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    Who Do You Look Like?

    After the last Superbowl the kids that came with their parents all decided I look like tom brady
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    Have any of you refinanced your mortgage lately?

    went from 3.75 to 2.4 in december, 30 to 15 year, took 25 years off and and my mortgage went up about 80 dollars.
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    Spark Plugs Binding on Removal

    Get out your Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun. Turn air compressor to max psi, so 120-130 ish. Give each spark plug two ugga dugga's in reverse then forward. Repeat cycle until removed. Use hand tools when installing the new plugs.
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    Coffee - Your Current Brew

    I usually buy the higher brand name of what ever dark roast, french roast or expresso roast is BOGO when Im at the supermarket. Unlike Bonnie, I like to taste my coffee when I drink it.
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    Sketchy looking food

    looks like a diaper surprise
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    Derek Chauvin trial

    If I begin a thread about this topic will it get locked immediately?
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    Water heaters, Rheem or AO Smith

    From my experience, buying a water heater from a plumbing supply house often times yields a better quality product.
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    Actually, nothing seems feminine about it at all. Probably the reason why you see so many female couples drive a Subaru.
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    2021 Mustang GT

    I have an 18 w/ 5.0 and it makes the noise and I'll live with it until it breaks. After countless hours of researching I have concluded its NOT normal and the noise everyone hears is caused by too much clearance in the rod journals. Ford will not own up to it either. I feel one day in the far...
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    She'll love it
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    Big Data (Android / iOS) watching everything you do.

    I was not aware that Canada had smart phones yet
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    Evinrude XD100 at walmart

    Just a heads up that walmart is now selling xd100 Evinrude oil, its 49.99 a gallon. In the past, I thought this could only be obtained through dealers. I wonder if this is because of them closing their doors?
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    More magnetic dipstick pics.

    Its not a magnetic drain plug. Its a mini antiseize device!
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    The tale of gas cans continues

    If you are using the VP jugs you should check out the spill proof cap. You just turn it upside down, set it on top of the opening and push down. It shuts off when the tank is full.
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    How many dinosaurs died to produce our oil

    If you believe in dinosaurs.
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    Insurance thread yesterday, locked?

    I strongly agree that providing medical advice should be prohibited within an automotive forum. However, I find it difficult to understand the discussion of how insurance works being misunderstood as medical advice. Being in the insurance industry for over 20 years I feel and open discussion...
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    Breaking Up

    Its probably individuals vanishing to avoid the stork dropping a package on the door after one dident pull out in time. Just a thought.
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    Insurance thread yesterday, locked?

    Yesterday the thread "Question about medical insurance." I found it interesting to read about others opinions of how things work etc but it was locked, just curious as to why. NOT complaining about mods / rules etc and I dont really care, Im just curious.
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    Some People Gamble

    I squinted, I bet most of you did too, be honest.
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    How many dinosaurs died to produce our oil

    I think its more like 237389389494003. I actually counted each one this morning.