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  1. oldhp

    Too Slow !!??

    Also depends where your from if you get a ticket. Out of state, you pay. I drove thur Atlanta and was white knuckle all the way. Daughter moved to Oklahoma, traffic was semi krazy. Then she moved to Plano Texas. O...M...G... Every stop light was a drag race to the next stop light. She said the...
  2. oldhp

    USS Alabama / USS Drum

    Those pictures were neat!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!
  3. oldhp

    Do comparable filters have the same specks?

    Nope. Close maybe, but not exactly the same.
  4. oldhp

    math question - probability

    Real life. If there is not a cloud in the sky for 500 square miles..........and you tear the roof will rain. ☔🌦️☔🌧️☔❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
  5. oldhp

    Tires will not stay in balance?

    Very good video on mounting double beadlock wheels.
  6. oldhp

    is microgard still wix?

    Can you fit a 1.4" longer filter? If so a WIX 51516 works. Same gasket size, same by-pass, same filtration, same thread, same O.D just 1.4" longer.
  7. oldhp

    Sagging Chevy S10 ... options?

    21 year old springs that are sagging. If your going to keep it, replace them. Not hard to do. Air shocks, air bags etc are a band aid. Now those add on's are carrying the weight.
  8. oldhp

    Really? What are your thoughts?

    What engine? What weight oil were they using?
  9. oldhp

    Tires will not stay in balance?

    2018 RAM 1500 2wd short bed reg cab. Factory Goodyear tires. Same problem. 2 tires were warrantied. Balanced 2-3 times, road force balance twice. Still vibrated. Got tired of it. Michelin LTX 2's fixed the problem. That being said. My 2021 GMC Canyon 2wd ext cab has Goodyear Fortitude HT's on...
  10. oldhp

    1966 Mustang 200 auto with OD

    I "think" I see what he's saying. Ford has large O dot where 2nd gear is. This is so trans starts in "2nd gear" for snow / ice lets trans shift 2-3. Where as when you put it in "D" small dot it lets trans shift 1-2-3. Right???
  11. oldhp

    1966 Mustang 200 auto with OD

    Owner says it's factory, so I don't think it's Gear Vendors OD unit.
  12. oldhp

    1966 Mustang 200 auto with OD

    As stated, 1966 Mustang 200 w/auto OD. Owner states button to put in OD. What kind of auto trans is this? Is it C4 with OD? Not familiar with Fords in general. Pretty sure making the deal to buy this. Need knowledge on this engine / trans / rear axle. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.
  13. oldhp

    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    Never had one that would burn one kind of oil but not the other brand. Oil weights, yes. Read somewhere ( here? ) that ash content would be the difference. IDK. . .
  14. oldhp

    Bristol Dirt

    Didn't the cars look better with NO front splitter??? One other tip..................Install a small remote air hose to blow off the camera lens.
  15. oldhp

    When you work at a body shop, and are too lazy to look at the other side of the vehicle.

    On every RAM I've owned (3) those came off first day.
  16. oldhp

    Worth It?

    Everything work? Totally rust free? Drive OK? Then yes in my opinion. I guarantee where ever you take it people will be asking you about it. You didn't steal it but you didn't drastically over pay either. If in doubt call Hagerty and ask to value the car. Is this a 2 door sedan hatchback? Look...
  17. oldhp

    Nasty smell after accelerating

    The smell is the cat getting hot and burning out the crud. The bigger problem is why do you get the smell in the car???? Exhaust leaking??? HVAC system leaking??? Somethings not right.
  18. oldhp

    High speed driving

    4000RPM @ 80MPH??? Wow. What rear gear do you have???
  19. oldhp

    Dad bods are in.

    Yep. Pretty straight forward. I got it. I read it. My comment answered it.
  20. oldhp

    Dad bods are in.

    Health police??? What's next? At age 65 go to the elimination chamber, because you will start needing more health care from here on out. Geeez.....