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    Who Do You Look Like?

    Think Wahberg got tired of it too
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    Conventional Gone

    Petrochemical companies have customers. Sometimes “doing business internally” … but often they will have a couple dozen customers buying the same base stocks. The customers are needing to meet the specs of THEIR customers … All of this means the lower grade base stocks are going away for PVL...
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    Conventional Gone

    Saw this at TSC yesterday
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    Tesla voice commands; Tesla cool...

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    100% Random Pictures

    Since you are a Ford guy …
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    Lets see the cars!!!!

    You took your wife to look at RV’s … 😳 ? Which HD3500 diesel are you getting now ?
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    oil loss or gain

    Even the check fluid method is: side plug out ... add some fluid … get it hot to xxxF - let it reject some fluid … install plug (not exact - point is it’s open plug method …) Question: does the dealership check the level on a new unit or not ?
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    oil loss or gain

    Sure … but even FCA and ZF are not on the same page … and what ZF says is pretty much what many have used for a service interval for years … Gives rise to the question: do they have the same objectives or not ?
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    oil loss or gain

    Totally ridiculous and all to steer it to the dealerships … I’ll have to deal with that on the Rubicon at some point. Son just bought a gorgeous 2018 Cadillac XT5 … read up on that AsinWarner … similar headaches … At least our Tahoe is old school and I added a drain plug already 🧐
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    What oil should I use?

    You have to read 101, or is it 102, or 107, or 105 ? I forget … and you can’t tell from the title 😷
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    In fairness … probably 20x the drive through lanes in 2020 😷
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    100% Random Pictures

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    Unbelievable KC-10 Takeoff

    Boeing had a hanger in Newfoundland next to ours - and were wind shear testing the 773ER. Talking to one of the engineers … they did 5-1/2 hours on just one GE90-115 on a windy day. (most days up there 😷)
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    Mine never stops - see above ^^^ 😷
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    Humor memes, photos, and

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    Weird private-label tire names

    Parent company is Nedlogdnal
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    I like my 18” and 17” … aluminum rim is tucked away !
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    Twice what I got from Hankook’s … also culled over wet road misery 😳 Conversely … the Cooper Evolution’s I put on the Tahoe are as good in the rain as the factory Mich’s
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    My New Induction Scoop

    Ready to roll