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    Pentosin ATF-1 family

    Just bought out all the Pentosin ATF-1 and ATF-1LV at my local autozone. I normally wouldn’t consider this fluid but at $2/quart this is a great deal.
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    Crank no start, P0011 - L92 6.2

    Was getting some food when I heard an LS motor trying to start, decided to help the owner with their 2007 6.2 Yukon. Verified fuel pressure at the rail, starter sounded normal speed for what’s that worth, only code logged was a P0011. Wasn’t equipped for any further diagnostics so told the...
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    i’m getting bored with hot sauces, need something that will have me in tears. haven’t really tried horseradish but i know the good stuff is painful, any recommendations?
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    WIX 57302

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    Redline Heavy Shockproof after 11 months.

    Bought this heavy stuff on discount and put in a leaking diff with a toasted pinion bearing. Certainly didn’t help with the noise (nothing can) but it kept level... Just pulled it apart it and can see the oil has basically painted itself to the case and other components. Very interesting.
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    Reducing cold start wear

    Winter is coming and this popped up in my youtube recommendations
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    what to do with 85W140

    got a ton of this stuff laying around from a semi truck repair shop. what can i mix up to something suited for a normal car’s diff or a manual trans in all weather conditions?
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    obsolete oil grades

    Everybody knows 10W40 is obsolete and sub optimal in almost every form, but what other grades will soon go the way of the dinosaur?
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    Just got done changing the oil on a friend’s 06 Cayenne S and just read up on some supposed cylinder scoring issues plaguing multiple different Porsche engines. Apparently the block is an Aluminum-Silicon alloy and if the hard silicon layer is worn out the engine begins to lose compression. A...
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    LED headlight trend

    The little tail and daytime running strips were cool but it seems nowadays that everybody is ditching halogens and xenons for these bright LED main beams. Driving by a new Ford pickup, or even worse, an Acura, is just asking for your retina to get cooked. No matter how annoyed you are, please...
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    Pentosin lineup

    I know very little about this brand but it's basically free for life from a certain retailer. Right now I'm looking at Pento High Performance II 5W40 "full synthetic" (PAO?). Can't really dig up much besides a basic product sheet. Anyone know how this stacks up compared to trusty Edge 0W40?
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    Castrol TWS 10W60

    I had a 2000 BMW M5 with a 4.9L V8 engine that called for this stuff. Not a particularly jaw dropping motor but can get out of its own way. I would hop on other parts of the big bimmer forums and see that the 3.3L six in the M3 and the big formula 1 V10 in the newer M5 really like to shred rod...