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    What is the cheapest scan tool that can read transmission temperature?

    Apparently, changing the CVT fluid on a Subaru actually requires the scan tool to take the transmission temperature because you have to run it and keep filling it a little more once it's warmed up. It's not like Toyota that recommends a scan tool for their CVT changes but you can get away with...
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    Suggestion for the similar threads at the bottom: Don't suggest threads more than a year old

    or 2 years, or whatever can be agreed upon. :unsure: People are reviving threads well over 10 years old, usually unintentionally, long after the OP is gone
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    I found aftermarket CV axles with a thermoplastic outer boot!! The brand is Protech

    A company called Protech seems to use thermoplastc for their outer boots. This makes them by far the best aftermarket choice for a CV axle. As most of you know, almost every CV failure is because of torn boots, and it's always the outer boot/joint that fails due to the outer joint doing more...
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    A company called Volta offers free EV charging

    Here is their site and you don't even need a Tesla, so no need to put up with poor build quality and the behavior of their founder :D
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    Napa finally has a house brand 0w16

    and it is included in the sale for $3.19/qt. That makes it the cheapest 0w16 available because Walmart discontinued their Super Tech 0w16 awhile ago.
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    Valvoline/Zerex now offers the Asian coolant in green

    yeah, after they stop selling it at Walmart :rolleyes: :cry: :alien:
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    Premium Guard Pureflow cabin filters. How are they?

    Premium Guard has these cabin air filters called Pureflow that are basically a knockoff of the Mahle Care Metix and similar filters like the Mann Frecious-Plus/Pureolator Boss/Wix XP. The PG version is blue. People on Amazon have reported problems with the PC6115X that fits most late-model...
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    1010 Tires has free shipping to the US when you buy a set of 4 tires, wheels, or tire and wheel packages

    Minimum order before shipping must be at least $500 for just tires or just wheels $600 for tire and wheel packages (in US dollars) [1010 is a Canadian site] Carries the usual exclusions, no AK, HI, PR, Virgin Islands, etc. The 48 states only. Max shipping discount is $80 if only buying tires...
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    Tool to remove an old drain clean out plug with 2 round tabs?

    I need to clean out the drain pipe of an old sink. The good news is that there is a clean out plug. The bad news is that it's just 2 round tabs I have no idea how to remove it! What kind of wrench do you need to get it off?
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    How common are HH-rated shoes (and pads)? Centric parking brake shoes

    4th gen F-Body (Camaro/Firebird/Trans Am) Centric parking brake shoes for these cars are HH! I have never seen HH in any pads or shoes for any car before, OEM or aftermarket. EBC's website says they're essentially only found on motorcycles (EBC doesn't make any drum brake shoes). That's why...
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    Replacing oil pressure sensor during an oil change, gauge still acts funny

    I changed the oil on a 2001 Firebird V6 and replaced the oil pressure sensor along with it because you have to drain the oil to replace it anyway. The oil sensor didn't work right and was lazy. It is a very common problem on these cars. The old one still had some of the threads showing because...
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    Any diff cover with a drain plug for a GM 10-bolt 7.5/7.625 that isn't over $100?

    GM is too stupid to include a drain plug in their differentials, so it's time to start shopping for a cover that has a drain plug. Unfortunately, all the covers I could find that have a drain plug are well over $100, many over $200 There are plenty of cheap covers with a drain plug for the...
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    Napa Synthetic on sale again! $3.19/qt for October

    The 5qt jug is $15.49 HM synthetic $3.39/qt the 5qt jug is $16.49 non-synthetic HM on sale for $2.69/qt $13.49 for the 5qt jug Their "conventional" is not on sale this month. They also have M1 on sale $5.79/qt $27.99/5qt M1 EP is $6.29/qt $29.99/5qt M1 ESP 0w30 is $6.99 M1 ESP 5w30 is...