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  1. Duffyjr

    Potato Salad

    This may sound strange to some of you but I bought some potato salad for the first time today. Since it's just me and mama these days we don't cook a bunch on holidays and we always made potato salad or who ever brought it was home made. What I didn't know was there is potato salad made with out...
  2. Duffyjr

    Happy St. Patrick's day

    Wonder how many Irishman we have here. My last name starts with Mc but I was adopted by an Irishman that married my mom so I guess I'm sort of one.
  3. Duffyjr

    New processing method for milk from down under

    Seen this on AgDay this morning. A couple of the bigger benefits are easier digestion and 60 day shelf life compared to 14 days. Plus a bunch of other good things.
  4. Duffyjr

    What does the N in 78N mean

    Looking for a group 78, unfortunately my Sierra AAP AGM wouldn't start this morning. I'm not giving up on it yet just because it was -30 below this morning and it's the first time it hasn't started in a little over 5 years. So I will hook up my Ctek and go from there but doesn't hurt to look...
  5. Duffyjr

    Acceptable filter date

    What is the oldest build date you would use when purchasing new oil filters online?
  6. Duffyjr

    Sony X950H first thoughts

    Finally got this setup last night and all I can say is wow, the picture on this thing is outstanding. Right out of the box colors look natural (skin tones) with deep blacks and good detail in dark scenes. Was watching some boat racing last night and it was smooth as a babies cheeks. My Toshiba...
  7. Duffyjr

    Tracking TV from Amazon

    While I've seen some weird tracking as far as routes this one is the winner so far. Started out in Seattle WA, then Columbus OH, then Green Wood IN, so far so good since I'm in Nebraska but the next entry is Mirada CA. If this is true and not a mistake my TV has flown over me twice now. And the...
  8. Duffyjr

    Decided on a Sony LED

    Last year I was going to replace my 12 year old 47" Toshiba Regza because the screen started getting dirty looking in spots but just couldn't decide on one but now it's has almost covered the screen. It's been a great TV but it's time. So I started off where I left off last year a few weeks ago...
  9. Duffyjr

    1989 5.7 TBI

    I have a question about the spark and fuel. Say the engine wasn't getting any spark would that keep the injectors from spraying fuel? So in other words the engine is turning over but it wouldn't start, I tried pumping the accelerator and and at no time did I smell fuel. Now I know from past...
  10. Duffyjr

    Copper water pipe connectors

    I posted about my new water heater and was going to ask about some fittings he used. The new tank was a couple inches taller than the old one so he cut the pipes in the middle and shortened them and rejoined them. Here is a pic of the fittings he used to join the two back together. I've never...
  11. Duffyjr

    Gas Water Heater

    Anyone have any experience with Bradford White gas water heaters, I just had one installed. I wanted to get another AO Smith but he said they stopped using those about 15 years ago due to issues with them leaking. I was shocked when he read the date on mine, it was installed in 2000 so 20 years...
  12. Duffyjr

    Sweet corn anyone

    This years sweet corn is the best I've had in a few years. I pulled this off the grill a tad early.
  13. Duffyjr

    Bluetooth Car Kit

    Looking for some first had users here. My Lucerne does not have Bluetooth but it does have an AUX port so been looking at some of the products available but wanted some first hand experience. I mainly want it for music from my Moto G7, thinking about dropping SiriusXM.
  14. Duffyjr

    BBQ Brush Danger

    If you're concerned about digesting the little wires that fall off BBQ brushes here is what I found, a plastic brush that is FDA compliant for food and medical use and is BPA safe and good up to 650°F . Been using it for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed, it's built like a tank but it's a...
  15. Duffyjr

    Mech didn't reset TPMS

    Had my Lucerne in for oil change and rotation but they didn't reset TPMS so rather than take the car back in and be without for a day I purchased a $10 relearn tool of Amazon. Since this is first car with a TPMS do you usually have to ask them to do a relearn when they rotate?
  16. Duffyjr

    Glassware for bevarages

    I just ordered some new glasses for sipping tequila. I was using champagne glasses but after doing a little googling I ordered a couple GLENCAIRN Crystal Whiskey Glass. Thought it would be interesting to see if any of you agree with using the correct glass for you spirits makes a difference.
  17. Duffyjr

    Tequila Drinkers

    I have been a tequila drinker for while now and prefer the taste and buzz it gives me over other types of alcohol. I have tried a lot of different ones but it's hard to find one the is good both for sipping and margaritas on the rocks. For a long time I been drinking Hornitos Reposado, a fairly...
  18. Duffyjr

    Tracfone/Moto G7 Optimo

    All this talk about cell phones made me want a new one. I've been researching this for a few weeks, since working at home I need a phone and my current LG Ultimate 2 turned 5 years old last month and is showing it's age. Charging time has increased and talk time had decreased so while it still...
  19. Duffyjr

    Router weirdness

    I have a Century Link C1100Z. I have a Directv receiver in Ethernet port 1 and Blu Ray player in Ethernet port 2 and PC in Ethernet port 3 but haven't used this PC in a few months, The issue I'm having is when I plug my laptop into Ethernet port 4 nothing happens, my wireless connection keeps...
  20. Duffyjr

    Purolator One synthetic vs paper

    Looking at the replacement for my 08 Lucerne it appears the only air filters made for this are synthetic, I could be wrong I didn't look at all of them but used 25% of at AAP and picked up a Purolator One A35431. Looks like the 99% is only for Multi-fibe paper filters (based of A24278), the...