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    2001 Toyota Avalon - 1MZ-FE engine......"cleaning oil"

    Any full synthetic should be fine. As you know, the 1MZ is one of the few cars that actually requires a 3k OCI with synthetic. You can use the cheapest synthetic on sale. There is nothing wrong with Fram Ultra. They are very good filters. Another good choice is Napa Platinum, on sale this month...
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    Exhaust flexpipe question

    Get a 304 flex pipe :D
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    Filter delivery!

    Even without the Purolator cheapening, the 57356 isn't one of Wix's best. The bypass designs leaves little room for media, and less media can't take a modern OCI, and Honda only wants you to replace the filter every other OCI If your car takes this filter and you really want Wix, use the XP...
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    HYPER TOUGH - Multi Use Pump for $8.97 at Walmart

    That's a good price :)
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    Do these look like 60K Mile Brake Pads?

    50 miles a day, mostly highway miles, not much brake use and they could still have life after 60k. It's also possible that they specified long-lasting pads from the factory :unsure:
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    OE tires suck, and a lot of people don't like Goodyear, either. Put them together and you get chaos :alien: :poop: Most OE tires are designed to be cheap and maybe get good mpg, disregarding anything else. Even aftermarket tires of the same name can be vastly different than OE tires of the same...
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    2019 RAV4 8-speed ATF Change

    That's OK :) After you get the pump and fill it with ATF, you stick the hose in the fill hole. Keep pumping it in until it starts dripping out the fill hole.
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    2019 RAV4 8-speed ATF Change

    Use some kind of pump Yes, something like this will work. That one does 1.5L at a time. If you think $56 is too much, you can always get a smaller capacity pump for under $20 I got one for $5 at one of those cheap discount stores that can pump 200cc
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    Make wise choices

    sorry for your loss :(
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    Michelin Cross Climate

    Michelin's Agilis CrossClimate is available in the OE size 185/60-15 :sneaky: Although primarily intended for trucks and vans, you can use them on a car There is also the Vredestein Quatrac. outside of Tire Rack, other 3-peak all-season tires in the stock size are: Nokian WRG4 Toyo Celsius...
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    Looks like Walmart is carrying a different Fram CAF line.

    If most of them are made in the US, that's definitely an upgrade, since all the Fresh Breezes are made in China :) If the TrueAir is like the Bosch HEPA filter, it will be very restrictive.
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    1998 Honda CRV 2.4 - fluid/mtce recommendations

    For the regulator, yeah, get Aisin :)
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    Toyota 2GR-FKS Spark Plug Replacement, 61K

    Glad to hear they finally made pulling the intake easier and improved the coil connectors :)
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    Castrol 0W16, made in Japan

    Someone should buy it and get a VOA done :D
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    Castrol 0W16, made in Japan

    makes sense since every car that uses 0w16 is Japanese :unsure: There's also no ILSAC GF-6B shield, either I wouldn't doubt that it's made by someone else, likely Eneos or Idemitsu
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    Pentofrost E in a Honda?

    Is that the one with propylene glycol? :unsure:
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    Napa 41522 Filter missing gasket

    Take it to a Napa store :)
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    Why hasn't R1234YF dropped in price much in the last few years?

    It's still new, and most cars with it are too new to need any service on it, and since few if any 1234yf cars need even a charge, there is no market for it :unsure:
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    Aftermarket vs. OEM lights

    Just look for ones labeled "long life" or LL, and they will last a long time :) Philips 9005LL should be good for your high beams. They are also reboxed by ACDelco. Napa's bulbs are Wagner Most aftermarket bulbs are designed to be brighter, while American OEM's place a heavy priority on long...