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  1. walterjay

    How many dinosaurs died to produce our oil

    Has anyone ever thought about it? With all the oil in the earth did it all come from dinosaurs? If so how many did it take to produce all of our oil?
  2. walterjay

    Do Catalytic Converter Cleaners Work

    My 2015 Ford Transit check engine light has been coming on and off. Dealer said need new converter. Very Pricey. I want to try a converter cleaner. Has anybody used one with success. Is there one that is recommended?
  3. walterjay

    Who makes a good tractor cart

    I want to buy a decent tractor cart. One that has a removable tailgate. Also one that can dump. They all seem cheaply built. Any suggestions?
  4. walterjay

    Can I Adjust Running Speed on Generator

    I have about a 15 year old Troy Bilt 5500 watt generator. Hardly gets used and is reliable and runs great. Running it today during an outage I was doing a voltage check and I am only getting115 volts. I would like to get at least 120 volts. I can do this by pushing on the governor and...
  5. walterjay

    Liqui Moly Reduces Gas Mileage

    I used a can of Liqui Moly halfway through my oil change on my SantaFe. I had an immediate drop of 1.5 mpg. I ran the mix for almost 2,000 miles so I was able to track it and the drop was consistent. I changed the oil back to straight QSUD 5-30 and had an immediate increase of 1.5 mpg. Has...
  6. walterjay

    Any Recommendations For LED Shop Lighting

    This summer I am finally getting a garage. Does anyone have any experience with shop LED lighting. And what brands are good and also what Kelvin. I am considering 5000K daylight.
  7. walterjay

    How To Safely Clean A Circuit Board

    The main circuit board on my tractor is filthy. It is full of grass, dirt and debris. I want to clean it . I gave it a few shots with compressed air but it is still grimy. If I remove it how can I safely deep clean it?
  8. walterjay

    Rislone Quiets Lifter Tick. What Oil Now?

    My 2006 Ford F-150 V-6 is driven less than 1,200 miles a year. It suddenly developed a loud lifter. Rislone cleared it up. I have always used full synthetic. Truck has 115K on it. I do not do short trips so oil temp should not be a problem. When I go to change the oil in the spring what...
  9. walterjay

    Do you trust air filling stations?

    My tires were down to 32 psi. So I stopped at a Wawa to fill them to the specified 35 lbs. I set the pump to 35 and refilled stopping when the machine signaled full. While driving away my dash readout came on showing 29 lbs in all tires. When I got home I checked them manually and they were...
  10. walterjay

    Which CVT fluid is best for Nissan

    I am ready to do a drain and refill of the cvt tranny fluid on my 2013 Nissan Rogue. I am trying to decide between Castrol and Valvoline. Which is the preferred fluid on this forum? I want to stay away from $20.00 a quart Nissan overpriced fluid.
  11. walterjay

    Lucas Red and Tacky for u joint?

    So I greased my John Deere garden tractor u joints with Lucas Red and Tacky. Now I am wondering if this is the right decision. Will I be ok?
  12. walterjay

    Mobil 1 0w30 Clacking

    Because of the cold I did an oil change to Mobil 1 0w30. Now when I cold start my 07 SantaFe 3.3 V-6 It clacks for a couple of minutes. Sounds like the timing chain tensioner. I have always used PP 5w30 and never had the issue. Now I know that M-1 is an excellent oil but am dumbfounded to...