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  1. The Critic


    Lately, I have noticed more kids (3-6 yr old) being diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. In fact, there are two cases within my immediate group of neighbors and a few more examples within my group of friends. These are cases that are severe and will probably require lifelong support...
  2. The Critic

    Polishing Oxidized Black Paint

    FIL left his car on my driveway. I decided to polish half of his hood during lunch to see if I could improve the oxidation. Pretty surprised by the improvement. 1st step was TLC+ with a Rupes blue DA wool pad 2nd step was Rupes DA yellow Polish with a Rupes yellow foam pad. Finished off...
  3. The Critic

    Spray Sealant Question

    My wife's Accord was coated with CQuartz UK ceramic coating in 2015. By 2018-19, the product began to fail, which is no surprise since the product was only rated for 2 years. Since then, I have used various "ceramic" sealant products at every other car wash. Sometimes it is a spray-on/rinse-off...
  4. The Critic

    Irwin Master Extractor Set Mfg's website: Seems like a fairly complete kit for smaller fasteners. The only difference between this kit and their...
  5. The Critic

    Toyota 2GR-FKS Spark Plug Replacement, 61K

    2017 Highlander 3.5 DI V6, 61K. Toyota changed the intake plenum design on the DI version. The annoying hangers have been replaced with a small bracket that is near the throttle body area. Intake plenum can be removed in 15 min, entire job can easily be done in under an hour. They also updated...
  6. The Critic

    Toyota Brake Job Best Practices Guide

    Found an updated brake job best practices guide in the Toyota TIS portal. Thought this may be of interest.
  7. The Critic

    ACDelco Gold 42-mo Date Code

    I received a 42 mo AcDelco battery this morning from our wholesale supplier. The battery does not have any date code. The top of the battery has “K05ER” stamped into the case. Any idea on how to identify the month of production? The battery had 12.36v when tested so it wasn’t fully charged.
  8. The Critic

    Home Auto Repair Question

    From an ordinance standpoint, is there anything that would prevent me from working on my friends' and neighbors' vehicles at my house if I am not charging them? I recognize that running an auto repair business out of your garage can bring a slew of ordinance and regulatory issues, but is there...
  9. The Critic

    Meguiar’s M27 & M799 Combo

    Meguiar’s M27 is their newest paint sealant. M799 is supposed to be a spray sealant product that is designed to maintain M27 or any “ceramic coating.” Supposedly the new Hybrid Ceramic Detailer is 75% M799 and 25% water. Has anyone used either product?
  10. The Critic

    Tires will not stay in balance?

    2020 Ram 1500, currently at 10K miles. Tires are OE Goodyear Fortitude HT, 275/65-18. Wheels are OE. For the first 4K miles there was no vibration at any speed, even up to 95 mph. Starting at 5K, I noticed a light vibration when cruising at speeds above 80 mph. At 6K, I performed Costco to...
  11. The Critic

    Proto R.B.R.T. = MAC R.B.R.T.? Came across this post on GarageJournal about the MAC R.B.R.T. line. Proto appears to advertise the same "R.B.R.T." technology and the photos are very similar to the MAC version. Is Proto making this line for MAC? Curious...
  12. The Critic

    Matco Tools

    Curious if there are any "must have" items from the Matco Tool line. I recognize that Matco sources a lot of their items from other vendors, but still, I'm sure they have some exclusive items that are better than the competition - so let's share.
  13. The Critic

    Liqui Moly Ceratec

    I added Liqui Moly Ceratec to my parents’ 2010 Altima at its last oil change — which took place 13 months and 940 miles ago. When I originally poured the bottle into the crankcase, I noticed the “milkshake” like appearance of the product. Sure enough, this caused the entire fill of oil to look...
  14. The Critic

    Torque Wrench Comparison Test Pleasantly surprised by how well the ICON torque wrenches performed.
  15. The Critic

    Snap-On ATECH2FR100B

    Brand new. This one was purchased for me as a gift several years ago and has never been used. $500 shipped to anywhere in the 48-states. A new one is $565 + tax so my price is about 20% off to account for the fact that it is out-of-warranty.
  16. The Critic

    Hose Picks Both sets are marketed as hose picks. I can see the purpose of the two piece set, but not the items contained...
  17. The Critic

    1/2 ton pick-up as daily driver - parking?

    I live in the suburb of a major city. I have attached a picture of my truck when parked in an average-size parking spot - it sticks out. Parking the truck in a parking garage is out of the question (it simply sticks out too far). Is this a common issue for those of you who daily-drive your pickup?
  18. The Critic

    Pneumatic Die Grinder

    Need a pneumatic die grinder for cleaning hub flanges, rust, etc. I am familiar with the AFF brand but was not aware they made pneumatic tools:
  19. The Critic

    Value of your Home Tool Collection

    For insurance purposes, I should probably have an inventory list of the tool collection in my home garage. If you were to estimate the value of the tools and shop equipment inside of your garage, how much do you think you have?
  20. The Critic

    Motul Gear 300 75W-90

    Is there anything special about this gear oil? Is it comparable to Redline/Amsoil? I ask because Redline availability has been spotty lately (with my supplier) and Motul is always available. The price is a bit higher than Redline as well.