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    What are you using to protect the underneath of the mower deck!?

    I'm convinced the best thing is to park it on a concrete garage floor when not in use. natural desiccant. park it over moist earth & it'll be gone in eight years.
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    Do valves clearances get smaller or larger when engine is hot?

    the exhaust valve face is absorbing more heat/ than the head casting. The valve face is absorbing combustion heat & carrying that heat to the valve seat when seated. Some radiates up the stem, to the bronze guide & the head casting. Valve clearance is there to ensure the valve does...
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    How much is Diesel today?

    one station near me has diesel & gas at $3.19. Another has a surcharge, D for $3.45, reg for $3.29. ???? off I-5, Seattle/Tacoma area.
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    Helicopter losing its load

    ..... well I could've done that for 1/3 what they were billing out at.
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    Removing stuck bolt from fuel pump

    a chisel with sharp edge or a punch & hammer tap. maybe more than a tap. work the edge of the bolt, driving down. rotate 1/6 turn, drive again. you will probably need a new bolt when you're finished extracting.
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    Your Oldest Things?

    meteorite bits I collected after they fell from the sky 90 feet in front of me one rainy August night. guess they're older than this earth.
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    Too Slow !!??

    some states list a certain number of vehicles that constitutes 'blockage' or impediment to traffic. my state I believe the magic number is ten. At that point, I suppose you are leading a strange parade & obligated to pull off. Have no idea what vehicle count the eastern states consider blockage...
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    If I hurt myself this weekend...

    well unless you're young & rubbery stay away from it. mkay?
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    try to rotate it, if you can bring a battery & compression test, great. If not I'd use one of those inspection cams you buy or plug into a phone. Did pull a VW years back, spark plugs first, then popped the head off, then dropped the pan to look at a couple rod bearings. Still good today, 150k+...
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    Bird strike blamed : Canadian Snowbirds fatal crash.

    the pilot in command lived. one fatality. Reminds me of the female naval aviator in San Diego years (decades?) ago. F-14 compressor stall on take off. She was pilot in command. Her weapons officer ejected early enough. She was late. Struck the ocean I believe.
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    My New Prosthetic Leg

    leg from Walker, La. : )
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    Worth It?

    $8k. No. But $5.5k? Yes. It will never be worth more. Hard on the eyes too. Rare for a Nova. : ( Also looks too much like the Volare, not helping.
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    100 ft Long 13 Foot Tall Ford Truck

    wasn't that rig in a 'Speed Racer' episode? Thought it entered a race & terrorized every other vehicle that entered.
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    Torque wrench settings : Forgot to reset to 0 before storage ...

    got it. thought Probabta was a tool maker I never heard of. but is it Probata out of OK, the industrial calibration people? OK. That makes sense. But I'll find my old Craftsman 3/8" clicker manual & reread that too.
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    Torque wrench settings : Forgot to reset to 0 before storage ...

    somewhere way back, I thought the idea was to store a setting-type torque wrench at 1/3 rated max calibration. does anybody recall that? ?
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    Our first customer complaint. Did I screw up?

    that's a lot of phone calls. Pad the bill first & once. tell them it may be slightly less when finished. : )
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    2000 Buick Century with 24k miles

    brake fluid. yep.
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    It hurts me when I see them there. They should haul golf clubs & bass boats. Maybe a gunrack. That's all. :(
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    New Pistons - Oil consumption better but, not great?

    with a car from 2009, the valve seals should get changed out, guides checked too. (doing piston swap, foolish not to check while parts are scattered) Comes down to rings, whether they're carboned up. Oil controls, same. And valve seals hardened up.
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    Dealer Troubles

    the pump is clearly part of the EGR system, which is emissions related. Just decline to pay & they'll probably pretend they 'undid' the job & everyone's happy. Except the dealership owner who could probably handle the hit for a pump he paid $109. USD wholesale for..........