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    Can propeller planes be push started?

    Saw this story of planes stranded on a mountain and how it might be a while before they can get back to fly them out, by which time the batteries might be dead. Can they be pushed downhill so that at a certain...
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    Why hasn't R1234YF dropped in price much in the last few years?

    Luckily I haven't had a car that needed it yet, but sooner than later it's inevitable. It's been out probably 8 years now and still costs nearly $60 a pound while I paid less than $3 per pound for 134a last year by the drum.
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    How do you look up a Facebook Marketplace buyer's profile?

    Up until maybe a year ago, when you got a Messenger message you could click on the persons round picture and it would go to their Facebook page. That doesn't seem to work anymore. Is there some workaround other than searching their name manually, which if common, could have thousands of hits to...
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    How to remove this broken exhaust bolt?

    Both broke off so I cut off the remains flush with the flange on the first one. I can drill it but don't think I have a straight shot, plus it gets pretty tedious. On the other side there is a welded on bolt. Can I just cut THAT off instead? Seems a lot quicker and I doubt I would save it anyway...
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    Any suggestions for cooking this brisket?

    Picked this up a few weeks ago during the Irish holidays. Instructions say to boil in water for hours. Can it be baked in the oven too?
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    Are yellow pages still published anywhere?

    The online replacements are pretty useless either having mostly outdated listings from businesses that have been out of business for over 20 years, or search results giving such ambiguous results as to be mostly worthless. Google search is not much better. A new AutoZone store opened not too far...
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    Fiat 500 ATF drain plug within a drain plug

    Did a drain and refill on 2012. First time I've seen a set up like this. There is a small drain plug, removed with a T40, that on most cars covers an opening used to adjust the fluid level at a certain temperature by allowing AFT to overflow a tube in the pan if the fluid level is too high. With...
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    Exterior detail 2012 Fiat 500

    Testing my new Photomucket account. If you're using Chrome and see a watermark on the pictures let me know. Clay where needed. Polished with Meguiar's M110 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Speed Compound on a medium foam pad and DA polisher. Topped with Meguiar's M27 ceramic sealant on a fine foam pad...
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    Late model Ford service DVD's ARE still made.

    When I was searching for these last year, even some Ford techs here said no, they stopped making them after 2015 or so and went all online. Apparently not...
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    Any recommendations for a photo host compatible with Ebay?

    I've used for 15 years but they appear to have shut down after that data center fire in France a few weeks ago. I've scrambled to find a replacement but the one I found doesn't have a good choice of picture sizes, either too big or too small. My last car listing didn't look good on...
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    Anybody buy the stuffed clams in the freezer section?

    The supermarket always has these Matlaws clams, But the other day I found this SeaWatch brand: Tastes better than the Matlaws but more expensive too. Also might be available locally only. Any reason they don't mention microwaving...
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    Anyone try Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating yet?

    I'm just about out of my Ceramic sealant so thinking of trying this stuff after that. The online reviews seem promising although it's a bit pricey.
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    Glass rinser. Gimmick or useful? Isn't the dishwasher supposed to clean glassware just as well? And I can imagine after 5 years when the seal on that thing...
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    Took car to Nissan dealer service but how would I prove it?

    Brought it in for recalls. Service writer took my name, address and phone number and said, It should be ready Monday or Tuesday, have a nice day. I didn't sign anything and I didn't get any receipt for dropping it off. I don't have any proof that I even left it there. What if I call next week...
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    Old Citroen truck engine rebuild

    If anyone has interest in older foreign cars, I came across this condensed video of a guy putting together a Citroen engine. Why don't American cars have replaceable cylinder sleeves like that? Seems like rebuilding would be simpler.
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    Professional sport that can have the oldest players still playing competitive?

    Just thinking out loud after reading about some football player retiring at 42. I can understand that with it being so physical. What pro sport can have the oldest players who are still competitive, and excluding any senior category. Baseball? Most physical thing is a sprint around the bases...
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    Explain this MAP and Barometric pressure sensor readings

    MAP sensor in the intake manifold, barometer sensor I'm not sure exactly where but assume it's somewhere before the intake and turbo. With the engine off the readings should be similar like it shows, right around 1000 mbar. But shouldn't the voltage output from the sensors be similar as well?
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    Insane old Tacoma prices.

    Happened to be watching an online auction when a 2007 Tacoma Prerunner 2wd with 253,000 miles comes in. Gets bid to $8,200 which seems crazy to begin with on a 14 year old 2 wheel drive truck. But the insane part was the seller declined and wanted $10K. A buyer is going to have to put it on...
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    Any thoughts on the Ford Focus?

    Probably not the first car you think of when buying an EV, but a 2013 is coming up for sale tomorrow. How does it compare to a Leaf, it's nearest competitor? I understand it has a LI battery pack vs. NMH in the Leaf? And an 8 year warranty, which is probably gone.