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  1. Dave9

    Ongoing Civic Woes. Repair failed to correct.

    You need a scan tool capable of live data, to monitor everything in realtime.
  2. Dave9

    Should I grease brand new upper control arm ?

    There comes a point where you need to stop everything else and make an effort to use proper grammar. The shop REPLACED It HAS "hype"? but LOOKS boot DOESN'T grease IN it shop DOESN'T Get off my lawn lol. If the boot seems more full of air than grease, put some grease in.
  3. Dave9

    Trying to find a good marine grease for trailer bearings that work in cold temps

    I am not reading that you have a problem, only that your misunderstanding is inventing one. You'll be lubricated just fine, only extra resistance at first, which generates a little heat, which makes the grease fall into its usable zone. Unless you run a snowmobile rental service where you're...
  4. Dave9

    Sil-Glide Grease for sliding pins, pad ears, etc

    Sil-Glyde will work but there's always something better for the application. Castor oil or petroleum based greases, metal or ceramic in them or not, don't last nearly as long. Use silicone paste, not dielectric grease which has too low a viscosity. Once you get all the old goop out of the...
  5. Dave9

    Stuck/broken bolt advice

    Heat, cool, penetrating fluid, grind flat if not flat enough, center punch, left hand drill about 1/2 the diameter at most (smaller is better), working slowly to keep drill centered. If it doesn't pull out, next size larger left hand drill and so on. If getting near the hole diameter, I'd...
  6. Dave9

    secure websites

    quote "To keep payment details secure and allow you to buy with confidence Payment is processed by Paypal only and goods will usually be dispatched on the next working day." If you click the international buy button on their site it takes you directly to paypal over a secure https connection.
  7. Dave9

    First Riding mower - Help me out.

    I'd get a twin with the larger deck. But, get the owners manual and repair parts diagrams (if different document) and see which provide the info you will need to find parts in the future. I wouldn't shy away from MTD if the parts are out there, or Murray who made my Scott's mower, now over 20...
  8. Dave9

    The tale of gas cans continues

    Yeah those freakin' can spouts, I strip them down and tear the valve out and put back together sealing with silicone caulking. Obviously designed by someone who has never used a gas can.
  9. Dave9

    Benefits of old-school manual charger

    ^ With such a huge voltage margin, you could have put a diode in series to provide reverse polarity protection. It'll need a heatsink. One benefit to a manual charger is, it will likely still be working 20+ years from now... +/- depending on frequency of use and temperature, plus much simpler...
  10. Dave9

    Is a .26-.27 amp draw enough to drain a battery?

    How old, what make/model/year vehicle? If it is carbureted it could conceivably use only 2.7mA, to power a clock or radio memory, very minimal electronics, but if new enough to be electronic fuel injected, among those 3 it would be 0.27A in an "awake" state, or potentially 27mA in its long...
  11. Dave9

    Outdoor cat...advice?

    Neighbors have had outdoor cats for years. They crack the garage door to let them in for food daily, and to let them in the garage at night in winter, but otherwise, they're on my property more than their own, probably because neighbors have noisy kids that don't watch where they are going, so...
  12. Dave9

    Fake Pizza

    I'm never satisfied with a frozen pizza, unless the crust is tolerable then it's just a platform to build on with more sauce, cheese and toppings. I like a lot of sauce, and toppings like peppers and onions so it is easy for the pizza to be waterlogged, and to combat this, I'll put some...
  13. Dave9

    TireWheelGuide ...

    I often use this site, also tells you rim center bore and lug size:
  14. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    Nope, only special needs drivers who can't manage with an average vehicle. You are really bad at following a conversation and seeing information in context. I proposed the going off road scenario because if you can't even follow a topic or feel like you need to depend on winter tires for a...
  15. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    lol! Anything except what you're driving, if you think a "good driver" gets in multiple accidents as you already stated. My suggestion was that anyone so worried (or at least should be!) about their multiple accident rate, using winter tires already, has to make more changes and that would...
  16. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    Yes, I am contributing to your dramatic behavior escalation by disagreeing. Apparently I have better things to do, lol.
  17. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    Now you are starting to troll and waste time. My contribution to this has ended.
  18. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    ^ Happens all the time, someone thinking their goal is to try to stop in the distance between them and a collision, instead of going a different direction, because they panic, and drive right into another vehicle. This applies to every road where there is an out going some other direction...
  19. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    lol, pretty much the opposite, considering I haven't even had a moving voilation of any kind, let alone being in an accident in over 25 yrs. Not suggesting that's some kind of record or anything, just that it's not that crazy to choose to steer off the road rather than collide with someone...
  20. Dave9

    Tire Business Article on Winter Tires

    If we are talking about extreme winter conditions, where there's argument that winter tires make that little bit of difference important, then similarly, a Focus isn't the right vehicle, due to only FWD, and smaller so crushed by the average pickup or SUV. Okay, and you are better off...